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Fairhope pay attention: The last four years, Mayor Karin Wilson has been standing up to bullies with special interests that do not align with citizens values.

Those bullies are our own councilmen Burrell Boone and Brown who represent CATALYST/ Scott Boone Consulting, CSB. – JD Crowe

This group is run by the son of Councilman Boone, Scott, and financed by special interests. It has also been supported by so called media who wrote paid hit pieces, for the 3 B’s, spewing unfounded allegations meant to mislead the public.


CATALYST/Scott Boone Consulting special interests include Baldwin County Sewer, local politicians, connected attorneys, shady judges, greedy developers and dark money.

They have been collectively raping Baldwin County while remaining in the shadows. Mr Boone and his son work as a team, so Scott is privileged to Fairhope executive committee details and other confidential information of the city. Boone like the rest are bullies, he recently gave a vivid performance:


Fairhope is there honey hole and four years ago they lost the corruption rubber stamp they have depended on for 16 years, Tim Cant.

The three B’s want the honey hole and corruption rubber stamp back. They have chosen a fired, ex employee, who sued the city and never disclosed her complaint to the citizens of Fairhope, to be their Mayor’s choice. She is sorely under qualified and if elected will fire numerous employees and place past fired employees in their place.

Fairhope will return to rampant corruption and lawsuits will follow.


The CATALYST city attorney Marcus McDowell is supporting Sullivan and has her sign in front of his office. McDowell has represented the council exclusively and has been disrespectful and a bully himself to the Mayor, as seen in the train wreck.

McDowell also helped out Burrell’s best friend Ronan McSharry by failing, numerous times, to file necessary charges of assault against McSharry. McDowell conveniently allowed the statute of limitations to run out on the assault charge, recorded on video. He then made it a political issue by saying the Mayor should not listen to citizens complaints. McDowell has been a horrible legal representative of the city, he has however made the 3 B’s, who appointed him, and Catalyst proud.

CSB has placed signs all over Fairhope encouraging voters to block vote for all four CATALYST candidates Burrell Boone Brown and Sherry Sullivan.


Many of these signs are in yards of people who have profited from the corruption, others are misguided by friendship, or misled by the false information put out by CSB.


Fairhope you need to vote against CSB, it is not in your best interest to turn Fairhope back over to special interests. Fairhope will go backwards.

Mayor Wilson has stood up to these bullies for you, and the citizens that fall victim to CSB.

She has taking a pounding from the council for 4 years, bullied in front of citizen that have attended the council meetings or viewed them on u-tube.

In spite of the unrelenting bulling Mayor Wilson won 4 Nappi Awards as the Hardest working elected official on the Eastern Shore. The council has won no awards but you can be sure they have filled their pockets.


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41 Comments on "CATALYST BULLIES"

  1. Georgia Orwell | August 14, 2020 at 9:27 pm |

    You need to tell the whole truth if you expect for anyone to vote for Karin again.

    • Too late to rehabilitate Wilson. She and Pete the cat are gonners.

      • Francis Ripp | August 15, 2020 at 8:06 am |

        If she is a goner, so is Fairhope, Catalyst will drag us backwards.

        • So sherry is a “catalyst” candidate because the lawyer for catalyst has a sign in front of his office??? Lol how do you even make this garbage up. One day you will probably be sued for slander. Keep skating on your proverbial thin ice with your propaganda. Also why is it all the Karin supporters keep bringing up the Nappis. The Nappis are a joke. Nobody takes it seriously. It’s not an award to strive for as a politician. It’s award you want to win if you are the weather guy or a local DJ. ?

    • Francis Ripp | August 15, 2020 at 8:03 am |

      The whole truth is that if Catalyst becomes Mayor, Fairhope will immediately degrade from it’s present financial Position, quality of life and property values will suffer. Catalyst will also give the triangle property to a conservation easement to manage and control but the city will still own it. That property cost taxpayers 11.25 million. The council will be in control of the 3B’s, who all are corrupt.

  2. What about burrells police report?

    I guess in fh he gets a free pass?

    Fh is not what people think. Apparently it is full of low renters with no class.

  3. Fairhope has a huge corruption problem.
    Karin is like Donald Trump. A biz person, not a lying manipulating opportunist. These 3 councilmen are dirtier than a county fair portolet on a sunday. Time for new blood. Woke af.

  4. Sherry will be next mayor. Just look at all her signs around town
    Yeah, I know signs don’t vote but the people that display signs vote

  5. JusticeForAll | August 15, 2020 at 11:34 am |

    The WHOLE truth needs to be presented in order for Fairhope to vote BEST. Without it, I’m fearful we will go backwards and not be able to recover for decades. ???

