Terrible Tuesday


As predicted Mr Jack Burrell plans to make decisions for the whole community without a single public hearing. This is the after hours e-mail, 5:05 pm on a Friday, before a three day vacation. This…

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LAW and DisORDER Part 1

The Fairhope City Council has had blinders on when it comes to accountability and transparency. Leadership by the Council President is non-existent. In fact, Council President Jack Burrell has fully disgraced his position and the…


The Ripp Report is a non profit consumer protection organization, self funded by private donations. The donations are not tax deductible, all donations, 100% are used for advertising on Social Media. The Ripp Report is…


Alabama has a proud legal system ripe with attorneys who plan a career as a judge. In Baldwin and Mobile Counties, there is a specified gateway to the sought-after bench. It is called an appointment….