The Smokey and The Bandit Run

For the Record: 1. Harry Still is a Republican 2. Francis Paul Ripp is an Independent 3. Raines Rushin is a Democrat. The purpose of Backstory Podcast was to create a space for honest debate with a range of opinions and learned debate. And to highlight the level of public corruption in Alabama that Mr. Ripp runs across in his Not For Profit Consumer Protection Agency and Mr. Still observes in his Law Practice.

Mr. Rushin was an AP award-winning reporter in Gulf Coastal Mississippi, pre-Katrina. We hope that is why you watch and why you keep coming back. We are in the middle of a primary election and Harry Still is running for Attorney General of the State of Alabama against a man who was a Don Siegleman appointed Democrat until 2011 and now he is the Trumpiest Trumper who ever Trumped, a political chameleon. And you will hear about Attorney General Steve Marshall, “The Loop-holer in Chief” who took $725,000.00 (according to the Ethics Complaint filed by his opponent Troy King) last election cycle from an out of State Political Action Committee (Dark Money). Punchline: The Alabama Ethics Commission gave him a pass in a 3-2 vote saying there was insufficient evidence. And of course The Attorney General represented The Ethics Commission when Mr. Ripp sued them to compel them preform their legal obligations under the Constitution. The case was dismissed last week, their primary argument was that to maintain such an action, Mr. Ripp should have sued on behalf of the State of Alabama. In this episode we also talk about violent crime in Alabama, the Legislative Session, Constitutional Carry, the FBI raid on Prichard Water Board, The War in Ukraine, $7 gas, and our hopes for a “Palace Coup” at the Kremlin…. or one bodyguard with a Kalashnikov. The Republican Primary is May 24th.

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7 Comments on "The Smokey and The Bandit Run"

  1. You guys are batshit liberals. You and harri voted for the commie. Raines is honest at least. Pitiful. Harri is a socialist if he does a podcast w Ripp. Terrible liars calling out others as liars! So christian-like!!

  2. Patriot Retired x2 | March 10, 2022 at 10:05 am |

    I quit reading after “Ripp is an independent”
    You guys are diabolical liars.
    Hell has no harbor for you. Commnies

    • If you can scold Ripp for being independent and Harry for being a Republican, then why don’t you scold the Catalyst politicians for saying thay are Christian Conservatives?
      I will take your lack of an answer for a confirmation of my point. Hell has no harbor for the phony hypocrites that are stealing the future of Baldwin County either.
      BOOM (insert mic drop here…)

      • Real Topper | March 11, 2022 at 10:12 pm |

        Notice how the trolls are silent after being called out?
        Either they have not been given clear talking points by Catalyst/SCB to answer back or they are cowardly cockroaches.
        Hey trolls: why donโ€™t you at least make your rebuttals valid and answer back?
        I guess your superficial character does not allow you to answer back. I just wish SCB would send real men to refute Ripp rather than bottom cucks

        • Catalyst men are girlie boys that play bottom to the developers in the gulley
          Cox on top and Armstrong on bottom

          • I could show Cox what a real man is. Despite his money my currency would trump his flunkiesโ€™ manhood

  3. Cox has to buy his manhood with the money from his cheap houses

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