5. Final Adoption – An Ordinance Directing the Transfer of an Acre of Land to Fairhope Single Tax Corporation and Declaring said property to be Surplus and not needed for Public or Municipal Purposes; Property is for the Tatumville Subdivision. (Introduced at the January 22, 2018 City Council Meeting)

This is the same location a public heath warning was issued,

WABF 1480 AM : HORRIBLE NEWS! 100,000+ Gallon Sewer Spill in Fairhope:
Health Department Issues Public Notice on Sewage Spill

Feb 12, 2018

According to a report received from the City of Fairhope Utilities today, the sewer spill reported yesterday in the area of the Valley Street Lift Station (Middle Street and Dogwood Ave) is ongoing. An estimated 100,000 to 200,000 gallons of sewage has been discharged into the drainage ditch that leads to Big Head Gully, Tatumville Gully, and Mobile Bay. The health department urges residents to exercise caution if using these water bodies for recreational purposes. Also, thoroughly cook any fish or seafood caught near by and wash hands after handling fish or seafood.

It is also the same location that a petition of over 2200 people have voiced their objections.

For months this project keeps coming up with just a few well connected people pushing it down the throats of the Fairhope Citizens.


FAIRHOPE WAKE UP THIS MUST BE STOPPED: PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION Save Big Head Gulley in Fairhope, AL Fairhope watershed known as Tatumville Gulley or Big Head Gulley is being threatened by land…



The Fairhope City Council is the worst council in the history of the community. Public trust, oath of office and conflict of interest are ignored and leadership is non existent. Their primary goal has…


So what’s it all about? A big head and plenty of Conflicts of interest:


Dear Fairhope City Council: Recently several articles have been written in reference to Councilman Kevin Boone and the business connections he has through several LLC to individuals and engineering…


Fairhope has 5 councilmen:

Mr Kevin Boone who has rightfully recused himself from voting on the issue and has more LLC’s than a coon dog has fleas. He also supports his son who runs Catalyst who has supported the obstruction of the Mayor from day one.

Mr Robert Brown who’s partner Cliff Pittman is on the single tax board and a major supporter of the project. Brown and Pittman are partners in a building company. Mr Brown serves on the Art Board where he secured a building contract for the Art Museum. So I guess the message is join a board and be a councilmen and you can bid on work for the same Board you serve. Brown should recuse himself or complaints should be filed.

Mr. Jay Robinson, who is an attorney, his law partner Michel Upchurch is the treasurer of Single tax. Robinson should recuse himself to avoid any accusation of a conflict.

Mr. Jack Burrell, what more do I need to say?


Fairhope is at a crossroads and if the community allows Council President Jack Burrell to ban people from speaking during the city council meetings, at public participation, then we have chosen the…


Mr. Jimmy Conyers: No conflict of Interest, let’s hope Jimmy keeps it that way.

Then there is Mr. Lee Turner the master of conflicts of interest wearing three hats, President of Fairhope Planning and Zoning, President of Single Tax and the driving salesman of the project. Single tax will become a developer? Totally contrary to the doctrine of Single Tax.

WARNING when Mr Turner takes to the podium Thursday night be prepared for another sewage spill.

Oh by the way the Mayor stands on the side of the citizens, IT AIN’T THE MAYOR.

Read the latest 📡 𝗕𝗔𝗖𝗞𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗬​​​​​ 𝖯𝖮𝖣𝖢𝖠𝖲𝖳​​​​​ 📡!

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  1. Bravo!

  2. I’ll make my prediction early : council vote will be 2-2. I don’t have 100% trust that they will vote this down. I do wonder why these projects make it through our permitting staff. Obviously their calculations are incorrect since there should be some room for error in their calculations and the spills overcome that and we still have 100s of thousands of gallons of runoff to boot. What I am saying is the staff should not get a complete pass on all this flooding because they are approving plans that are insufficient. Mr Mosher made a good compelling video on Big Head Gulley. I think (I hope) Mr Turner’s argument is a bluff because with or without the acre the city has they should not permit any building on that land. So job #1 is not to let them use the acre and job # 2 is to make anything built on the other land pass development standards. I do not believe anything could pass if the standards are sufficient. If anything does pass we need to start looking to replace the staff who are signing off on this stuff. If you permit strictly enough then it should not flood. BTW I think builders/developers should be required to pay a fee for every tree over a 6 inches diameter which they cut down even if their project meets other standards.

  3. Isn’t it ironic that a week before this vote. Mother Nature shows Fairhope how they should vote.
    If the Council and the powers that control the Council gave a CRAP(no pun intended) about Fairhope they would not develop property that will cost everyone from now on every time we have significant rainfall.

