Senate candidate, and BP contractor, Trip Pittman could not get the oil off him. He was rejected by his constituents and barely got 7% of the vote. Many in Baldwin County predicted he would receive less than 10%, they were right.

Baldwin County has now voted out 2 of the three most corrupt politicians in the county. Tim Kant and his partner in BP scam Trip Pittman are history. Jack Burrell, Pittman’s Bible study partner will be next. He will be voted out or maybe indicted prior to the next election for his involvement in the Fairhope Airport Authority “bidding” scandal.

REPUBLICAN RUNOFF: Roy Moore and Luther Strange, AP Projects

  Republican (90% precincts reporting)




 James Beretta (Physician) 0% 966 votes
 Joseph F. Breault (Chaplain) 0% 228 votes
 Randy Brinson (Gastroenterologist) 1% 2,334 votes
 Mo Brooks (U.S. Representative) 20% 75,835 votes
 Dom Gentile 0% 284 votes
 Mary Maxwell (Researcher) 0% 1,418 votes
 Roy Moore (Former Ala. Chief Justice) 39% 151,908 votes RUNOFF
 Bryan Peeples (Business Consultant) 0% 1,397 votes
 Trip Pittman (Ala. State Senator) 7% 25,816 votes
 Luther Strange (Current U.S. Senator) 32% 124,723 votes RUNOFF

DEMOCRATIC WINNER: Doug Jones, AP Projects

  Democratic (88% precincts reporting)




 Will Boyd 5% 7,393 votes
 Vann Caldwell 1% 1,046 votes
 Jason E. Fisher 2% 3,128 votes
 Michael Hansen (Environmentalist) 7% 9,925 votes
 Doug Jones (Former U.S. Attorney) 64% 87,276 votes PROJECTED
 Robert Kennedy Jr. (Navy Veteran) 19% 26,163 votes
 Brian McGee  1% 1,281 votes
 Charles Nana  1% 1,224 votes

Scary to think 25,000 people voted for someone who betrayed them on every level, that is a good indicator as to why Alabama is number 1 in political corruption.

Alabama’s Republican choice now comes down to two and both have also betrayed the people of Alabama. It will be an election that will require you to hold your nose while voting, some people are going to get off the Republican ship and vote Democrat.

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20 Comments on "COVERED IN OIL"

  1. Lasagnabites | August 16, 2017 at 11:43 am |

    Goodbye Trip.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Take Burrell with you and yall “go pray”.

    • Good bye 7% Trip Pittman. Wish I could say it was a pleasure.
      People made a clear choice that you are worthless as a politician and even worse as a person. You have no citizen rights as far as I’m concerned, but that’s not my call. However I personally will not treat you as a real citizen my self. You have lost those rights with me! God knows what kind of sorry person you are and that’s what really counts!!!

  2. Doug Jones had an impressive number of folks step up for him. I want to stay hopeful but am also realistic that the chances of a Dem winning in the election is slim…but change has to start somewhere, sometime, right? Maybe this is our time.

    • You overslept if you think it’s the democrats time to start change in Alabama
      Roy Moore will be the next Senator from Alabama.

  3. He must be so embarrassed. I think that he truly believed that he would win…talk about tone-deaf to what everyone thinks of him. I know that a lot of his former fraternity brothers voted for him; of course, they don’t live here and are clueless about his BP fraud. I don’t know a single person in Fairhope who admitted to voting for him.

  4. What does it tell you when Trip Pittman comes in 4th place in the republican election for the Alabama US Senate seat. He only got 7% of the statewide votes.
    Moore got 6 times more votes
    Strange got 5 times more votes and
    Mo Brooks even got twice the votes that Trip Pittman received. That’s awful! Isn’t Pittman the one that said God told him to run for US Senate and is a sitting Alabama State Senator and tells everyone what a Christian he is while getting rich off an oil boom contracts and that he basically unethically gave it to himself and then polluted the waterways by having the anchor ropes cut and leaving them out there. Even After! getting paid to remove them. Etc etc etc etc etc. What a pathetic human being and what’s even more pathetic is the number of votes that he only received. A sitting Alabama Senator for years and he ONLY Gets 7% of the statewide votes!!!!! Explain that one to me. Does he really attend Fairhope United Methodist Church with Jack Burrell. What a great Church. I hope that Pittman or Burrell are not on their finance committee or for that fact, any committee! Great Church. They do so much for the Community. I hope Pittman isn’t taking advantage of the Church like I think he is. Burrell either! Please everyone continue to support this church (it’s not their fault one of the biggest sinners and 2 of the worst politicians are members). My family and I have been blessed for many years with all the great things that this Church has offered and continues to offer. No sin for anyone to Change Churches. Might be a blessing for all of us Pittman and Burrell. Hope y’all consider it and quit using the word God and Christian everytime y’all open your mouths. We are not fools!!!! You do not care, but you both are making fools of yourselves and have done so for many years. Over and over again. I see nothing Christian about the way you 2 treother people both personally and in business. I think 7% pretty much sums up Trip Pittman.

