Sherry Sullivan for Mayor

Last night Spanish Fort played Fairhope in football. The stands were full, social distancing was all but impossible.

When one of the High School Principals was asked why most of those in attendance did not have masks? He explained that they tried to enforce the use of a mask, however once the people got seated they removed their masks.

Another event across town was underway, the Fairhope political forum hosted by the Common Sense Campaign. The forum had been scheduled well in advance, by the Common Sense Campaign, and was provided to the citizens to better informed them about Fairhope candidates for Mayor and City Council.

All the City Council members running for office as well as the candidates opposing them were in attendance.

The Mayor and two of her three challengers showed up.

Sherry Sullivan was the only person not to show up.

This was very disrespectful to the other attendees and especially the host, Common Sense Campaign. To add insult to injury Sherry and her followers are suggesting that Mayor Wilson did the scheduling.

That is absolutely false, the Mayor showed up, by invitation, just like everyone else. Sullivan just made a bad situation worse by not taking responsibility for her actions.


Does this sound like Mayor material? I think not. Not only did Sherry not show at the scheduled forum, she showed up at the football game and gave fans to attendees NOT wearing masks. So the stands are full of people not practicing social distancing and not wearing masks.

What would be the worst thing possible in that situation?

Giving them a damn fan.

Give me a break if I read this not knowing anyone I would cross Sherry off the list, first.


Let’s not forget Burrell, Brown and Sherry wanted to “take a chance” with the Arts and Craft Show. Over 200,000 people attend that show. Doctors from Thomas advised against it, but Sherry Brown and Burrell wanted to push forward. This is another example of poor judgment on Sherry’s part as well as Burrell and Boone.

Truth is Sullivan does not want to answer questions or have any “high anxiety”, public forum.


Mayor Wilson adamantly opposed “taking a chance” and the Arts and Crafts show was finally canceled. That is what I call a Mayor, putting the safety of the citizens before profits.

Fairhope needs a Mayor who practices what she preaches instead of “taking a chance”, with other people’s lives. Sullivan has displayed a consistent pattern of bad decisions that shows very poor judgment, on her part.

The below was a post recently sent to the Mayor Wilson:

“Karin, one of the difficult decisions you made was about arts and crafts not taking place. I know that was an agonizing decision for you!!! As someone that has been working in ICU during this pandemic, I so commend you for making that decision!!! The right decision!!! Sherry Sullivan was on the news promoting arts and crafts and promising “all precautions would be taken”! What a joke!!! My blood is still boiling from listening to her because she obviously was only trying to promote the event!!! This would have been at the expense of the citizens lives!!!
Baldwin Counties cases of Covid during that time were probably less than 10% of Mobiles!!! This is a perfect example of you making the right decision for your community!!! Just know”. that you probably kept a lot of people from getting sick and many from dying!!! Trust me when I tell you this!! “

All the other Mayoral Candidates have displayed common sense when it comes to Covid. All agree on social distancing and masks and put the citizens before profits. Sullivan is not Mayor material and her actions display a lack of education as well as judgment.


The football game may result in yet more Covid cases.

Football should come second to people’s health, giving them a fan, in crowed bleachers with unmasked people may be the absolute worst thing anyone could do.

Sullivan owes the public and Common Sense Campaign an apology, but don’t hold your breath she probably will not show up.

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  1. More BS from the REMFSTER.

    • Sullivan is being shielded by Catalyst. Thursday the Catalyst flunkies were at 98 and Fairhope Ave waving signs. Where were the candidates themselves? Oh that’s right! When you have useful idiots to do your job you can stay in bed while your minions do the heavy lifting
      What a great set up!

    • Call Ripp a REMFSTER to his face if you dare, pedophile

  2. Cull the herd | August 21, 2020 at 10:39 pm |

    Oh come on Ripp, COVID affects less than 1 percent and of test only 1 percent die. So you want to shut down everyone’s lives for .0001 percent. And of yesterday’s most of them have comorbidities. Car wrecks do more
    Ever heard of herd immunity? Culling the herd?
    Many of us are COVID weary. Democrats have used this to destroy the economy
    If someone is immune compromised then they need to quarantine themselves and let those who are healthy enough to produce go to work. Many of us are tired of being ruled by the weak!

    • Francis Ripp | August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am |

      You should copy this and read it to yourself Jan 1 2021 The point is “It is preventable” I pray no one you know is infected and “to weak” to survive.

  3. Charles Darwin | August 21, 2020 at 10:42 pm |

    The strong who are exposed to COVID get over it. The obese and old succumb. This is Darwinism at work
    Five billion years of evolution may be threatened by a snowflake generation but Mother Nature will win out
    Quarantine the weak!

  4. Hey Catalyst, Satan called. He said to stop lying so much because it is making him look good and that is a threat to his job
    It is looking like you Catalysts are trying to take over and rule over Hell. While you guys may be better at evil, the Devil still has seniority.
    Ha ha Boone: This was meant for you and your step daddy

  5. Sherry has only a high school diploma

  6. Starting to sound more and more like Mayor Wilson has been the right person for the job all along and the council is the one which needs revamping.

  7. Fairhope: keep karin.

    Flush the bees

  8. Jack was standing on thr corner yesterday. Holding a sign.
    Desperate af.
    Let’s put this curr dog down.

    For the good of Fairhope.

  9. Jack told me that his police report was for his son.
    I looked into it through a policeman.
    He laughed. He said, “Jack blamed it on his son, huh?”

  10. Sherry is a lot like Biden when you think about it.
    She has no chance. Everyone now sees.

  11. I do not understand. She is not the incumbent. She HAS to show up for this and perform and steal the power. She failed. She missed the boat.
    I get it, she’s a football fan. Well, maybe she needs to run for Mayor of T-Town. They have a high school mayor.

  12. This is what I would label the person who writes this stuff, a childish shit stirer.

  13. Jack deserves a sixth term.
    The city has never been better.

  14. The city is the number one place to retire in Alabama.
    I’m good with the council.
    The mayor must be sent back to her bar.

  15. Georgia Orwell | August 22, 2020 at 6:20 pm |

    I guess Sherry couldn’t make the debate because she was busy getting ready for her hillbilly parade today. It was pitiful; several pick up trucks with their horns blasting obnoxiously circling downtown. Fairhope deserves better than an uneducated traitor that think that the way to get votes is by driving through town honking her horn and scaring people. No class whatsoever!

  16. Scary Sherry.
    Kants big squeeze

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