For years I have witnessed authorities and non-profit environmental groups ignore obvious environmental issues while publicly professing their concerns for the protection of the environment.
For example:

Mobile Baykeeper Awarded $87,000 Grant to Expand Watershed Program into Fairhope

Mobile Baykeeper awarded $87,000 grant from NOAA to expand Watershed Education and Monitoring Program


The Ripp Report applauds the efforts of Mobile Baykeeper and their desire to educate our youth on the importance of natural watersheds and water quality. But exactly where have you been lately Baykeeper? In Fairhope we did not see you at any of the meetings about Fly Creek, especially while Tim Kant was Mayor.
Since the Publix project construction, Fly Creek has been under attack by developers and the City itself. The creek has been filled with runoff mud. As a result it enjoys limited navigation; furthermore Mobile Bay has been impacted. The outfall pipe of the Publix project dumps into the wetlands. We did not see Baykeepers raising hell at any related meetings. Fairhope in many years past has been discharging human waste into Mobile Bay via unreported spills.
Fairhope’s new Mayor, Karen Wilson, soon after taking office, ordered a comprehensive engineering study of Fairhope infrastructure.
The previous Mayor and Council spent $13 million on upgrading the sewer plant on the bay instead of moving the plant inland. Baykeepers was not at those meetings encouraging the council to be more environmentally friendly to the bay.
Now, Fairhope citizens have found out that while we spent $13 million on a sewer upgrade we spent zero on necessary infrastructure and face millions more in repair bills. During just two years, 2015 and 2016, Fairhope utilities paid the city $10 million for NON-UTILITY expenses, ignoring infrastructure.
Apartments are going to be built on the banks of Fly Creek. Where have you been Baykeepers?
Multiple lawsuits and dozens of meetings have occurred about how the WATERSHED is going to be impacted?
No Baykeepers.
This watershed was recently subjected to another sewer spill. The creek was again affected. The Fairhope Yacht club, independent fisherman and ecotourism businesses all came under a health alert.
Baykeepers was nowhere to be seen or heard or found when it came to light that hundreds of anchors and hundreds of feet of rope were left in the bay by BP contractors. That may be because the contractors were Sen. Pittman and Mayor Kant. It also may be that Baykeepers did not want to ruffle any political feathers in Fairhope, as several of their best fundraisers are in Fairhope. So maybe it’s really not about the environment, after all.

As Baykeeper’s lawsuit looms, cities around bay struggle with sewage (updated) – Lagniappe Mobile

As Baykeeper’s lawsuit looms, cities around bay struggle with sewage (updated) – Lagniappe Mobile

By Gabriel Tynes, Dale Liesch and Jason Johnson Mobile Baykeeper’s Sept. 19 notice of intent to sue Daphne Utilities over fraudulent reporting was the latest salvo in an escalating effort to see that local utilities do something about the large releases of untreated sewage that accompany almost any large rainfall. According to Baykeeper, more than …


The focus on the sewer problems of the Eastern Shore were brought to the public’s attention by the general public and by articles in Lagniappe.
Let us hope moving forward that Baykeepers is as vigilant in solving the problem of the environment polluters in Fairhope as much as they are fundraising and pretending to be concerned about our non-renewable natural resources.

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  1. Roper Milbourne | October 6, 2017 at 1:23 pm |

    The bay is flushed out with every big rain. You are overreacting as usual Ripp.

    • And I believe you are incorrect.

    • Roper: definition; same dumbass that doesn’t know any better. Winner of the stupid post award thus far. There is no tide that flushes the crap out of Fly Creek. I guess you don’t flush when you go No#2! Ignorance is among us as we have been talking about!

      • You are correct, there is no tide that flushes the ‘crap’ out of the Fly Creek but there something called ‘rain’ that does indeed flush all creeks. So, Anonymous, you appear to be the dumbass! Rains are the best cleaning of all impurities with the soils, and any waste is usually washed out to the bay then storms, which in turn the currents usually push all waste in the sea which in turn assumed with the ecosystem. If the currents do not wash impurities then most storms usually do, it is all a cycle. That is why septic tanks work so well…dumbass!

