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5. Final Adoption โ€“ An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 1572: Fly Creek PUD Sunset Provision; Paragraph 3 (a).

This will be the 10th time this subject has come up and it cost the previous mayor and others their jobs. No one is for the project except those married to it. Thousands are against it, however the city council keeps kicking the can down the road. Monday night, they can kill it or they will be forever be considered cowards who bowed down to the developer. A cross they will bare throughout their term.

From the time the bulldozers came to life on the Publix site until present, the project has been one problem after another. It has already permanently damaged Fly Creek and the Fly Creek Watershed. It has been discussed and cussed to no end, yet we find ourselves going to the 10th meeting seeking a resolution.

Some on the council have conflicts of interest related to the developer, engineers, contractors, and land ownerโ€” or all the above. It will be interesting to see who votes, and how. It will tell you a lot. Many issues related to the project are still being questioned, such as the placement of the fire station on Parker Road to the highly upgraded sewer lift station. Both on developer land? And there is a pending lawsuit that will gain legs if the developer is allowed to go forward as well as the high probability of future lawsuits. Some council members may be headed for trouble, if they vote.

Please read the Good ole Boy articles below, especially the highlighted parts. The Baldwin Insider is the rear orifice of Catalyst. They are the good ole boys who know if they lose control of Fairhope they will lose forever control of the county. Catalyst fraternity includes county commissioners, attorneys, judges and developers. All working for themselves. The mid term elections will be a challenge all of them will face. These articles are their words and feelings that probably represent less than 20% of the county. The โ€œotherโ€ 80% can just โ€œshut upโ€, unless you have been here 75 years or are a fraternity member.


A ‘Developing’ Dilemma

New apartments near Fly Creek could impact the watershed, but with the new environmental regulations placed by the city before the Era of Bad Feelings, they stand to make less of an impact than the Rock Creek Subdivision did and new single family homes going up in the area do.

If youโ€™ve been here for 75 years and are upset about development, thatโ€™s understandable.

If you were here when Scenic 98 was still actual 98 or when 83 was 83 and not the Baldwin Beach Express, youโ€™ve got a legitimate beef.

Otherwise, sit down and shut the hell up because you are a part of the problem youโ€™ve been bitching about.


Who is The Baldwin Insider?

We are a collective of Baldwin County citizens who are tired of how things are being done here.
We see injustice. We see insanity. We see stupidity, waste and general idiocy, and we call it out.

We remain anonymous because there is no one author, no lone person or group thatโ€™s putting all of this together.

We are…Spartacus


Then be sure to read and watch the video:

‘Fearless’ Fairhope mayor battles City Council bull

That “Fearless Girl” reminds me Fairhope’s new mayor, Karin Wilson, as she takes on the good ol’ boy politics of this charming Alabama town.


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  1. Dorothy Weissman | April 8, 2017 at 1:04 pm |

    Burrell is going up the river. Soon i hear.

  2. Sydney McCants | April 8, 2017 at 10:55 pm |

    The developers are betting that if they can ram the PUD through this early, then it will be forgotten by the next election. Hey you folks in Woodlands and Rock Creek that overpaid for your houses: What are you all going to do about this?
    many of us know that the real estate interests, Catalyst, and Baldwin Insider are the same, but do ENOUGH people know?
    Just look at the politicians’ campaign reports: Catalyst is ALL OVER the expense parts! People of Baldwin County wake up! Your home is being ruined by these EVIL people!

  3. Fairhope Voter Paying Attention | April 9, 2017 at 1:51 am |

    Catalyst’s Baldwin Insider says
    “We remain anonymous because there is no one author, no lone person or group thatโ€™s putting all of this together.”

    All that tells me is that instead of one coward there’s many!! Very immature group of people.

    Remember, this is Councilmen Kevin Boone’s son’s company. Can see he got his childish behavior from his dad…

    • Anonymous | April 9, 2017 at 9:43 am |

      Having many people contribute is no reason to remain anonymous! Good grief, just put a byline on whoever writes whatever piece. What a stupid excuse…especially when we all know the real reason why Baldwin Insider remains anonymous. They must think we’re idiots.

  4. \"Fed Up\" | April 9, 2017 at 1:41 pm |

    You can bet Kevin Boone and Robert Brown will vote for it and just maybe Burrel if he thinks he will soon be gone anyway. The Councilmen are not there to represent the citizens and do not understand their role on the City Council. Mr. Burrell has stated it is a privilege for him to even allow the Citizens of Fairhope to speak at the City Council meetings. We need to start packing ourselves in the City Council Chambers at every meeting.

  5. Leslie Sankey | April 9, 2017 at 5:05 pm |

    The good ole boys must be sent packing.

  6. Big Conflict | April 10, 2017 at 7:22 am |

    Kevin Boone & Robert Brown should not vote tonight!! That is a big conflict of interest – both are in development & should not vote & I know one of them is a good friend of Corte. Conflict Confluct!!!! I hope this that has come out in State of Alabama now boils down to Fairhope, Alabama!

  7. One thing hasn’t changed. You people are still idiots!

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