    • Justice, we need to pray to the real God and not the Catalyst god (the Catalyst god I s really Satan) that these evil council members are found out and thrown out of office and hopefully thrown in jail

  6. I do believe there is a lot of corruption in this city and I do believe that we need to get rid of the good ole’ boy network. Trust me there is always a meeting before the meeting and it is not always in the best interest of the whole

    • You said it accurately about a meeting before the meeting
      That is how these corrupt 3B’s operate.
      They still have many fooled but more and more are finding out about their criminal ways

  7. The substandard ⚽ field is not level. We cannot have official tournaments because robert brown built the soccer fields along with Boone. They kicked the money back to burrell. It’s a criminal enterprise. Connect the dots.

  8. Thanks Paul for being the Fairhope gov. watch dog.


    This is not a popularity contest. Do you think 3 football players & a cheerleader represent an entire high school? No and neither does this block – sherry, Burrell, Boone, & Brown
    We’ve already got the one popular guy on council( Jimmy).
    BUCK the MACHINE!!!

  10. People dont realize how much the gravy train building industry brongs to Fairhope. Everybody’s getting rich.
    Not just the city council. Realtors, builders, developers, attorneys, bankers, etc. All make bank off the growth. The train makes fat stacks.

    • Ha! The builders are also displacing the current residents.
      Look up the term “Gentrification.”

  11. Georgia Orwell | August 15, 2020 at 10:16 pm |

    Actually, the Ripp Report is not reporting the entire truth here. Yes, I am pretty sure that Sherry is financed by Corte and Kant, but Ripp doesn’t care about Fairhope if he is leaving out of his ‘reporting’ the fact that John Manelos can manage ‘catalyst’ and Burrell. I always looked to Ripp for facts, but he is so controlled by Karin that he won’t even report the facts. I don’t know anyone who will support Karin again, but Ripp pretends that we don’t have other options. We do…we have John Manelos who is not beholden to anyone and has not accepted any developer cash at all.

    • Francis Ripp | August 16, 2020 at 4:26 pm |

      The Good Vibes BP guy on the paddle board will come in third and we will have a runoff, doing it all over again. The 3 B’s really need to go

  12. I smell a rat.
    Didnt sherry “date” mayor kant?

  13. RE-ELECT Mayor Wilson | August 16, 2020 at 12:54 am |

    State Auditor says don’t vote for catalyst AKA Scott Boone consulting candidates… Say NO to Sherry, Burrell, Boone & Brown

    • I listened to the podcast that you provided in your post
      Ziegler nailed it. Catalyst has damaged this area while they got rich
      In essence, catalyst has stolen from us

  14. My kids are 3 and 5. I came here for the schools. If we keep growing Fairhope high will be overrun. We need Karen Wilson for four more. I heard she os only gonna serve eight yrs.

  15. Traffic jam | August 16, 2020 at 10:56 am |

    SS is obnoxious af. I got to “enjoy” the parade/caravan downtown yesterday. Driving the catalyst clown car around showing her ass.

  16. Sherry is Catalyst
    Catalyst is evil
    Sherry has made a pact with Satan
    Satan is evil
    Enough said

  17. Satan’s Secretary | August 16, 2020 at 10:10 pm |

    Hey Burrell, Satan called for you
    He said he has a place for you but you can decide if you want the place for lying or stealing or hypocrisy
    Just let him know and he will get your respective place ready

  18. The political machine is so corrupt. I will vote against the lose candidates.
    Karin Yiu are the leader of the People’s Choice. Not only will I vote for you but I tell others about what you had to go up against
    You are more of a man than the three Bs
    Boone is a crook
    Burrell is a liar
    Brown is a thief
    They are criminals

  19. The 2.6 million dollar kickback scheme needs more press.

  20. Jack’s pokive report is legit.
    I know the young girl in question that filed the complaints. Where are the reao men of Fairhope?

    Not the three bees!!

    • The other “men” in Fairhope are castrated and lack backbones.
      This makes them easy for the Three B’s to intimidate

  21. Karin is the hardest working public official 4 years running. If Fairhopians were to vote her out…they would look retarded.

  22. Sherry has just a high school diploma? Well so does Karin’s campaign manager!

    • Francis Ripp | August 17, 2020 at 7:06 pm |

      You got to be kidding Sherry is no where near qualified to run a city with a 60 million dollar budget, Oh wait that’s right she is going to hire back those who were fired.

  23. Rumor is if catalyst gets in they fire Marcus & hire Jay Robinson. Reason why he didn’t run.
    He might want to rethink Sherry’s sign outside his office.

  24. Georgia Orwell | August 17, 2020 at 3:29 pm |

    Whomever is managing Karin’s campaign has done a terrible job. Who is Pete? Is that ‘Panini Pete’? That ‘wave’ theme just leaves one puzzled.

  25. Panini Peter is backing sherry. Remember that.

  26. Karin has run a solid campaign.
    Much better than sherry.
    She had the state auditor endorsement yesterday. What iw malone doing besides paddleboarding?

  27. Please help us | August 17, 2020 at 6:03 pm |

    Please think of the Fairhope employees. Mayor Wilson has done a wonderful job. Sherry is a bully.

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