CHUCKEE CHEEZE what a sleaze! You have cost the City of Fairhope a lot of money with your one sided biased reporting. The one side is that of Catalyst, the Good ole boys, special interest and elected officials and Judges who are more concerned with their interest than those of the city.

Fairhope councilman comes out against change of government referendum

Fairhope councilman comes out against change of government referendum

In a post on his Robert Brown For Our Hometown Facebook page on Oct. 25, Fairhope Councilman Robert Brown laid out his case for why he was voting no in the city’s upcoming change of government …


Mr. McCollum, aka Chuckee Cheeze, has single highhandedly taken a historic newspaper, The Fairhope Courier, founded In Fairhope in 1894. and turned it into a political print media source for Catalyst and special interest.

Five Baldwin newspapers under new ownership

The Courier even received an award for a totally bogus story that ended up costing the city thousands of dollars,

Gulf Coast Media newspapers win 7 Alabama Press awards

Gulf Coast Media newspapers win 7 Alabama Press awards

Gulf Coast Media’s newspaper group won seven awards this year in the Alabama Press Association’s first round of the annual Better Newspaper Contest – including six first place awards. The group …


He won for Best In-Depth News Coverage for his series of stories on the alleged assault on Fairhope’s former HR director by Fairhope Mayor Karin Wilson. McCollum previously won the category in 2016.
McCollum said he was truly humbled by the wins.

“All of our team members hope to provide the communities we cover with the best news and information we can find,” McCollum said. “While we don’t do this for the awards, it’s certainly nice to be recognized by our peers and colleagues for the work that we do.”

The Virginia Press Association served as judges for this year’s competition.




First let me announce that no longer will the Ripp Report accept comments from Jester 666 and the Truth teller, most likely one in the same. Their comments add nothing to the subjects at hand and the…


Chuckee only cover one side of the lawsuits filed by former employees of Fairhope. He also did not cover the fact that the Catalyst Fairhope City Council assisted the former employees in suing the City ,for the sole purpose of humiliating the Mayor. Chuckee is on call for Catalyst.

CHUCKEE is going to find himself in the same position as the Fairhope Catalyst Council.

Local blogger settles lawsuit against Fairhope council

Local blogger settles lawsuit against Fairhope council

Local blogger Paul Ripp’s lawsuit against Fairhope City Council President Jack Burrell and the rest of the city council has been settled, according to a recent blog post by Ripp and documents …


CHUCKEE has had many hit pieces on Fairhope, Fairhope Mayor and the Fairhope Government. They have been inaccurate and motivated by political opponents whose only intention is to regain power in Fairhope. The below article is nothing different, one sided hypocritical BULLS—.

Fairhope councilman comes out against change of government referendum

Fairhope councilman comes out against change of government referendum

In a post on his Robert Brown For Our Hometown Facebook page on Oct. 25, Fairhope Councilman Robert Brown laid out his case for why he was voting no in the city’s upcoming change of government …


Councilman,, Brown is a spokesman for NO? He sure as hell did not say no when he used his elected office and appointed board position to secure, for his construction company, a several hundred thousand dollars contract from the Fairhope Art Center.

Ethics complaint filed against Fairhope Councilman Robert Brown

Ethics complaint filed against Fairhope Councilman Robert Brown

Local blogger Francis Paul Ripp, who writes The Ripp Report blog, has filed a complaint with the Alabama Ethics Commission against Fairhope Councilman Robert Brown regarding his private business …


This Ethics Complaint is not closed and new and material evidence will be forwarded next week to the Ethics Commission and other authorities. Mr Brown should be held accountable, but as his tag says: Hometown Brown, that means HIS hometown.

The Fairhope Catalyst Council has yet to balance the City budget and Mr. Brown wants us to believe it is he who is a genus accountant, he is delusional.

Three Bee’s have been stinging Fairhope long enough: Its YOUR tax dollars.



Catalyst is a political cancer found in Baldwin County. It hand picks political candidates. Catalyst was formally Stacy Elliott and Haygood, the birth of the cancer, that morphed into Catalyst when Mr.



PLEASE Contact the owners of the Courier and tell them how their paper is being used by political hacks and the constant negative attention our municipality is receiving is wholly unfair and not at all journalism. Cancel your subscription and leave the paper on the stand. You may wish to also advise them of the possibility of a lawsuit.


