Backstory Podcast No 56 The Lincoln Project

39.068,667 SARS-COV-2 cases worldwide with a total of 1,100,364 deaths. The USA has 7,997,969 cases with 217,987 deaths. Alabama tops the scales at 170,374 cases and 2,786 deaths. University of Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban and several of his staff have tested positive (Trump better hope he lives until the election).

Ronald Greeneโ€™s Family was told that he died as a result of his injuries when his car was involved in a collision as he ran from police; all evidence to the contrary (new audio leaked) indicates he was beaten to death by Louisiana State Troopers. Video not available per State Statute (that protects evidence when it is part of an investigation). Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan slipped-the-noose today. He was found not guilty at a bench trial adjudicated by retired Circuit Judge James Reid. Evidence was…..E.I…E.I…….O…….The End. But we show you the video evidence anyway.

Mr. Ripp gives us the latest from the Lagniappe Newspaper and The Ripp Report. Gabe Tynes was spotted by our crew in Courtroom No 1 today so checkout Lagniappe Mobile online to get his take on the McMillan verdict and the other items we bring to your attention. Double homicide suspect Antwon Smith ws denied bond. He is accused of the murder of two Washington state men who were here working restoring the utilities after the hurricane.

Our title story: The Lincoln Project (lifelong Republicans who claim the party left them and is now a Cult of Trump). They have one goal: remove Trump, we can deal with the consequences to the party later. They have Steve Schmidt (McCain-Palin Campaign Manager) Rick Wilson (Bush Whitehouse), George Conway (yes, Kellyanne’s husband) and Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. If you have genealogy questions in Baldwin County visit the Foley Public Library. Get a sample ballot and inform yourself on the issues (consittional amendments on everything from the Taxman’s Toll Road to the LandMark Districts two of them in Baldwin County) prior to heading to the polls. Check out the comment section for source materials and please wear a damn mask.

Read the latest ๐Ÿ“ก ๐—•๐—”๐—–๐—ž๐—ฆ๐—ง๐—ข๐—ฅ๐—ฌโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ ๐–ฏ๐–ฎ๐–ฃ๐–ข๐– ๐–ฒ๐–ณโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ ๐Ÿ“ก!

5 Comments on "Backstory Podcast No 56 The Lincoln Project"

  1. When you run in the Catalyst circles then you are above the law
    If you canโ€™t beat them then join them.

  2. Judge Reid is a catalyst so what are we surprised?

    • Catalyst is the reason why the roads are crowded, the hospitals are over-run, schools are crowded, sewage is running into the bay, and the quality of life is going down.
      Catalyst puts in pro-growth politicians funded by subdivision builders. These politicians – from the County Commission to the City governments must be held accountable for their actions.

      By the way, Billie Jo Underwood was elected to try to get a handle on this. Whay isn’t she doing anything about this? Has she sold out too?

      • Billie Jo has now become one of the political elite. She has forgotten who elected her to put control on uncontrolled growth

  3. WHATFINGER.COM 11/4/20
    9,382,617 Cases In U.S.A and 232,620 U.S. deaths โ€“ Only 13,957 died ONLY from Coronavirus and NOT motorcycle accidents, or other complications in the U.S. (only 6% of total number) CLICK HERE

    Johns Hopkins Stats above updated here at 12:02 am 11/4โ€“ Click link for real-time updates โ€“ CLICK HERE

    Sarah Corriher: Watch: Weโ€™ve Been Bamboozled โ€“ Video explains the scam pulled on us all with Coronavirus stats CLICK HERE

    Liberty Nation: U.S. Cases At a Glance (Stats and info per state) CLICK HERE

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