All of us have read news articles that have driven us up the wall, but this article and story is insane and most likely a perfect example of someone with power who wants his own way. What the Ripp Report calls political corruption.

That someone, is stepping on the feet of county commissioners and the Zoning department. The County Commissioners are now going to have to take a stand in a situation that should never have reached the controversy it has.

“A small business venture on family land”, a venture by a young entrepreneur, Grant Weeks, from a family, The Weeks family of Weeks Bay, that is part of History in Baldwin County. That alone should get your attention.

First the Zoning Commission agreed to recommend the restaurant, then after considering one complaint they reverse course and now recommend against the zoning request to the County Commission. At this point you need to hold your noise because something stinks, BAD.

Now the applicants have to go before the County Commission Dec. 15 2020, in Bay Minette. If the Commissioners vote against it, the applicants must wait a year to reapply. The County Commissioners should also be asked to request a traffic light at County Road 49 and 26. The intersection should have a light already installed, it is dangerous as is.

Here is what you can do:

A. Sign the petition

B. Contact a County Commissioners

C. Come to the meeting in support, Dec. 15 @ 9:00 AM

Pay particular attention as to what elected official or officials vote no, then vote their ass out next election.

Please sign the petition in support and join the 555 supporters so far.

Watch this short video then ask yourself what the hell is going on?

The Ripp Report does not personally know any of the Weeks Family but would be proud to meet them. I look forward to eating at their Creole Restaurant.

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12 Comments on "BATTLE OF WEEKS “FAMILY”"

  1. Apparently the Weeks Family isn’t part of the “New” Baldwin County. Over the decades I have seen the new powers-that-be move in and start calling new shots.
    You see, if you don’t run with the new elites, you are an outsider. You have to be politically plugged in to the right people and kiss their rings.
    Ripp you said it right – we need to vote their butts out. We did it with Tucker Dorsey – we can do it again.
    We are becoming second class citizens in our own home town.

  2. The Commissioners will vote in a 200 lot subdivision but not a business. It is because Truland, Cox, and Bellator pay for their campaigns and the developers OWN the County Commission.
    The old-time Weeks family don’t build houses, have money, and therefore are not important.

  3. Belator, and Truland Owns the Baldwin County Commission | December 11, 2020 at 9:53 am |

    Just have Mr. Weeks tell the Commission that he wants to build 200 houses with Cox. The Commission will approve it so fast that Weeks wont even have to finish his sentaence.

  4. lots of straw men… the pockets of the developers. They count, we don’t…. as the saying is, money talks and ….walks. People are too busy and distracted to keep an eye on their own government that’s why we get this. They know few are interested. Don’t bother me I’m shopping or watching the stupid tv god and sucking up lies.

    • More and more of us are becoming aware of this Commission
      We have seen them allow the developers destroy this county
      We will work to get them out of office and put Catalyst out of business. Catalyst – or whatever they call it to try to hide their crooked operations.
      Catalyst vets the candidates, hooks them up to the developers, and the developers pay Catalyst for the politicians
      Kind of like the Triangle Trade

    • But they are Christian Conservatives

  5. Ripp,
    You are getting a little slow on posting new articles. What gives?

    • Francis Ripp | December 20, 2020 at 2:39 pm |

      Sorry several issues at one time have slowed me down should be back on schedule after Christmas

  6. Ripp must be running out of things to say

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