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Vince Johnson
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12 Comments on "CHUCKEE CHEEZE"

  1. The jig is up for the “catalyst council.”

    • The “jig” has only just begun for the catalist council. With money coming in from the big home builders, nothing will stop catalist.

  2. No Longer buy the Courier | October 30, 2018 at 8:04 pm |

    Ripp I no longer read the Courier because of Tge biased reporting.
    I wonder who else still reads the Courier
    I actually get better print news from the Lagniappe than from the PressRegister and the Courier. What’s more the Lagniappe is free

    • Fruitnnudist | October 31, 2018 at 12:36 am |

      Damn. I hope the referendum passes. We badly need districts. Catalyst is certainly a cancer.

  3. Ronald L. Davis | October 31, 2018 at 3:11 am |

    One has to take offense to Robert Brown “from out hometown.” He got a $600,000 construction contract from the arts center…as a sitting city councilman. How terrible for Fairhope that this is accepted. I cannot for the life of me figure how this mentality is accepted in a city that is supposed to be progressive and smart. The fact of the matter is that we pump untreated sewage in the bay and have for over three decades. Think about that. Everyone talks about Fairhope and how beautiful it is but no one eats the jubilee bounty! FACT. When was the last time you enjoyed shellfish from the bay? Trip Pittman dropped thousands of anchors in the bay and cuts the ropes and the media fawns over him like a prince upon his exit from politics. He is a lousy theif. Plain and simple. Robert Brown, Trip Pittman and Jack Burrell all attend the same bi-weekly prayer breakfast. This is where they pray and then plot to steal your taxes. I am worried about baldwin county. The growth is not smart and we have not invested in our schools, our infrastructure, roads, etc. We are in catch up mode and far behind.
    I will be voting for the new government. I think at this time it is needed. It hopefully encourage more women to get involved. They are more civic minded and not on the council to steal money and get rich like the current crop. I must say the banker and the lawyer seem trapped. It looks like they got into something they had no idea was so crooked. Brown, Burrell and Boone are in it for the deals. Airport is a shady deal for the citizens. The deed should sit with the city not the airport authority. Seems like the airport is now captive of a band of catalysts. I am much older now but I want to see Fairhope remain a good place to live. I am afraid this class of leadership on the council should be dismissed and the slate cleaned for a new round in 2020.

    Korean War Vet

    • People of Fairhope | October 31, 2018 at 5:01 am |

      The People of Fairhope deserve what they get. They fall for the “Christian Conservative” bull during the elections and get these psychopathic Catalyst crooks.
      If the people are this gullible then they must not be surprised when their Catalyst Council screws them over.
      Catalyst has ruined Daphne, Catslyst is doing its destruction in Gulf Shores, and it is only natural for this Catalyst Cancer to eat up Fairhope.

    • Not smart growth | October 31, 2018 at 5:06 am |

      When you have developers in charge of the government we will not have smart growth. Developers build houses and stress the infrastructure until it collapses then leave us paying more taxes to fix the schools, roads, sewers, and environment.
      The developers then take their ill-gotten money and move to another place to mess up.
      The people of Baldwin should be ashamed that they allowed this to happen

    • Well stated and I agree!

    • Thank You for your service, Korea was a brutal war. Your comment is dead on.

  4. Georgia Orwell | October 31, 2018 at 9:18 pm |

    Wasn’t Robert Brown part of the City Council that reprimanded our Mayor for attending a meeting for Fresh Start Fairhope? I thought I read that Kevin Boone filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Wilson because she was ‘attempting to influence voters’. Even before Boone’s complaint, I read on Robert Brown’s fb page that he was against the City Manager government because Fairhope didn’t need it (because he was doing such a bang-up job?). I think that the 3 B’s may be panicking by having Burrell’s Blog (Gulf Coast News Today, LOL) interview Brown as to his opposition to the new government. Brown is (by miles) the least offensive and pompous of the Bees, but shouldn’t Kevin Boone be filing charges against Brown for being blatantly biased? Such a strange city…..the only rules/laws are amended daily by the City Council to suit themselves. No wonder Baldwin County is nationally recognized as the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state……..can’t make that stuff up. It is obvious that Jay Robinson & Jimmy Conyers are embarrassed by their brethren on the Council and I wish that Brown would go over to the ‘light side’. It would be amazing if the Council cared a flip about Fairhope, wouldn’t it?

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