    • If they happen to be stupid enough to build those homes on the acreage planned. There would be no possible way that it (the crap) would not end up on people’s property below as well as 100% dangerous crap flowing through our streams, Gulleys, driveways, yards, roads. It will even have a terrible stench to it as you would not be able to control all the trash, pets (pee and poo) chemicals that we use to clean our house, our vehicles, etc, etc, etc! Think about it. All the crap that runs down church street would power things even more quickly over all the now home owners property and straight down to the bay. Mobile Bay Keepers need to keep away. They are getting benifits from developers (BET?) for helping by not reporting such sewage overage and hazardous run off. We just gave them about 80 grand. Worthless as tits on a boar hog! They could care less about what CRAP runs into Mobile Bay. They certainly haven’t proven anything to the citizens.

    • Yes!

  4. Interesting Council Meeting. Looks like the video worked. Big Head is dead !,
    Looks like we got K-1. On the bad side was the rift between the Mayor and Council. IMHO
    the Mayor had a pretty bad night. She started the fighting and came off very poorly on several fronts. I don’t see anyone running against her but she comes across as combative and a control freak. She has had some good meetings but this was not one of them.


    • I can’t imagine a lot of people not running against the incumbent.
      I don’t think the crappy council have given the Mayor or the Citizens of Fairhope a FAIR SHAKE

    • The Mayor needs to act more like the leader that we voted her to be. Sure, anyone cwn blow their top at the way the Council treats the Mayor. BUT! It’s up to her, especially when the citizens have shown their support all week long for one of the very few times and got behind what is truly right for Fairhope. YEAH!!!! Great for the Mayor and great for Fairhope. The citizens spoke out and made their point with over 2200 petitions being casted. Ride the wave and take the HIGH road. No sense acting like anything other than a winner when you are at a meeting that the citizens are already supporting change for the better. I would work on knowing when I have the upper hand and not giving it back in just one meeting. It was most definitely the Mayors night to shine and I think she didn’t take full advantage of that fact. True Leaders also know when to fight and when to sit back and observe. It’s the same thing the rotten ass City Council does. Let’s be different than the darn Council!!!!

      • See comment above. Stop critisizing and support the ONE elected official who is busting her ass for this community. The Mayor.

        See how you would act if you were in her shoes beaten down every day and having to sit up there with a bunch of assholes whose only mission is to try and make her look bad.

        • Dorothy Mills | February 16, 2018 at 6:21 am |

          The mayor isn’t trying to make money under the table off her position!!!! Wake up assh^les!!!

    • It’s easy to sit back and critisize when you have no idea what all the mayor has gone through and what she’s currently going through. If you have been paying attention, you’ll see she stands up for what is right and fair single day. No one in office has ever done this for the City. All while council fights her every step of the way. The control freaks are council!

      People do have their limits. I encourage our community to support her efforts for this thankless (basically volunteer) job. There are not that many people who would put up with this.

      • I hope that comment at 2:33 am was not throwing shame on my facts of showing leadership. The Mayor has learned a lot but still needs to act like a winner and if it’s so much to put up with? Get the hell out of dodge. I’m one of those volunteers who have put hundreds of hours fighting, texting, emailing, Meeting and even observing who can help and who can get out of the way. Not sure if possibly being in the sauce at 2:33 am and trying to make a point will have people jumping in your side. Let’s help the Mayor and stand beside her. This is a political nightmare for her. But she has to learn how to handle it better especially when a great windfall blows her way. Making comments about a pitty party at 2:30 in the morning while possibly in the sauce or not makes no sense in the fight we all are trying to win and that is get rid of this Council, support the Mayor at all cost and make Fairhope great again. It’s been over a year now. Everyone needs to grow up. If you have to still bitch and moan how the Mayor is taking heat. Then it might be time to do something else. Take the high road!!!! We can support her 100%, but she has to answer for her mistakes just like anyone else. She’s learning. But could step it up a notch. Be glad to compare time and sweat with you trying to help her. Cut the 2:33 am stuff out. It makes it seem like it’s the Mayor herself. We still have a lot of work to do. So let’s get on the same page even if it means commenting during normal hours no matter what time you go to bed or if you are working the midnight shift. Wait for a normal time. Don’t give them anymore ammunition than they already have to work with. Thank you for hopefully understanding. Let’s get to it!

  5. Pontius Pilate | February 16, 2018 at 6:28 am |

    Let us all pledge to take out the goobers on the council.
    All five will be replaced.
    Amen Jesus.

  6. What the heck is going on with the “Oh how bad the Mayor has it and how bad she is treated. She and all us supporters signed up for this and knew it would be a tough and terrible road. Why is now everyone crying and feeling sorry for the Mayor after the meeting last night. Makes me wonder. Quit whining, shut up and keep moving forward. If you are now just jumping on board. It’s been this was for over a year. Don’t bring anyone down. We are on a roll. If you want to see the Mayor do well, shut up and get with the program. We all have been supporting the Mayor from the start. There have been some stumbles, but what do you expect from the Council that has no desire to make Fairhope a better place and certainly do not want to help us or our Mayor. Stand Tall! Be Positive!!!!

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