Alabamians have got to stop looking right and left, voting a straight party ticket, and putting party before country and that means Republican and Democrat. What is good for your state and community should come before party. Why vote for someone who will divide us? Why vote for someone so different in beliefs and convictions that there is not one Senator or Congressman remotely close to his thinking?

Roy Moore is on the run – Alabama Political Reporter

Roy Moore is on the run – Alabama Political Reporter

By Josh Moon Alabama Political Reporter It was all just a show. I think that deep down most everyone knew this about Roy Moore — that his entire persona was nothing more than a contrived act. A ruse. A way to tweak his ego and bring easy money to his doorstep. He’s not the tough Read More


Many Republicans are fearful that Judge Roy Moore as a Senator will be more harmful to the party than helpful. Folks that is what you call a real disconnect. Again, do not get fixated on the party put community and state first.

Roy Moore tried to fit in with Senate Republicans for a day. It didn’t work. – The Washington Post

Roy Moore arrived in the Capitol to play an unfamiliar role: Republican conformist. By the time he left, he was once again a lightning rod for controversy.


Alabama has two US Senators, Richard Shelby who will die in office before retiring and in the interim is more interested in naming buildings after himself than doing anything substantive. The second Senator will be Moore or Jones, if it ends up being Moore, Alabama will be the equivalent of a black hole.

Mr Moore went to Washington last week and it was not pretty. He was shunned by most of his own party and was on the run from the media from the time he stepped into the swamp.

Roy Moore’s disruption of Washington has already begun, and more is on the way – The Washington Post

Roy Moore didn’t travel to Washington on Wednesday to kiss and make up with the Republican leaders who opposed his nomination to fill the Senate seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He came to continue the revolt.


Mr Moore will not debate his opponent nor will he accept the challenge to defend his views. He does expect people to vote for him without doing either. You should never vote for ANYONE of any party that is not willing to publicly defend his positions and outline what his constituents may expect of him if elected.

Roy Moore: ‘I don’t hate people. I’m a Christian.’

Roy Moore: ‘I don’t hate people. I’m a Christian.’

Speaking at a Tuscaloosa Christian school on Wednesday, the Republican Senate candidate said he’s been ‘mischaracterized’ as hating gays.



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  1. JackBurrellfan | November 8, 2017 at 6:22 pm |

    Moore all the f#cking way!

  2. Why screw yourselves??? | November 8, 2017 at 11:26 pm |

    Paul Ripp, I think you and Josh Moon, so called Alabama reporter have actually lost your F Ing Minds. Hell, for years I have stuck up for you, spoken up for you and actually got in heated battles trying to prove your intentions. I can tell you that I have never been more disappointed in you than I have ever been with anyone that I can think of in all my life. Piss on you and all the rest of your SATAN loving clan that continues to knock Roy Moore. Did Jones drop a load of cash in yall’s pocket or what? Stick to the crap you guys know and that is even starting to stink up my computer. Neither you or Josh Moon can tell anyone of us why Doug Jones is so much more creditable than Roy Moore. Shut the hell up all you hypocritical son of bitches!!!!! I’ll challenge you and your good for nothing stupid assholes that really don’t have anything to write about this week to a debate on what and who both candidates truly represent. You jerks are making Jack Burrell look like a damn Saint who has never even talked down to anyone and is truly a smart person. Screw yiu assholes for damning Moore regarding things that all of you don’t know shit about. Roy Moore is a real man and would love to see him whip all your asses at a county fair. I’ll jump in a knock some sense into you all. Be fair. Not a jerkofff with a shirty ass blog that has been going down hill for sometime now. Jesus Christ himself would never lie and talk trash like you pricks have doing for several weeks now. I can promise everyone that reads this. None of y’all are one bit better of a man for throwing shit against a wall and trying to make it stick. You al can go straight to hell!!!! Or!!!! Stop this crap and go back to facts and helping people understand more clearly about things. You don’t even know Doug Jones!!!!!! Pathetic!!!!!! Am I pissed off? How can you tell. You jackasses have let us down mostly by plagerizing and reading what other people think about Doug Jones or Roy Moore, y’all forgot to do your own homework. I could have written this whole blog in 5 minutes using all the dumbass opinions of others. DUN with y’all for a while!!!! Very disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I totally agree. I can’t imagine anyone worse than Roy Moore to represent Alabama (or anyone). Doug Jones may be a Democrat, but at least he appears sane and reasonable.

  4. Moore looks bad.

  5. I think the story of sex with a 14year old was a Republican dirty trick(no pun intended) to lure some democrats over to the Moore side of the ledger.
    You know the Dems love the perverts
    Bill Clinton

  6. Rumplestiltkin | November 9, 2017 at 6:23 pm |

    You boys and girls better wake up about fairhope. She ain’t got the repetition she used to have.
    The city pier is a turd stik.

  7. Before anything is proven or not regarding the allegations concerning Roy Moore. Some of you need to be VERY cautious before casting a stone. There are many of you who are guilty of such possible deeds and you damn sure are not sin free. Republican senators, congressmen and representatives have all been guilty of sexual harassment. Even the great God all mighty Richard Shelby would be considered a frequent sexual harasser himself to a lot of people up north for just being a southern gentleman and saying sweetheart or my dear or even placing a hand on the back of a shoulder some of these assholes would scream rape. Get it together all you chicken shit women and come out now and let’s get this over and done with. Hell, I’m a man and I got sexually harassed years ago by a female boss. My fault for not bringing it up then. But I’ll be damn if I’m gonna get up on the roof top and blame and point fingers to the whole world with shame that happened 5, 10, 15, 20 or even more years ago. Bitches, it’s 2017. Now is the time to say it out loud or shut the F up!!!! Even if you enjoyed it and got ahead or benefited from it. Speak out now. It’s 2017!!!!!! Some of you Senators might ought to barley breath. You know who you are.
    Innocent until proven guilty or if it’s true? Guilty just like some of the rest of you!!!

  8. Fairhope which national soccer tourney are we in the running for?

    Mrs. Thompson at the soccer complex says we are in the running!!

    • Shity Soccer Fields and Entitled!!!! | November 10, 2017 at 5:27 pm |

      Mrs. Thompson is an idiot and has caused more hate and separation in Fairhope than any Woman or Man that I know. Already tried and failed miserably to divide the schools so the outside the city limits kids would have to go somewhere else. And gues what. Her and her kids live 10 miles outside the city limits and do not even qualify to go to the city schools. But they do. She has put down both Newton and Fairhope Middle schools as inadequate for her children and that she would not dare let them go to either one. This of course still remains unclear why they go to the city schools in Fairhope while they have lived out past 98 in Barnwell. Ask anyone.

  9. How many Politicians, both republican or democrat, would we have left if all those who sexually harassed a woman stepped down. Probably have about the right about to run the county and not get mauled by all the salaries and pitiful waste that ALL politicians create everyday. Get the check and hell with the people. All of them LIE. It’s easy to prove. Their lips are moving!!!!

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