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The citizens of Baldwin County are finally beginning to understand the dangers of a group like Catalyst. The Baldwin county Republican Party is coming to terms that Baldwin county has been hijacked by a few so called “Christian Republicans” called CATALYST. In the past CATALYST has worked in the shadows, today social media has exposed their goals as well as players.



This telling photo is the core group of Elliott Stacy and Haygood, from a few years ago, a political group that represents the “machine”, they are the mules. Mr. Elliott was appointed to the County…


Congratulations to Mayor Karin Wilson for winning the Politicos Nappie Award for the hardest working elected official on the Eastern Shore. This is significant because the Mayor is operating in the shadows of Catalyst headquarters and the three bees. The City Council is working on being awarded the onion award for the WORST City Council in Fairhope’s history, so far it looks like they will win, hands down.



Catalyst is a political cancer found in Baldwin County. It hand picks political candidates. Catalyst was formally Stacy Elliott and Haygood, the birth of the cancer, that morphed into Catalyst when…


Catalyst is reeling after getting stung by the People’s Choice. They lost their queen bee Thomasson and their most worthless bee, Dorsey. Catalyst also had the true colors of their number one lying bee, Elliott, exposed to the public. His less than stellar performance garnered him only a 700 vote margin against the better man, David Northcutt.



ASK CHRIS! Public records from the Probate office, record, Mr. Elliott, and his wife, purchased property, from Christopher G Stradtman Jan 3, 2018, in Elberta on Key Hole Rd. This “waterfront…


Elliott now has to run for the third time for State Senate Seat 32, against a Democrat. It ain’t going to be easy, he has burnt to many bridges,or promised to build them, and has a closet full of baggage. Their is a rumor that he may even have some very serious issues, can you say indictment, coming his way, not counting his real estate deals.

Sheriff Hoss Mack and Eddie Tyler, the present superintendent of schools are also married to Elliott and now are seeking a divorce, it may be to late. They now have to dig a deeper hole for the three of them.

DAPHNE has it’s own Catalyst beehive. Catalyst Mayor Haygood, a charter member, talked councilman, Joe Davis into running against, the far better man, John Lake. Mr. Davis won because over 3500 people did not turn a ballot over, very suspicious. Haygood and Davis are now planning to fill that vacant council seat with another Catalyst bee, Jonathan Armstrong.

A tip to the Rippster says “Have you heard this one? I believe it to be true: Jonathan Armstrong flip flopped from supporting Billie Jo and hating Tucker Dorsey and wanting to fight Tucker to becoming their main pit bull because they promised to give him Joe Davis’ seat on the Daphne City Council if he played ball. A catalyst spy slipped that to me.“

Speaking of Daphne, it has also been reported that Mayor Haygood was so upset with social media that he instructed city worker to destroy fiber optic cable feeds throughout the city. The council is pissed off at him and ATT may sue the city for damages. I cannot wait to hear the whole story.

Don’t forget about that Million dollar swimming pool, The Mayor and planning and zoning say their hands are tied, not so, they are sitting on their hands.



Catalyst players have developed a shell game called follow the LLC’s. Daphne Mayor, a catalyst charter member, explains that “Alabama is a buyer beware state.” BUYER BEWARE OF CATALYST is what…



Gulf Shores residents rally against apartment complex

Mayor Craft and staff are getting push back from citizens of the community for a planned apartment complex in the middle of single family homes condo’s and townhouses. Sound familiar? Like maybe the Fairhope apartments that have had three lawsuits, brought by citizens, and one lawsuit pending. Let’s not forget Fairhope’s Mayor and three council members also bit the dust. Why! Because the City of Fairhope stood behind the developer and not it’s citizens. It has cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and it is still climbing.

The Gulf Shores apartments have the same talking points as did the Fairhope apartments. First the developer says they will be townhouses, then switches to apartments. The Mayor and staff say there is little they can do, but NEXT time they will do better. Total B.S. On the issues of parking, traffic studies and wetlands they mirror the way Fairhope apartments were shoved down the throats of voters. Why would Gulf Shores rather be sued by it’s citizens than defend it’s citizens? The Mayor and staff scolded the citizens for not being more attentive to city business and the proposed apartments. Their was no notification given by the city to anyone about the project, so how in the hell were they suppose to be informed? This is another clever trick Fairhope pulled, that came back and bit them in the ass. Much more to come.

ORANGE BEACH is still reeling over Jeff, Judas, Boyd and Tony, King, Kennon, with the assistance of Gulf Shores Mayor Craft, throwing their support to Elliott. But what the hell, they want those bridges and more development, that Elliott will support, plus the 12% gas tax. Let’s say two more bridges are built, do you really believe that is going to REDUCE traffic? Your on an island!