        • Environment | October 7, 2017 at 2:48 pm |

          That’s so funny. I guess you think that Mobile Bay flushes out everytime it rains and it’s deep from one side of the bay way to the other. Fact is that over the years with all the sewer and chemical plant deposits the average depth is less than 4 feet. Yet you are another dumbass trying to make an excuse for human error. You can’t even eat bass (or anything else for that matter) out of Fish River because of the human sewage that that has continued to run in it for years. We all have to be so careful in this world because stupid uneducated people like you are amongst us. Don’t worry though. Even our kids know just how stupid you people are. Rain!!!! It doesn’t take all the human shit and flush it all out clean. It’s in the marshes, rivers, streams and even in the blood of all the fish and wildlife. You want to see a really true dumbass. Look in the mirror! We have had to put up with people like you for years!!! Rain and tides help. Mother Nature can’t clean up after all of us. It’s meant for the natural environment, not the one we over expose it to.

        • Maybe this rain will flush out all you stupid people that think we are save by this rain. Maybe it will flush your brains out that this “rain” will fix all!!! Give it a coupe of weeks and we will be right back where we started from. Crap in the creeks and Mobile Bay. How do we stand living amongst all the uneducated people that we have. Geez! Maybe the rain will flush them about a hundred mikes out in the Gulf!

        • Beenhereawhile | June 21, 2019 at 9:13 pm |

          My God! Surely you don’t believe that tides, rainfall, and septic tanks have anything in common.

    • Georgia Orwell | October 6, 2017 at 10:00 pm |

      Seriously? I would love to see the data on that, Jack!

      • I can indeed provide data that rains wash creek beds of waste! Ms. Georgia, you want to tee it up?

        • Where is the data? We are waiting on it. Oh, another brain fart I guess. Typical A personality. You people are everywhere. We are thinning y’all out slowly. It’s sad that we all work so hard to have a good life while having to work side by side with those of you who do not even understand that we all are responsible for saving the environment. Thank God that some of us do! Go back to sleep or go at the end of your dock and have a drink. You are worthless.

      • Francis Paul Ripp | October 7, 2017 at 2:45 pm |

        Does sound like something jack would say

    • Francis Paul Ripp | October 7, 2017 at 2:43 pm |

      I hope you are joking

    • Roger a rain actually causes an overflow. You either do or know how a sewer plant works or you are trying to mislead people

      We have to live around these people. They are everywhere unfortunately!

  2. Humans are free | October 6, 2017 at 4:06 pm |

    Roper, Please send your references and links to back this nonsensical statement you just made. It defies logical amd all critical thinking skills to throw out a statment like that, and have no hard facts and figures, studies…etc. to back this up. If this is the case, I would love to let my grands swim in the bay again. Waiting for the answer whenever you can gather that info. They come next week!

    • After this storm, wait and see what washing out to sea. I thought people on here were intelligent…duh…please!!!

      • Another dumbass. Just ask Bay Keeper. I’m sure the storm will was out some of the crap. But this is a onetime flushing. We have gone the last 5 months with high levels of many terrible types of bacteria. Some as high as 20 (twenty) times the normal. There is your fact. Why don’t you just leave this area. You and your family seem to stink it up pretty good in the first place.

  3. Why is anyone surprised? When the local politicians who are owned by the predatory developers approve more subdivisions this will add more load on the sewers. Just like any other infrastructure element, Baldwin County is coming apart. Look at the traffic on the roads and you can imagine the sewers. The Cointy Commission and city governments are too indebted and belong to the real estate people. These vulture developers are who support the political consulting group that owns Baldwin County

    • Baldwin County | October 7, 2017 at 5:59 pm |

      You are exactly correct. This is nothing new. The levels of crap in Alabama has reached a new high. Hurricanes, tornadoes or 10 inches of rain a day will wash the crap and filth off all of our politicians especially the Fairhope City commission and were it all started years ago, the Baldwin County Commissioners. Crooks and Drunks!!!

  4. The turds are not baykeeper’s fault.
    It’s Burrell and Boone’s and Kant’s.

    • Don’t forget the current administration in Daphne and the County Commission. They are real estate people who came in here within the last 15 years and found a ripe area to exploit. Catalyst helped them get into office. They tried their predatory behavior in Florida but they were ruin out. Then they came here. Just like invading marauders.

