After many years, countless meetings, most very boring, perseverance, and well written proposals, Fairhope will finally see serious BP money.

All Fairhope BP ‘RESTORE’ Projects Approved

All Fairhope BP ‘RESTORE’ Projects Approved

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.

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“After taking office, Mayor Wilson and Economic Director Sherry Botop submitted new proposals (different from those mayor Kant had submitted years earlier); the new proposals are what was just approved.”

Mayor Can’t proposals were not acceptable. Can’t had proposed at one time to buy the Triangle property to resolve a lawsuit that ultimately cost the city 11.25 million. The former Mayor also proposed to buy the land involved in the Breland case, in court now. He never mentioned the sewer infrastructure. The former Mayor was in la la land thinking BP dollars were in the mail. Can’t is history, just like his flaky proposals.



Fairhope is playing Russian Roulette in court and the city council has not said a word to the general public. The gun is cocked and aimed at the head of the Fairhope council, the absolute worst in 20…

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Mayor Wilson, Economic Director, Sherry Botop and Fairhope staff worked hard and long, they deserve a pat on the back for securing 20 million in BP funds. This is a major accomplishment with 6.2 million going into a waterfront project, 10 million in sewer projects, that have been neglected for years, and $650,000 for an updated comprehensive land use plan.

Fairhope expects BP money to come during 2019 – Lagniappe Mobile

Fairhope expects BP money to come during 2019 – Lagniappe Mobile

With BP Restore Act money anticipated to flow into Fairhope during 2019 to the tune of almost $20 million, one project city leaders are particularly excited about costs less than $1 million. There’s $6.2 million for a waterfront, pier and park project and more than $10 million to solve sewer overflows polluting Mobile Bay during …

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“Fairhope Planning Director Wayne Dyess said there will be plenty of opportunities for public participation as the city looks to define areas where growth would be most beneficial.

There will be numerous public meetings,” he said. “This will be a very, very heavy public engagement aspect of the planning effort.”

Public engagement and public participation are entirely different, let’s hope Fairhope citizens take this opportunity to be a part of Fairhope’s future and participate in the comprehensive plan.

These, approved, BP funds will be used in a manner the funds were intended. There has been plenty of abuse by corrupt politicians.

Senator’s company awarded $639,000 while he supervised grants for boom work

Senator’s company awarded $639,000 while he supervised grants for boom work

Of $1.15 million paid to Fairhope from BP grant funds overseen in part by state Sen. Trip Pittman for oil spill response work, the city awarded Pittmans company $639,000, according to city records reviewed by a Fairhope councilwoman.

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Pittman is gone, with his money.

Let’s not forget the former Luv Gov and his beach mansion:

State’s Beach Mansion Getting Facelift With BP Funds

State’s Beach Mansion Getting Facelift With BP Funds

The boarded up, run down Governor’s mansion on the beach in Fort Morgan has been an eyesore for years. Now, new life and new controversy as money from the 2010 oil spill is being used to pay for renovations.

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Bentley is gone and was last seen in Las Vegas with his honey.

Then there is the Beach Hotel for those who can afford it.

BP oil spill money to go to Alabama governor’s mansion and a new hotel

BP oil spill money to go to Alabama governor’s mansion and a new hotel

The mansion was destroyed decades before the BP oil spill.

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If all that corruption were not enough the State of Alabama sucked up millions more to pay for legislative bad management and neglect of the state medicaid deficit.

BP funds fail to solve decades-old Medicaid problem – Lagniappe Mobile

BP funds fail to solve decades-old Medicaid problem – Lagniappe Mobile

The Alabama House of Representatives may have found a budgetary hail mary in using settlement money from the BP oil spill to move the state closer to meeting the required commitment to Medicaid that’s challenged legislators for years. A joint federal and state program, Medicaid assists hundreds of thousands of low-income and disabled Alabamians with …

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CONGRATULATIONS, again, Mayor Wilson, Economic Director Sherry Botop, Fairhope Planning Director Wayne Dyess and all the staff who worked on the BP proposals that yielded the city 20 million dollars. These approved projects are what BP money was designated for.