Money moving in land acquisitions for road, bridge project

Another tip the Rippster was that the District Attorney for Baldwin County discouraged Harry D Olive,
from running for Probate Judge. The DA said they already had a man running, Lynn Perry. They, being Catalyst. Harry was not intimidated and pushed back. Perry lost, Harry won and now the DA has confirmed his Catalyst standing. That should not be surprising since the DA was placed into office by Catalyst and needed not one vote of the public. It will be interesting to see if Baldwin County’s DA investigates any allegations Catalyst members submit.

Baldwin County is waking up from the fog of Catalyst.

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  1. Strong reporting.
    I call it now:

    Walt over Kay.

    Jason over Chris.

  2. Anonymous | July 20, 2018 at 4:50 pm |

    It is the efforts of folks like you Ripp that have exposed Catalyst. Politicians beware that if you sell your soul to Catalyst you will answer
    Armstrong you will have to turn down your smart mouth and act like a leader and not a lackey for Haygood lest you meet the fate of the others. More elections are to come

    • Roland R. | July 22, 2018 at 1:39 am |

      Word is haygood is gonna nominate catalyst flunky john Armstrong to city council.

      • Anonymous | July 22, 2018 at 7:17 pm |

        Yep that is what I heard as well. How is he gonna get people to pee pee in his cup while having his nose up Haygood’s rear end?

      • Yep. Armstrong is from Timbercreek out of the council members from that district most of them were appointed and never had to run for election
        Timbercreek is in Daphne but those people think they are in Spanish Fort. Hell I say let Spanish Fort have them and their sewers. Oh wait Spanish Fort calls itself a city but they literally have to suck off of Daphne and other cities for water sewer jail, and power
        You guys up there in North Daphne should have thought about what it takes to be a REAL town before you incorporated yourselves
        Like a teenager wanting to move out in his own but wanting mom and dad to pay for rent and utilities

  3. Catalyst filth must be exterminated.

  4. Spanish Fort Oracle | July 21, 2018 at 10:24 am |

    Catalyst has done much to hurt Bsldwin County. Catalyst must be exposed for what it is and then be dismantled. I have watched Catalyst from up here in Spanish Fort also known as “Catalyst Central” with at least three major Catalysts living right here in Timber Creek. I will not mention their names but there last names begin with A, D, and H.
    These people are so arrogant and entitled. I so want them to realize that we are on to them and are working for the People’s Choice. You can’t buy us like you did with the others

  5. Another worthless read from the king of worthless opinions!

    • True Baldwin County | July 22, 2018 at 12:03 am |

      Hey “Jerkoffs,” Ripp has the Catalysts’ number. His detractors say his stuff isn’t true but none of the Catalysts can disprove what he claims. As a matter of fact Ripp is right on target. What’s more he is smoking out the Catalysts like the roaches they are
      When you can refute what he claims then bring it. Otherwise you are just mad we are figuring you phony “Christian Conservatives” out.
      You guys are not use to being called out because you have been too entitled for too long. Your days in power are coming to an end. We are coming for you.

      • Notice how when you challenged that Catalyst jerkoff he would not respond? This is Catalyst’s big weakness. When you confront a Catalyst on what this putrid group is doing they have no answer. Catalyst is truly drowning in the truth. They will try to hide, tear up fiber optic cables, make back room deals, and then call themselves Christians.

    • Ripp is read in bham and montgomery and bay minette

    • Hey Jerk off. Open wide!!! I know you like it.

  6. Fuck Jeff Boyd. Crooked SOB. Watch and see when he gets in trouble and brings down Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon. They think they are untouchable. We have interviewed several people, especially women who are not married to these people and they quite a bit to share. Great job Jeff Boyd. Your are a liar and a walking example why women should have the right to have an abortion!! Piss on you!

    • Catalyst bought Jeff Boyd on the cheap. Guess Boyd wasn’t worth much to begin with

  7. I’ve know that fat group of pigs for a long time. They just get uglier and plumper every year. Hey Wilters. You should be judged and not judging. What a bunch of cunts. I bet it smells pretty shiitty in that room when the photo was taken. No balls in the whole group.

  8. Perry Franks | July 24, 2018 at 1:50 am |

    Kay Ivy is smart not to debate. Walt is nothing.
    But a lib with a checkbook.
    And we all know where that gets us.
    Vote for the good.
    Vote for the girl.
    Vote for Kay.

    • Ok so what does Kay have to do with the crooks here in Baldwin. She will be re-elected but this article was about Catslyst

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