    • Hester Prynne | August 16, 2017 at 7:13 pm |

      So Burrell is the heir apparent. He is the most powerful politician on the Eastern Shore. He and Boone and their three stooges represent the last of the good ole boys. It’s over fellas. It was fun while it lasted. Put on your jockstraps. Game on.

      • Georgia Orwell | August 16, 2017 at 8:24 pm |

        Hester, did you attend the last City Council meeting? Jack Burrell expressed his regrets about the massive sewage spill that was (in his words) ‘unavoidable’. As Council President, he needs to admit some culpability here; I hope that you are right that he is in his end game! I see his power slipping daily, and never more than when he blew off concerns of Fairhope residents that the sewage problems are ‘unavoidable’. I hope that the day arrives when Kant, Burrell & Boone answer questions under oath (and sober).

        • I am glad the full time mayor, the executive officer of the city, is totally in the clear on all the sewage spill(s). I am glad the physical plant director who directly oversees all this as his full time job, is totally without blame.

          It is everyone’s fault to a degree and I think the mayor , council, and physical plant director are all doing a good job attacking the problem. Hope you complainers won’t mind paying much higher taxes and fees to pay for all the work that will need to be done.

          • What happened to the $13 million to remedy the treatment plant problems

            • Klaus Von Bueloh | August 17, 2017 at 9:00 am |

              Jack and Boone are still counting these ducks. Along with Kant, who got the lion’s share. The new mayor probably can tell you a lot about what the city got for the money spent. The plant needs to be moved. Disgusting redneck mofos. This has gone on for decades. Only in Alabama. Fairhope is a delusional place. The people worship fake christian politicians while they steal their money and make mobile bay a sewer.

              • Klaus, I don’t think anyone could have said it better. Also, it’s all a fact. That’s why when I post something I have the facts to back it up. You my friend are 100% correct! The tide is turning.

              • Where is Lance Lefleur with ADEM?
                Why isn’t he here in Fairhope to help solve this environmental problem? The health and well being of the citizens need to be taken into account. Could any of this be linked to the cells of Baldwin county……..
                The light is shining …. He is speaking.

        • Fly Creeker | August 17, 2017 at 5:45 am |

          Like his defeat.

  5. Georgia Orwell | August 16, 2017 at 8:14 pm |

    Does anyone know what number/percentage of votes each of the candidates received from Baldwin/Mobile County voters? Just curious if Pittman received any support here or if everyone knew what he had done in the past. He ran against the worst crop of candidates I have ever seen; I almost voted for him because it was a difficult choice to ascertain which of the options was less dishonest. I decided that, even if Pittman isn’t the worst in the field, he is definitely the one that has done to most to destroy Fairhope and its environment. Easy choice.

    • Trip Pittman barley got 25,000 votes State wide. Not sure exactly how many Baldwin County votes he got. But at 7% of the state. I really don’t give a crap. Sorry I did not give you a complete answer. Not being disrespectful or being a butt. If it was held just in Baldwin Couny I heard that there would have still been a run off. So long to Pittman and all his (very few) supporters!!! Now we can start getting the Pittman smell out of the air!

    • Georgia Orwell…..After verifying with the Baldwin County Probate election of record for votes cast in the Republican US Senate race the results are as follows: Baldwin CO.

      Luther Strange 32%
      Roy Moore 30%
      Trip Pittman 22%
      Mo Brooks 14 %
      Trip Pittman would not have made the run off even if just Baldwin County Voted. Damn Shame. But maybe the few that voted for him will realize how terrible he is.

  6. Environmental | August 17, 2017 at 8:10 am |

    Trip thanks for leaving the anchors in the bay. Who do you think you are? You are a sanctimonious pr*ck! Good riddance!

    • We all have known that for years!!!
      Jack Burrell, Tucker Dorsey and Chris Elliot are on the list to GO!
      They all wear God on their sleeves and tell you what great Christians they are. Well, that’s exactly what hypocrites do. Don’t tell me you are a Christian. SHOW me that you are. None of the above certainly are not good examples of being a Christian at all or even a capable of acting like a decent person. God has taken care of Pittman and the rest will follow. I just pray he doesn’t take as long as he did with Trip Pittman. But! He did show us just how terrible a person can be and how they can take advantage if placed in such a position. You go boy, only 7% of the statewide votes Trip Pittman received. Stevie Wonder could can even see how terrible these people are and that’s not all of them. Change is a coming!

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