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The biggest consumer issue in Baldwin County, the $6.00 toll, was defeated by a poll. The poll numbers rose until they reached a figure that terrified every elected official in Baldwin County. When the petition reached the 50,000 mark, elected officials hit their knees.



After a 4 and half hour meeting of the Eastern Shore Metropolitan Planning Organization, they voted to stand firm against Poison Ivy. It was a sight to behold every politician in Baldwin County showed…


The NEW consumer issue that faces every citizen in Baldwin County is sewer regulation. Lagniappe has written three in depth articles about Baldwin County Sewer Service, BC$$. The three articles will be soon available in a combined format, on line. The Ripp Report will publish the link when available.

Sept 4

Despite previous attempts, private sewer provider has escaped local regulation – Lagniappe Mobile

Despite previous attempts, private sewer provider has escaped local regulation – Lagniappe Mobile

While Baldwin County’s only private sewer provider has operated with limited government regulation since its founding, records indicate it has, at times, been under scrutiny both by elected officials and the law. Baldwin County Commission meeting minutes over the past two decades are ripe with approvals for extensions of Baldwin County Sewer Service’s (BCSS) service …


Aug 29

Judge orders sale of proposed sewer plant property – Lagniappe Mobile

Judge orders sale of proposed sewer plant property – Lagniappe Mobile

A 242-acre Magnolia Springs property at the center of a five-year legal battle involving some of Baldwin County’s biggest movers and shakers will be equitably divided among the two contesting parties, according to a court order Tuesday. In what may be the final hearing in the case of Bass Enterprises vs. Pennstar et al, Baldwin …


Aug 21

‘Straw man’ — Lawsuit reveals complex Baldwin business partnerships – Lagniappe Mobile

‘Straw man’ — Lawsuit reveals complex Baldwin business partnerships – Lagniappe Mobile

By Rob Holbert & Gabe Tynes If you were nosing through Baldwin County land sales records and happened across a particular sale of 247 acres of real estate near Magnolia Springs, you’d have reason to believe Oct. 28, 2005 was a very good day for Hopper Land Development South LLC. On that day, a company …


Baldwin County now has a “NEW” consumer issue that effects every citizen in the county, sewer regulation.

Mr Richard Dayton of GlenLakes subdivision in Foley is leading the charge.

“I got involved because the rates [BCSS] charges for sewage in Baldwin County are totally unregulated,” he said. “The worst part is if tomorrow BCSS decided to charge $154.50 per month, there would be nothing we could do and our sewage would be turned off if we didn’t pay. They are a monopoly.”

Regulate Sewage Fees

19,000 homes in Baldwin County are serviced by Baldwin County Sewer System (BCSS), This Monopoly enjoys the ability to charge any amount they want to each of us. This happens because BCSS, a privately owned company, has the right to charge their customers any amount they wish and we, as customers, have to pay their fees regardless of how much they choose to charge for their service. There is NO LIMIT to the price you can be charged for sewage service! If you do not pay, your sewage will be turned off by BCSS without regard to the effect this will have on your family’s health. What would you do if that threat becomes reality?

Unregulated sewage fees allow BCSS to victimize their customers and this has to stop! We must band together to stop this injustice by challenging unregulated fees through our elected officials. Our County Commissioners, City Council Members, State Senators and State Representatives must take a leadership position to help us defeat BCSS and their predatory pricing.

Elected Officials in Shelby County have begun the fight to overturn unregulated sewage fees with legislation aimed at protecting customer by regulating prices. We can do the same in Baldwin County by beginning to challenge our elected officials to do the job we put them in office for …. protect the Voters and not a Monopoly.

Richard Dayton started this petition to Balwin County Residents served by Baldwin County Sewer System (BCSS)

The Ripp Report supports Mr Dayton’s efforts to regulate BC$$, a monopoly holding 19,000 customers hostage to an unregulated sewer system. This is long over due, Baldwin County is the only county that has no regulations at all. BC$$ has effectively influenced and lobbied elected officials to look the other way. Be sure you read the Straw Man article and see how Former County Commissioner, Tucker Dorsey, the straw man, was an agent of BC$$ and held the office of commissioner at the same time.

The present County Attorney is a lobbyist for BC$$. Think about that!

This petition will be the driving force in convincing the County Commission and elected officials that the time has come for regulations. This petition will be a litmus test for the next County Commission election. Baldwin County is the fastest growing County in Alabama and our unregulated sewer system is a consumer time bomb.

Together and through a petition we can win this battle just like we defeated the $6.00 toll.


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  1. Ripp, you are going to make Tucker and Clarence mad – don’t make them mad….

  2. Yosemite Samantha 3 | September 11, 2019 at 7:14 pm |

    Tucker is the dumbest #ucker walking.

    • Spanish Fort Oracle | September 12, 2019 at 5:52 am |

      In the contrary, Yosemite Samantha, Tucker is quite clever. Think about it; Tucker gets away with his actions.
      It is the people who overpaid for the cheap houses in the cookie cutter subdivisions using BCSS who are dumb
      Those people are too busy working overtime to pay their mortgages to put up a fight pay for their stupidity every month when they pay their mortgage notes
      Every time a new house is sold to these gullible people a “Stupid Tax” is paid

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