The last Fairhope’s City Council meeting was only 30 minutes, maybe the shortest meeting on record. A short meeting, however some very interesting subjects. To save you a little time check in at 12:40 minute mark, beginning of #7.

7. Resolution – That due to the limitations on public gatherings and social distancing protocol pursuant to advisement of the Alabama Department of Public Health and Orders of the Governor: all public hearings of the City Council, Planning Commission, and Board of Adjustments and Appeals are postponed until further notice. Prior to resuming public hearings, an announcement will be made by the City Council at a future meeting.

Council President Burrell “promises”, 13:20, that the council is canceling public participation during the COVID-19 “stay at home order” as per the Governor’s order. But do not worry he is in charge. A CATALYST City Council and no public participation? Hold you breath folks this council has already proven that they cannot be trusted. Make a note of this action and let’s hope Burrell can keeps his promise and does not try something sneaky, like the triangle conservation easement, or political party.

8. Resolution – That Council President Jack Burrell is hereby authorized to negotiate and execute a Professional Engineering Services contract with Goodwin, Mills and Cawood to perform an Environmental Site Assessment including groundwater testing on the property located at NE Corner of Fairhope Avenue and Section Street (i.e. the Clock Corner). Said contract shall be negotiated with a not to exceed amount of $10,000.00.

Old Fuel Tanks To Be Removed From Clock Corner

Old Fuel Tanks To Be Removed From Clock Corner

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.


Master negotiator Burrell, and council, botched up the clock deal from day one. First mistake, Burrell as the negotiator. Burrell negotiated the purchase of 1000 square feet, with a clock, for an astounding $525,000. Now an environmental Site Assessment for an additional $10,000 is necessary. Next Burrell will be explaining about the old existing gas fuel tanks still buried on the site, that have to be removed. Do not be surprised if the clock does not go over 600 thousand dollars for 1000 square feet. WTH

Please remember it was the great negotiator Burrell along with Boone and Brown, who purchased 2.65 million in farmland for recreation and then promptly leased the same land back for farming for only 9 thousand a year. Some stinky deal that was. Now the city desperately needs the 2.65 million due to revenue loss from Covid-19.



The Mayor of Fairhope is cutting the city budget to compensate for the anticipated loss of municipal income due to COVD-19. The staff, police, fire and other cuts came up to 2.6 million.


12. Resolution – That Mayor Karin Wilson is hereby authorized to execute a contract for Extension No. 2 of Bid Number 020-18, Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal 2018, with Crowder Gulf, LLC for an additional one year, as per the terms and conditions of the original contract; and based on per unit cost as specified in Bid Tabulation.

Pittman Renews Million Dollar Contract with Fairhope

Pittman Renews Million Dollar Contract with Fairhope

  By Bill Britt Alabama Political Reporter MONTGOMERY— In an unbroken stream dating back to July 2007, Sen. Lee Davidson Marbury “Trip” Pittman (R-Daphne) and former Baldwin County Commissioner Bob James, have held a lucrative debris removal contract awarded by the city of Fairhope. The million plus contract mostly being held by Pittman Tractor Co., […]


This is the same contract that the city gave to Sen Tripp Pittman for years, under the previous Mayor. Burrell fought tooth and nail to continue giving the contract to his “bible buddy”, however the newly elected Mayor said no dice. Pittman could not get the bid in an honest bidding process.

LET’S HAVE A PARTY Go to minute 22 and listen to Mr Brown bring up the fact that he had a conservation with Sherry Sullivan and came up with the idea of a party celebrating going back to work! Burrell said it was a wonderful idea and we could close all the streets and have some bands downtown.



Wake up Fairhope, and Baldwin County, pay attention to what your local municipal government is telling you during the corona virus pandemic. Fairhope has a CATALYST City Council and true to form…


This is the same Mr Brown who thinks we should all go to work NOW and that the stay at home order was not necessary. Why is Mr. Brown bringing up Sherry Sullivan? The same Sherry Sullivan along with Brown and Burrell who wanted to “Take a chance” on the Arts and Craft Show.



The current Fairhope City Council is the most corrupt and inept council to ever serve Fairhope. Yet people get riled up over a curfew meant to mitigate a virus that we know little about. A curfew…


CATALYST wants Sherry Sullivan as their next candidate for Mayor of Fairhope. This is their way of injecting her name, otherwise most would not even know who she is. A former city employee who had numerous jobs, none for long. She briefly was in charge of the recreation center, she failed miserable.

New Orleans and Mobile are having a difficult time with COVID-19 and there is little argument that Mardi Gras was the culprit.

What do you think would have happened if Burrell, Brown and Sullivan had gotten their wish and had the “take a chance Arts and Craft Show”? Fairhope Mayor Wilson and a couple of council members almost certainly prevented the opportunity of COVID-19 being exposed to as many as 200,000 attendees.

16. Resolution – That the City of Fairhope has voted to purchase one (1) E-ONE Custom Rescue Pumper Fire Truck for Fire Station #1 and the vehicle is available for direct procurement through the Houston-Galveston Area Council Contract FS12-19 which has been nationally bid; and therefore, does not have to be let out for bid. The total cost is $517,157.000. This is a joint purchase between the City of Fairhope and the Fairhope Volunteer Fire Department with a 60/40 split. The City is paying up to $331,000.00 from Impact Fees and the Fairhope Volunteer Fire Department is paying up to $200,000.00.

