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  1. Are they as corrupt as fairhope ?

  2. Please post something about the corruption in fairhope.
    The developers are ruining the city. We are now over 40k peeps if you count just outside the sh*tty limits. Thanks in advance. Sure the real estate folks are getting rich but our town is becoming a crime haven. Transients and low lifes everywhere you look.

    • This is growth
      Growth is good
      Soon the developers will build out the town and then move on to the next place they can pillage and loot

      • Yeah, they are heading next to Belize. Putting in a subdivision named Belmopan Estates. Next going to Belize City and putting in a few strip malls. Then the Yankee liberals will start flocking there like Catalysts at a fake Christian revival

  3. Fairhoper4life | December 2, 2022 at 6:32 pm |

    Fairhope is not yet full. Give us 10 subdivisions and 6 more apartment complexes.

    • The Catalyst-owned politicians will give you 10 subdivisions and 6 apartment complexes and add to that. Right now there is a “moratorium” in the county, but that is to let their buddies catch up on their building contracts. After the Catalyst developers have caught up, they will approve even more.
      No wonder the folks down in Barwell want a historic district. The people in Barnwell do not want their farms run over with housing projects.

  4. Historic Barnwell…
    Build it and they will come!

  5. Looks like Ripp has checked out

  6. Jack 4fairhopia | December 7, 2022 at 12:44 pm |

    A long time ago

  7. Fairhope still pumping raw sewage in the bay. Disgusting sub human maggots!!!

    • You ain’t going to do anything about it. Every time a rain comes, Fairhope dumps raw sewage in the bay, and just pays the fine.
      This city council are just carpet baggers from Mississippi and Georgia that just came here to cash in, cash out, leave and dump what is left on the people that live here.

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