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He has done it again. The Ripp Report has predicted numerous times that Ronan McSharry would continue his intoxication fueled assaults on women. The Paula DiNardi case ended up being an example of just how bad the municipal court and the municipal attorney are in Fairhope. Mr McSharry has assaulted yet another woman, racking up his ninth arrest, all involving alcohol.

This would not have happened except for the failing of the city attorney, Marcus McDowell. It should also be noted councilman Jack Burrell is best friends of McSharry. The city council did nothing. I do hope the latest victim realizes the failings of the municipal attorney Marcus McDowell. She needs additional council and should sue the city for allowing McSharry’s to continue his drunken rages against women and the city’s responsibility and it’s incompetence in the DiNardi case.

In the last 6 months Mr.McSharry has been involved in several incidents where he has been the subject of a public disturbance. The incidents did not rise to the level of assault, however clearly shows a pattern of his drunken behavior.

So what does the public due with a PUBLIC MENACE, when the police are doing their job. The council and Mayor ignored the situation and the municipal attorney fails to do his job?


Why would you support a business that is owned by a serial domestic abuser? Why would you take your wife or girlfriend, female relative, any woman, to a business owned by such a person?

Every citizen in Fairhope should read these articles:

McSharry settles civil suit but arrested on new complaint

“Meanwhile, DiNardi filed a civil suit against McSharry in Circuit Court, claiming injury from being shoved from the stool. But the case took a soap opera-like turn as Stankoski allowed McSharry’s attorney to pursue a theory that his client was the victim of a political conspiracy that involved then-Mayor Karin Wilson and local media, including this newspaper. Stankoski even allowed McSharry’s attorney, James Pittman, to subpoena any potential communications between Lagniappe, Wilson, “consumer advocate” Paul Ripp and attorney Harry Still, despite state and federal shield laws protecting newspapers from such actions.

Despite pleading guilty, McSharry then appealed those convictions to Baldwin County Circuit Court, where Judge Clark Stankoski determined that Fairhope City Prosecutor Marcus McDowell had made an error on the charging document by failing to include the fact that McSharry “did cause physical harm to another person,” and voided the conviction.”


Be sure to watch the video and watch the city attorney lie to everyone in attendance of the council meeting.

“After the bully council is lectured about their treatment of women, Councilman Boone, aka llc. Boone, starts yelling at the Mayor and demanding Councilman Burrell immediately adjourn the meeting, which he did. Burrell cut off the Mayor’s comments after he had just pledged to her “she would be given the opportunity to speak.”

Fairhope prosecutor claims assault charge against McSharry will be refiled

“The case was raised during public participation last night by Fairhope citizen Paul Ripp, who cited McSharry’s lengthy police record in the city of Fairhope. Ripp called McSharry a “public nuisance” and said he’s advocated for three alleged victims of McSharry over the past 10 years.

Speaking directly to McDowell, Ripp said he “finds it interesting” the prosecutor allowed the assault charge to be dismissed on appeal when he alleged only the assault charge, not the public intoxication charge, could threaten McSharry’s state-issued liquor license.”

Appeals court drops McSharry assault charge after prosecutor fails to act

“McSharry, the owner of McSharry’s Irish Pub, was on probation at the time. Roughly two months earlier, he pleaded guilty to “breach of peace,” a charge stemming from his alleged harassment of artist Nall Hollis. Hollis’ gallery is across the street from McSharry’s bar, and McSharry was accused of directing “abusive, offensive and or vulgar language and/or gestures toward Mr. Hollis” on March 19, 2017. His sentence in that case was 12 months of probation, with an order to have no contact with Hollis and to have “no distilled liquors and shall not become inebriated.”


“McSharry has been free to continue his business while his attorneys try to blame everyone for McSharry’s actions. McSharry is not an American citizen, he is a green card holder from Ireland.

A Green Card holder with an extensive police record that has a liquor license. WTH”


“Now let’s cut to the chase, Ripp Report style, McDowell is a holdover from the Mayor Can’t era. Captain Jack and the Council selected McDowell to carry their water and help pave the way to a Catalyst overthrowing the present Fairhope Government, in 2020. Capt Jack or Sherry Sullivan may be the Catalyst choice for Mayor but McDowell will be secure in his job as the Catalyst City Attorney.”

