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4 days ago

Baldwin County Legal Eagle

Our view: “There is only one candidate left in this race who has proven worthy of the task of representing Alabama. He is Doug Jones."

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Left wing endorses the Left wing

straight up orders out of DC

Who gives a damn what a media group that is horrible thinks? hasZERO credibility.

How much did the dnc pay to have these women make these accusations?👺👺👺

Sad day when D.C. Est. .trys to control Alabama Voters.

Whose to say this wasn’t a Democratic Party ploy all along. We had crossover voting in the primary which allowed for Moore to defeat Strange. Now three weeks before the election, all of these women and their accusations surface. In my opinion, the Governor should delay the election. Why did a high powered attorney turn up in Alabama to defend women who definitely can afford her fees ? I️ guess she doing it from the goodness of her heart ( give me a break)😝

He has my vote.


Fuck ; they endorsing a Soros / Clinton candidate.

Well...I guess I will no longer follow

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She wasnt remembering, she was being coached and given what too say.

The accuser's press release , she had too read EVERY WORD SHE SAID .

why wait until a month before an election to accuse him...hmmm seem legit...gmafb

Still raising the Bullshit flag on this...

Why don't they get to the bottom of such as this in days ?

The accusers are credible. His denials are not.

Several different women

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