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  1. Boonedoggle | January 4, 2019 at 1:02 pm |

    Still pumping crap in bay.
    Germ of the eastern shore.

    • Rudy R. Franks | January 5, 2019 at 11:53 am |

      Fairhope high school is being overrun by this overdevelop ment. I am saddened. Our traffic has gotten thick. I guess its the new reality.

  2. Congrats to Mayor Wilson & Sherry Botop! Great news that finally the antiquated sewer system is going to be addressed; if we had to count on the City Council, it would never have happened.

    • What has been done to stop the poo spew? I heard it is still happening. Certainly smells still.

  3. Old Fairhope | January 5, 2019 at 10:26 am |

    Robert Brown actually was Jester.
    I have been told.
    Really makes you wonder.

  4. Quail Ridge | January 6, 2019 at 6:01 am |

    I heard that the city moratorium on development (new) is now over. What is the planning commission and council’s position on growth? Is the city ready for new houses and more cars and people and kids and pets? This is starting to get out of hand just to make money for real estate folk. I don’t know how Fairhope will be when we hit 50k. We are over forty now.

  5. Rudy R. Franks | January 6, 2019 at 2:42 pm |

    Fairhope is the number one plCe to live in Al. Or fastest growing.

    • And that is destroying the town. The rabid home builders are ruining it forcalis all as they plunder for dollars. Truland is evil

      • Rock Creeker | January 6, 2019 at 8:22 pm |

        What new roads are being planned to handle all the new cars? What can we find out as citizens about new developments in Fairhope? Thanks.

        • Impact Fees | January 7, 2019 at 4:17 pm |

          New roads? What new roads? We will get the roads AFTER we pay more gas taxes.
          See? WE have to pay for the growth not the developers. We long time citizens have been paying for the infrastructure all these years then the home builders come in, overwhelm the infrastructure and we have to pay again for the growth that they caused and they made money off of.
          Ask any politician if they are for impact fees. They will tell you “NO” because that is what they are told by Catalyst who buys the politicians and gets them elected. Catalyst is a filthy outfit that is costing us money now and from now on.
          I loved Frank Burt until I heard him say he was against impact fees. He says all impact fees do is raise the price of a home by several thousand dollars. I say, “Let the growth pay for growth!” No impact fees raise the price of ALL of our homes by just as much!

  6. Tripdefender | January 6, 2019 at 8:20 pm |

    Pittman only took ten percent of the money. The rest he gave to charity.
    Stop printing lies Ripp.
    Thank you.

    • What charity received it and who received the tax credits for it? I have never heard this; if Pittman earned the money, why did he give it away? Would love to see that tax return.

    • Francis Ripp | January 9, 2019 at 8:45 am |

      You must drink at McSharrys, Pittman never took as little as 10% on anything, Gave it to Charity, Ha Ha

    • Tripdefender ! You are so full of shit! Show me who and what Charity beside the Trip Pittman Only Charity and I’ll dontate the same amount. Talk is so cheap isn’t sport? Prove it, I’ll in a few thousand. Stupid Tripdefender. You don’t have much to defend. Your post however made my whole day. Cheers!

  7. I talk to most of the “Fairhope Blue Bloods” I call them, folk who have lived here most if not all their lives. They all say the mayor “is crazy” and we “have to get rid of her!”
    These questionable Fairhopeers remind me of the democrats who only want to get rid of Trump, when we know he is doing good.

    I say give Karin four more years so we can fix our infrastructure (late to the game) and get a new council. We need more women in my humble opine.

    • Francis Ripp | January 9, 2019 at 8:48 am |

      The council is backed by CATALYST as well as the Municipal Judge and the City Attorney and that is a fact JACK

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