How many people remember Sen Tripp Pittman and his theft of BP money to the tune of $750,000 dollars?

How many people remember our new Senator, Chris Elliott, and his DUI charge?

How many remember former Mayor Cant and his misuse of FEMA funds?

How about Councilman Robert Brown and his inside deal with the Fairhope Art Center?

Or Jack Burrell and his bid rigging?

All of the above escaped any responsibility for their actions and guess what? Everyone of these elected officials used their office for personal gain and are affiliated with CATALYST.

Just when you think it cannot get any more corrupt, our understanding of the law and what is right and wrong is being challenged by the appointed Fairhope Municipal Attorney.

Supreme court drops McSharry assault charge after prosecutor fails to act – Lagniappe Mobile

Supreme court drops McSharry assault charge after prosecutor fails to act – Lagniappe Mobile

Paula DiNardi still believes she is an assault victim. Video shows she was sitting on a barstool at the Little Whiskey Christmas Club in Fairhope on Nov. 22, 2018 when Ronan McSharry struck her in the throat with his forearm, causing her to fall backwards to the concrete floor, inflicting what she says was a […]


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If you are concerned about corruption and the blatant abuse of the law, you need to read this article.

If you are concerned about how women are treated bullied, then you need to read this article.

If you are a voter in Fairhope, you damn sure need to read this article.

If you do not know what CATALYST is, then you need to read this article

The McSharry case has been sequence of events in favor of the offender and against the victim. As a citizen of Fairhope if you become a victim of a crime, the city prosecutor, Municipal Attorney, will represent you for the city in Municipal court.

In the McSharry case the Municipal Attorney failed in his duties. He not only failed but his actions favored the bully and may result in litigation against the city.



15 months ago we reported on an incident that should have been resolved in 6 months.


McSharry’s was the watering hole for CATALYST, Attorneys, Judges and especially Councilman Burrell, who had a sandwich, on stale bread, named after him.

They ran like rats from McSharry’s after publicity exposed the CATALYST drinking headquarters.



How does a bar owner, continuously break the law and walk? If you are Ronan McSharry it appears not to be a problem.


Baldwin County Judicial System is broken, the good ole boys have dug themselves into a hole. Citizens have no confidence in the system.

The McSharry case is a perfect example of CATALYST JUSTICE.



Is it just a coincidence that Fairhope City Council canceled public participation at the same time that justice slipped through the cracks? The last Fairhope’s City Council meeting was only 30 minutes…


CATALYST is the common denominator when it comes to political corruption. They are planning to expand their stranglehold on Baldwin County, Fairhope and US Congress.

If they succeed, kiss what ever quality of life you may have goodbye.



Everyone in Baldwin County should be aware of CATALYST. They are a powerful, mostly secret, political group that represent the Status Quo, the good ole boys. Good ole boys exist in many places however…


The Fairhope City Council should fire the city attorney, Marcus McDowell, but wait ! they appointed him to cover their ass.

Do not forget they also appointed the municipal judge who is now the city’s largest developer secured by a council vote.

Can you say CATALYST?



PODCAST LIVE TODAY – Old Battles Place will have 94 units and now THE “CORRIDOR OF CHAOS”. 232 Apartments, 77 single family houses and 16 commercial units.


Paula DiNardi is a victim of physical assault and the city attorney, has exhibited total incompetence in his handling of the case. Now he is suggesting that the intoxication charge and the assault charge carry the “identical punishments”.

So the city attorney wants you to believe even though he dropped the ball a thousand times on the assault charge, and it may disappear, he will pursue the “other” charge, intoxication.

What total bullshit.

So what happens with the $10,000 dollars in medical bills Paula sustained?

She also lost her job has suffered with the stress of something she had nothing to do with. She went to a restaurant/bar to relax and a bully assaults her knocking her off a bar stool.

This could be any woman and the Fairhope City Council turns a blind eye.

Ronan McSharry is a public nuisance, a repeat offender of the law, a bully of women and a public drunk. He is a danger to the general public and if he is not stopped he will continue to violate the law.


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  1. Mount up boys.
    Round up the posse.
    Time to sack the council five.
    Great writeup. It is so convoluted and corrupt it appears hopeless.
    Thank you for the exposee’ Mister Ripp.

  2. Ole Fairhoper | May 21, 2020 at 5:08 pm |

    The voters deserve what they get

  3. Anonymous | May 21, 2020 at 5:45 pm |

    Blah, blah, blah …more BS from RIPPREMF. Get a job and a place to live besides your mommas house.

    • Anonymous | May 22, 2020 at 5:54 am |

      This is your mother speaking. Stop calling ripp a remf. I lied to you, it wasn’t ripp who “rear ended” me that night. It was a horse. You need to accept it and move on. ?❤️

    • Anonymous | May 22, 2020 at 8:56 am |

      You seem obsessed with those REMF types
      Notice how Ripp will still print your statements when you call him one? It is because Ripp wasn’t one?

  4. To the person who is stuck on calling Ripp an REMF, why are you so obsessed with him living with his mother? Do you secretly want to live with him? Ha!
    I admire Ripp and his courage to write things that others would fear. Ripp has to be the O N L Y one who exposes Catalyst. Ripp has been threatened by Baby Boone and Burrell and Ripp keeps exposing these crooked politicians.
    Keep calling Ripp an REMF. You merely be expose yourself as a Catalyst who is infuriated by Ripp’s posts. You all have tried to intimidate him and now you are reduced to trolling him
    In other words, you are being dismissed by us and OWNEDby him. But keep writing. You are showing Catalyst’s thin skin
    We will see you next election. Catalyst’s days are numbered.

  5. Francis Ripp | May 22, 2020 at 2:06 pm |

    I do not know where the idea that I live with my mother.My mother, father and brother are all deceased. I live with my soul mate.

    • You might have missed it but he questioned your service in the Korean War in the comments on Excess Baggage ?

  6. Anonymous | May 22, 2020 at 8:17 pm |

    Let’s please not forget about Jack Burrell and his shady past who from Mississippi or anywhere else should get away from being properly vetted about his shady police report that included juveniles!

  7. Are you talking about Tripp Pittman who ran for the United States Senate representing Alabama? He gathered only 7% (that’s seven) total votes in Alabama! What the hell does that tell you about him and his fellow catalyst? 7%! You don’t have to be a rockets scientist to figure this one out!

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