Tucker Dorsey and Chris Elliott

Catalyst is fully supporting Tucker Dorsey for Baldwin County commission and also is hoping Chris Elliott fills the State Senate Race. These Catalyst dogs need to be kicked to the curb, they need to go.

If we want our commissioners to listen to the people of Baldwin County and expect the State Senator to represent us, then we must get rid of the dogs.

A vote for Tucker Dorsey is a vote for Clarence Burke and Baldwin County Sewer and the many LLC’s Tucker is affiliated with.

Commissioner’s ties to businesses raise questions – Lagniappe Mobile

Commissioner’s ties to businesses raise questions – Lagniappe Mobile

Records maintained by the Alabama Secretary of State’s office show that between 1998 and 2013, at least 42 business entities and property owners associations were registered at 12940 Underwood Road in Summerdale, the current address for construction company Summit Industries LLC. Those entities were formed by Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey, Dorsey’s employer Clarence E. …


Pay attention to that Summerdale address and you will see a Catalyst connection to many a good ole boy.



The good ole boy network in Baldwin County is connected by LLC’s. One LLC may cover another LLC that covers another LLC, making it almost impossible to determine who owns what. Elected officials, such…


Summerdale 13040 Underwood Rd. has more LLC’s than fleas on a dog.

Investigative Reporting – Business Entity Records

Investigative Reporting – Business Entity Records | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE

Source: North Ridge, LLC Entity ID Number 420 – 935 Entity Type Domestic Limited…


Tucker Dorsey uses the LLC’s to hide his many business interests and you can bet Chris Elliott is covering for him.

Baldwin Container Co, LLC in Robertsdale AL – Company Profile

Baldwin Container Co, LLC in Robertsdale AL – Company Profile

View company leaders and background information for Baldwin Container Co, LLC. Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles.


Guess what the address is ?

13040 Underwood Rd Summerdale, AL 36580 Businesses

13040 Underwood Rd Summerdale, AL 36580 Businesses

Discover the businesses found at 13040 Underwood Rd Summerdale, AL 36580. We have found 4 companies and 4 people at this address.


Chris Elliott is not State Senate material. He wants our vote, for what? The Mega “Dump” site that cost taxpayers 32 plus MILLION?

Does this sound like a State Senator?

Video cameras were off the night Chris Elliott was arrested for DUI – Lagniappe Mobile

Video cameras were off the night Chris Elliott was arrested for DUI – Lagniappe Mobile

Despite the involvement of three police officers with multiple cameras in the arrest of Baldwin County Commission Chairman Chris Elliott for driving under the influence, no police video of the event exists, according to Fairhope Police Chief Joe Petties. “The problem is they’re not always on, but you can turn them on when something like …


Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool? – Lagniappe Mobile

Who’s Chris Elliott trying to fool? – Lagniappe Mobile

In terms of sheer political theater, watching Baldwin County Commissioner Chris “I Have Sinned” Elliott trying to fool voters into believing he hasn’t attempted to use political clout to keep his license after a May 2016 DUI is Tony Award worthy. Elliott took it up a notch last Thursday when he spoke at a luncheon …


If I have not convinced you yet that these two political, self serving, Catalyst loving dogs need to go, then read this article about the both of them. Two Commissioners who depend on donations for their re-election. That is the backstory for this article. A couple of people that live on the Bay do not want the public to have access to the Bay. So just give a little money to the right commissioners and they will bar the Public from the Bay. Elliott and Dorsey did not count on the Chainsaw.

Man chainsaws public barricade, dumps debris in county office – Lagniappe Mobile

Man chainsaws public barricade, dumps debris in county office – Lagniappe Mobile

Last week a man walked into Baldwin County Commission Chairman Chris Elliott’s office and dumped debris from a piece of county property he had chainsawed down earlier that day. It was a rather dramatic escalation in a long battle over waterfront access in Point Clear, but Michael Hutchison said he’s tired of history repeating itself …


You do not need a chain saw! You need to vote out these Catalyst dogs. June 5 2018

Read the latest 📡 𝗕𝗔𝗖𝗞𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗬​​​​​ 𝖯𝖮𝖣𝖢𝖠𝖲𝖳​​​​​ 📡!

19 Comments on "CATALYST TOP DOGS"

  1. NOmorethieves | May 4, 2018 at 2:27 pm |

    Catalyst is the clap of Baldwin County politics.

    • Penicillin for Catalyst Clap | May 4, 2018 at 4:41 pm |

      The best cure for the Catalyst Clap is political awareness at the voting polls and make sure one does not let it screw you

  2. From reading Tucker Dorsey’s blog site, it appears to me that Dorsey is trying to explain his reasons for his “pro-growth” position. Too bad so many people see through his B.S. and know he is just sucking any future life out of the county for his own personal gain before he moves back to Georgia. I hope the voters send him back next month.