The Fairhope Police did their job. They arrested Mr McSharry 9 times. The failure is the municipal attorney and municipal court.



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  1. Vaxed and Boosted 3x | August 6, 2022 at 7:52 am |

    Jack is a scourge on fairhope.

    • Jack be a playa. He get what he want and nobody Gina do nothin to stop him in gettin what he want. Jack be in handrail mode. He a beast

  2. The Burrell 🍔 is so good. Especially with four shots and a few 🍻.

    • More like after 4 double shots of moonshine and more beer than you can remember. 😵🤢🤮

  3. Friend of Fairhope 👩 | August 6, 2022 at 4:21 pm |

    They sell overpriced dog food. All women who gi there are harassed. Caroe diem folks. Im with Ripp boycott the abuser of women! Show yiur face there and we will know the kind of low life you truly are! Scum all of you!

    • Ha! So sick of hearing this bs. Ripp clearly has a serious man crush and is pissed because it’s not returned.
      Can’t wait for a McSharrys burger and a good drink from the good folks there. 🙂

      • McSharry is a coward | August 23, 2022 at 10:14 am |

        And after you’re finished your Burrell burger, ask for the ol’ McSharry Irish Haircut. If you’re female, he’ll rip out your hair. Don’t worry if you are a male. Only the defenseless ones.

        Did you just finish up cleaning up for the night, McSharry? Go to bed.

  4. Irish Ashamed | August 6, 2022 at 9:20 pm |

    What church does he tithe?

  5. McSherrys spreads 🐵 pox.

  6. Burrell 🍔 has barely any meat. All bun

  7. Gulley screams are never heard.

  8. MarriedWithKids | August 9, 2022 at 5:42 am |

    Any update on the new high school? We need one.


    • Blue state refugees | August 9, 2022 at 11:27 pm |

      You people that moved in to one of the cookie cutter subdivisions built by Truland or DR Horton just need to charter your own schools. Please do not burden us with your infrastructure needs
      You move in like a swarm of locusts and wonder why the roads, sewers, water, schools, and services are overtaxed
      You blue state refugees are a pain in the neck. You moved from a state that God blessed and you messed it up. Now you you come here and want to mess us up.
      We know your game. Either learn manners or go back to the hell hole that you fled
      BOOM. Insert mic drop here

      • Blue State refugee. I like that name. It says it all
        Any of you fellow blue state refugees reading this?
        Take note and learn some manners

  9. McSherry is a good example of corruption. Everybody can see it. It is ugly. Becauuse he paid the city attorney and is Burrell’s chum, he skates…on frozen excrement.

    Jack is just the unTidy bowl man.
    And Fairhope is his commode.

    The commodius catalyst leader, Jack “Missasip” Burrell. A man without a conscience; a brain without a lick.

  10. Hey Ripp interview Jack in the gulley. Inquiring minds

    • No no no! I want to interview Jack in the gulley!!!
      I have the meat for the buns in the Burrell Burger
      Do NOT deny me my opportunity to interview
      I want to do to him what he does to kids

  11. Levelheaded | August 9, 2022 at 6:04 pm |

    So what charges is macsherry facing currently? Does fairhope proper have a repeat offender three hundred strikes law?

    • Not if you are friends with Burrell, pit meat in the buns, and frequent the gulley

    • Silly Savage | August 9, 2022 at 11:35 pm |

      Strike me. Slap me. Just put the burell burger where it belongs. Be a savage. I like the wild approach

  12. Concerned Grand | August 10, 2022 at 5:33 am |

    I for one am wondering what the breaking point is for Fairhope folks. We have seen the wholesale theft of our town by developers. Traffic stinks. Riff raff everywhere you look. Subdivisions going up all over. Overcrowding reported by teachers. The big blue wave is coming to fairhope. Thanks Jack.

    • Yuh know those busses that the Texas Governor is using to put the illegal immigrants on and sending them to New York?
      Why don’t we take some of these Yankees that we have here and out those Yankees on those busses?
      Heck I will pitch in for the gas to have those busses swing by here before they head up North

  13. Grownassman | August 10, 2022 at 12:43 pm |

    What does burrell do to kids?

  14. Jack is for tolling the tu nel he said.

  15. Citizen bbq | August 11, 2022 at 8:44 am |

    tolls will slow traffic

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