Burrell stated that the Volunteer Fire Department was “Gracious” in donating 200 thousand dollars towards the purchase of the Custom Fire Truck. Burrell did not mention that only a few months ago the fire chief told the Mayor in council chambers that he would not provide the city with any financial s. He was rude and made a speech that the fire department did not have to tell the Mayor anything, they were independent, but they take city money!

The city pays 331,000.00 and Burrell says the fire department is “GRACIOUS” for contributing 200,000.00. Fairhope needs a full time fire department, that are employees of the city and answer to the city.

COVID-19 should be taken seriously and it is not the time or place to be talking about political rallies disguised as a party.



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21 Comments on "CATALYST PARTY"

  1. AnonymousFH | April 16, 2020 at 11:02 am |

    So you sayin Burrell got “clock blocked”?
    Is that it?

  2. So the Council wants to throw a party with Sullivan as the head? It will be kind of like a campaign event for her and Catalyst.
    These guys are so predictable to those of us who are WOKE.
    To the rest of the people in Fairhope who do not know what is going on, then this looks like a cute event.
    I say let Catalyst throw the “party” and make the Mayor be the head.

    • Jim From Tuscaloosa | April 18, 2020 at 11:10 am |

      Guess they want to get Sullivan so she can be a puppet. Whom would be the wizard pulling the strings?

  3. I must still stress social distancing. The Catalyst virus is still out there and must be mitigated by either having no parties or making sure anyone in attendance is immune by testing positive for the antibodies. Signs of antibodies can be determined by indications of phony Christian ethics, love for real estate development and sweet land deals, wanting to pay half a million dollars for a corner (clock not included) or wishing to increase taxes “For the children.”

    • But doc, how will we know if we are infected or not?

      • Currently the only test for the Catalyst virus is by measuring the behavior of a Catalyst. Once a person is infected with the Catalyst virus he or she will seek out other victims to make sweetheart deals with. Initial places will be in churches to give the appearance of phony Christian conservative behavior
        The next behavior will be running for office and taking campaign money from developers
        The only way to check for infection is to check campaign finance reports to see if the infection has passed from Catalyst donors to Catalyst candidates. Not voting for a Catalyst infected candidate is the main way to stop furthering the spread
        Remember social distancing and washing hands after handling dirty catalyst money

      • When you are only able to tell lies while keeping a straight face and enjoying it! That’s how you can tell that you are infected with the Catalyst Virus!

  4. I would like to party with Burrell. I hear he is a party animal. Whoop Whoop

  5. Wendy Webb Solomln | April 16, 2020 at 5:42 pm |

    How many fires were there in Fairhope?
    Do the fire departments in Fairhope cover all of Baldwin County like the police department?
    Does Baldwin County Commission help fund either of these departments?

    • Francis Ripp | April 17, 2020 at 8:49 am |

      fire dept didn’t donate anything. this comes out of county property taxes collected from citizens which can only be used for certain things. Fairhope has no idea what the volunteer fire dept uses this money for because they certainly do not contribute to the budget. And Fairhope will never know because their treasurer will not supply audited financials. Serious penalties exist for spending restricted funds improperly

    • Jim from Tuscaloosa | April 18, 2020 at 11:15 am |

      Wasn’t the former Mayor’s Father-in-law in law have a major roll with the fire department? Same person that was controlling the ballot boxes during city elections? What a tangled Web we have

  6. Francis Ripp | April 17, 2020 at 8:51 am |

    The seller pays for the Environmental Site Assessment not the buyer, Jack is a piss poor negotiator and he keeps proving it again and again

    • Mr Ripp,
      Burrell’s behavior is a symptom of the Catalyst virus. It’s not being a “piss poor negotiator” that is being manifested but rather his proclivity to male sweetheart land deals. Not holding and environmental site evaluation was to sweeten the deal for the seller.
      In order to track the viral spread, we must see who the seller is and see if we can connect the seller to another Catalyst.
      Remember the R0 (R naught) value. This value measures the contagiousness and spread of the Catalyst virus
      This virus is a highly contagious virus. Social distancing must be maintained

      • But how can we socially distance when Catalysts are all over the place?
        The destruction of the county is occurring all over with out of control growth and crooked politicians allowing it while they get rich

        • Presently the only ways to mitigate the virus is by identifying Catalysts through campaign reports. Once a Catalyst has been identified, public knowledge is the key. Dissemination to other voters in the identification of a Catalyst is helpful
          We are working on a vaccine but that will not be until the next elections
          So for now, know who has the Catalyst virus, inform others and social distance yourself
          Catalyst carriers are known to be found in churches, social events, and city festivals
          When going to council and county meetings stay at least six feet away to protect t yourself from vagaries and untruths

        • Just vote the catalysts out of office. Start with the three B’s in Fairhope then Haygood Scott and Coleman in Daphne and the go to county commission. Start with the drunk Joe and the idiot son of the lawyer Ball
          Vote these out and you will break the back of the catalist machine

          • Francis Ripp | April 18, 2020 at 7:55 am |

            True but many more CATALYST need to be shown the door, the entire council.

          • Dear Mr Anon,
            While you have identified those infected with the Catalyst virus, once these specific cases have been mitigated, there are still others and will be others who may contract this disease
            In addition, this virus may mutate into another strain by another name. The Catalyst virus is a virus in a group of political machine viruses.
            Diligence in research to see the financial source campaign contributions is one reliable method in identifying the successor of the Catalyst virus once it mutates and evolved

            • Y’all need to cut the “Dr. Fauci” crap out Ripp. Very surprised you allowing this and its very disappointing!

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