    • Aunt Pitypat | May 5, 2018 at 7:30 am |

      Georgia does not want Dorsey back!

      • Citizens | May 6, 2018 at 8:15 pm |

        No one wants damaged goods. Look up Tucker Dorsey in the encyclopedia under worthless and there is a high resolution picture of himself holding a Bible and quoting scriptures that he will never abide by because he know not if the True God that we Christians worship. Chris Elliott is sitting next to him in the picture. Remember this Christians, when you go to the polls. Out with Chris Elliott also. Same as Tucker Dorsey. If they want to pull the Christian Card out. We will take it away from them and give it to someone who is a true Christian. Shove that you are a Christian down my throat everyday tells me that you are up to NO GOOD. But y’all have already proven that!

    • Anonymous | May 7, 2018 at 9:07 pm |

      BS OR BCS! ????
      I Hope this is getting out to voters.

  3. Oswan Dan | May 5, 2018 at 5:29 am |

    FYI – Little Huey is a catalyst.

    Little Huey (Hoss) controls the ballots.

  4. Eat it Elliott | May 5, 2018 at 11:03 pm |

    I got a piece of junk mail from Elliott. In his mailing Elliott is claiming God is telling him to take care of Baldwin families. I say Elliott is receiving messages from Lucifer

    • The Postman | May 6, 2018 at 1:27 pm |

      So many fall for that tired Christian line. Easy chum.

    • Tell it to God Hypocrites | May 6, 2018 at 6:49 pm |

      Playing the Christian Card. Listen all you dumbass politicians, especially Tucker Dorsey and Chris Elliott. That Christian Card ain’t working anymore. People know that when all of y’all speak about the word of God! All of you are lying through you teeth. Hypocrites are what you all are. If you had integrity, honesty and humility, you wouldn’t need to shove God down our throats every freakin day. We would already know and respect you. I guess God told Chris Elliott to get drunk and then drive and then get a DUI also. Chris Elliott stinks to high heavens. I think he is sweet on Scott B? Heck, I’m even thinking that Pittman may have not even been the worse politician. The odds are even on Trip Pittman, Chris Elliott and Tucker Dorsey. Y’all just suck!!! The young, the old and the restless all have know this for years. This time they will shove y’all out of office because y’all have lied to cover other lies up. Christians my butt. Sorry ass two faced individuals with little time left in office or not getting elected is what y’all are!

  5. Mr. Ripp I saw you on a documentary about a deranged man John Mcafee.
    Strange you are involved
    with such miscreants. Do you make money chasing lunatics or do you
    do it for fun?

    • If he was lucky enough to make money off lunatics and losers such as yourself “country”. You’d have to pay just to sign up to post something. Now, as you have shown your low IQ smartass self. I guess the answer is no. Hope you enjoyed the documentary. If we were to do one about barefooted dumbass politicians, we’d make a fortune just using Baldwin County as an example.

  6. Environmental | May 6, 2018 at 8:58 am |

    Any updates on the Fairhope sewer plant redew? We really need to stop pumping it in the bay. Thanks for any news.

    • Environmental | May 6, 2018 at 10:58 am |

      Yeah we will all have to pay more taxes for the upgrade. Before all this explosive growth we were doing fine. Now we have to subsidize the true cost of new subdivisions when the contractors should be paying for the extra burden. But since they “serve” on councils and on commissions they dodge what they should do.
      Another reason to vote them out

      • It doesn’t matter if Fairhope fixes its sewer. Daphne puts more raw sewage in the bay. And their mayor is the founder of catalyst. Lane nogood.

  7. RudyRudiker | May 6, 2018 at 7:30 pm |

    I heard there’s a megasite buyer. Uh huh. They are gonna buy the fairhope airport too. Burrell to announce soon this huge deal. Wait for it folks.

  8. Misty R. | May 6, 2018 at 9:15 pm |

    Went to the park near the pier.
    They wanted twenty bucks. Said Burrell and the council went up on the admission. Twenty dollars?? Really.

  9. I was looking through those links: Those companies, Baldwin Container, BCC Waste, Triple K Construction. They’re all filed to the Florida Department of State as Foreign Limited Liability companies.
    There are also, like Ripp said, closely connected together.
    I checked the website and it’s empty. Nothing is written. Just a shell almost.
    I smell something extremely rotten…

  10. Environmentallyconscience | May 7, 2018 at 6:41 am |

    The next big rain is gonna ruin fly creek.
    Wait for it. Somebody needs to stop Artuh Corte. He is a madman.

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