  5. Humans are free | October 6, 2017 at 11:16 pm |

    What if our area goes for weeks without decent rainfall? What then? It all sounds good, until it isnt. Can you feel ok about swimming and fishng in our water then? Then we finally have the big flush..and it is too much for the system to handle..more sewer in the bay. And by the way..there are many areas in the world..not just our slice of the pie, that doesnt have creeks and bays that ‘ flush’ the sewage out. Perdido Bay is one of those…close to home. They too are in a stack of **it.
    Having 3 people in my family that are microbiologist, biochemist…etc… Has brought me full face turn around about our sewage problems. It is very bad. Very sad….we must back our Mayor to the fullest and get this issue resolved. There may be folks that are truly criminal minded in charge. But my bet is, it took big kickbacks to look the other way for the years it took to get us in the mess we are in right now. And my feeling is, the citizens are truly tiring of this gross negligence and perhaps criminal behavior. It is my hope that we dont take much more abuse. And the jokers in the council now, have no ones interest at heart but their own. They all cowtow to Jack..and that is it. That is grossly evident.

  6. Freida Davis | October 7, 2017 at 11:20 am |

    The bloodsucker developers that kant brought in have not finished with Fairhope. Jack and Boone have much water to carry.

  7. Jack is a disgrace to his family.
    I will leave this here. If Jack was a real man he would be one.
    He is not.
    He taunts women.
    He mistreats his peers.
    He is beyond reproach.

    F*** Jack!!!!!!!

  8. About a rain flushing out the bay is incorrect. A rain overloads the sewers and causes an overflow of the sewers processing facilities.

  9. Humans are free | October 8, 2017 at 9:46 pm |

    The way we stop criminal behavior from our representatives on the council is to attend a meeting, at a date we all discuss and agree on. From that point, we attend the meeting, and speak our minds….having NO regard for being arrested or any other such thing. It will definitely take sovereign citizens to overtake these people. WE ARE NOT IMPOTENT! But we will be rendered as such, if we continue to turn a blind eye and vent our frustrations out on this forum only.
    The purported arrests will be supercillious at best. They wont hold. Let them do it!!! And never stop with the mantra of what these folks have done to our community! Our city!! If we do not take charge of this situation..then God help us all. I am sick over what these parasites do to our mayor at every council meeting. Arent you?? When Karin is one of the only humans speaking out for our interest. The airport authority folks need to be in jail…and yes, that property should come back to the citizens, as well as Fly Creek nauseum. We fnally have a mayor that looks after this city, amd people just crap on her….amazing. Lets get a date for that meeting??!!

  10. Time to get serioius about Fairhope politics. We need to get involved more at the citizen level. Things are going downhill fast. They been dumping crap in the sewer for decades. I remember seeing turds as a little boy. Damn time to get this sh*t straighteneed out!

    • Georgia Orwell | October 9, 2017 at 8:48 pm |

      Most of Fairhope’s social & economic elite believe that their affiliations with the local politicians will send good things their way (and they have been correct).

      Many of them are older and find it difficult to comprehend the level of corruption here; however, their kids/grandkids will be the ones who suffer from the toxic environment and the diminishing returns on property investment.

      Why are the prominent local property owners/developers such as John Bethea, Mac Porter, Pat Achee, Cliff Pittman, etc not speaking up and attending these Council meetings and demanding better actions by the City/County for the health of our City (and their families)? They live here also……are they silent because they are granted special favors? I am not accusing anyone of anything but these guys are not shy when they want something from the City.
      At what point, do we demand that our Planning Commission & City Council divulge all of their rewards.

      • Freida Davis | October 10, 2017 at 12:08 pm |

        Baykeepers is a joke.

        • My mom is a baykeeper and I think you are full of beans. I will be able to vote in 2020 and I hope none of you run for office. Talk about dumbasses.

          • I’m glad your Mom is a Baykeeper. However, you might get to vote in 2020, but it would appear that you are not only the dumbass but a smart Ass as well. Wipe your nose kiddo. Everyone loves a little ass. No one likes a smart Ass! You are probably apart of a liberal family anyway. Use “tact” if you choose to get involved? Might want to look that word up.

  11. When it comes time to upgrade the sewer we will all have to pay for it. The city and county government NEVER makes the builders pay for the impact that their subdivisions have on us. They make the money and we have to pay for it. This is because the city and county governments are in collusion with the builders. Maybe a RICO violation.

  12. Human feces breaks down faster than you would think. And the bay is huge.

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