Just when you thought there was no hope for the Baldwin County Family Court, Judge Thomason announces she is running for Court of Appeals position vacated by Craig Pittman who is retiring. Of course another court will inherit her incompetence but at least she won’t be making decisions about the welfare of children. It should be expected if she looses the election Nov. 2018, she probably will re run for her present position again. Judge Thomason will use the republican party to retaliate against any opponent or have them eliminated all together from running, she has a track record of dirty politics, and is loved by the good ole boys.

Baldwin County Judge Running for AL Court of Civil Appeals

Baldwin County Judge Running for AL Court of Civil Appeals

BALDWIN COUNTY, Alabama (WKRG) – Judge Michelle Thomason announced Monday that she’s running for the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals. Thomason is currently the Presiding District Judge i…


We will now have two opportunities to vote out Judge Thomason and eliminate her from the court system all together.

Judge Thomason is a charter member of the Board of Baldwin Substance Abuse Services.

Baldwin Substance Abuse Services

Baldwin Substance Abuse Services

Baldwin Substance Abuse Services is certified by the Administrative Office of Courts to provide Baldwin County, Alabama with the proper Court Referral Education Programs as ordered by the courts.


This is a non profit that collects fees that are charged against persons who are instructed by the court to attend for alcohol or drug related convictions. Sounds great but no body knows where the money goes?
No audits or transparency exists despite a significant amount of money collected. The organization is a cash machine supported by citizens who get caught up in DUI’s and minor drug cases, the question is where does the cash go?

Judge Thomason is infamous for her courtroom antics and gets credit for turning a divorce procedure and child custody cases, into a cottage industry, that supplies bottom feeding attorneys with cases that often take years to resolve. The one common denominator is that the children suffer the most and the parents spend thousands on attorneys, and not their kids.


For years we have been critical of the family court, especially the rulings of District Judge Michelle Thomason. Complaints lit Facebook up like a Christmas tree. They were so plentiful and consistent…


This is a sample post that explains some of the problems in Judge Thomason’s court,

This post is only to inform people of our adult child’s ongoing case in Judge Thomason’s courtroom. I spoke with my child and was given permission to post our experiences with Thomason. At first, we wanted to keep quite and just vote. But this is America, what good is it to have free speech if you are afraid to use it? In a courtroom rulings should be based on the truth, backed by evidence and the law. Not based on a Judge’s personal feelings and what attorney they like or dislike. The following are a few of the MAJOR problems we encountered over the last few years in Thomason’s courtroom.
1. The other party in the case asked for medical records of my child and myself. There was a motion filed to quash the subpoena for the medical records. Judge Thomason answer to the motion was as follows: Order was for the medical records to be sent to the clerk’s office. The attorneys could come to clerk’s office and no photo copies could be made of medical records. Attorneys could only make notes. We got to court and the other attorney pulled out our medical records (certified copy) . They did not notify the court they had these records and did not notify our attorneys they had them. Absolutely NOTHING was done to the attorneys for illegally obtaining the records!!! Thomason gave our attorneys a few minutes to look over the records and told the other attorneys to make copies for her and our attorneys. That was it!!! We contacted the doctor to find out how they got the medical records. The records were obtained while the doctor and his nurse were on vacation. The other party’s attorney actually went in the doctor’s office, showed ID & gave his business card and obtained our records ILLEGALLY!! Imagine how violated you feel with your medical records in the hands of a unethical attorney. Everyone in their office has access to them, and I am sure they were shared with the other party. So if you are a attorney in her courtroom you may break the law with no worry of any consequence.
2. We request a psychological exam of the other party. Judge Thomason ordered a psychological evaluation of all parties (both parents and all four grandparents). The psychologist did extensive testing on all parties, along with several sessions with the parties. He testified that both parents were fit, but our child was more fit and recommended custody to be grant to our child, and give multiple reasons why he came to that decision. Thomason gave joint custody with the other party have primary (not even a 50/50. Every reason the psychologist stated for the other party not to have primary custody has happened. Thousands of dollars were spent on these evals and she did not even go by her own expert’s recommendations. Our child will be in a court room for years fighting for the child’s right and his rights. I called the expert after her final decision and his response was “Thomason has made a huge mistake and y’all need to appeal”.
3. We had evidence to present in court and she would not allow it. Judge Thomason would not allow it because she did not know the law. Rather than find out what the law was, she just ruled no. We feel this evidence was very important to the case.
4. The other party was on the stand and multiple times Judge Thomason stopped their testimony to tell them to stop lying and informed them they were committing perjury which is a felony. She verbally chastised them and yet again, NO CONSEQUENCES in her courtroom for breaking the law. And then she grants the lying party primary custody and final decision on every important aspect of our grand child’s life (except for religion and sports).

If we want ethical attorneys, it start with Judges hold attorney accountable in their courtroom! Please keep our child and our grandchild in your prayers.

No Judge in Baldwin County comes even close to the amount of complaints levied at Judge Thomason, however the State Judiciary and the Alabama Bar Association turn a blind eye to all complaints or any accountability.


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  1. Baldwin County is a cesspool.

  2. Who is taking her place on the bench? I’m sure Judge Brackin is hand picking her replacee.

  3. Hearsay: Thomasons mantra is to never have a case overturned in appeals.

    Facts: She often waits years to render decisions in child custody hearings, thus everyone runs dry of money, and they have nothing left for the 40,000-150,000 dollars appeal process.
    She allows attorneys to lie without consequence and will not allow testimony that would run contrary to decisions she renders.

    Personal Opinion based on experience: Her courtroom is a pitiful place. I wish more press would cover the courtroom. Words cannot truly describe the dysfunction that exists there. I wish everyone affected by her would complain on this anonymous forum.
    No doubt she will win this election to the court of appeals…I just hope that the person who takes her place in family court is not as destructive.

    • Anonymous | June 12, 2018 at 9:17 pm |

      She does have a remand and reverse against her! I know I put it on her yes she is incompetent does not know the law

  4. Judge (b$;&h Thomason is not only a liar herself but is a pathetic human being and does not desire to be ruling over anything or anyone in any situation. It is so true that she drags out divorces probably twice as long as they should be. But hey, when you are getting favors while laying on your back or knees from some of these attorneys. Why should she care. I’m sure she doesn’t give a crap about all the kid’s lives that she has and continues to screw up. What a waste of a human being. Poster child for birth control.

  5. Blow the dust off the constitution and start reading it. Any dispute over 20$ is supposed to be heard by a jury of your peers. Demand that all your unalienable rights are intact before you sign or agree to anything. CHALLENGE JURISDICTION! give notice to all involved if they try to take your property or put you in jail without a jury trial that you will kill their ass for committing fraud and criminal acts!!! The tyranical mother fuckers are out of control and need to be shutdown!!!

  6. Anita Spencer | January 6, 2019 at 9:50 pm |

    Thank you!!! Omg. So many people’s lives been destroyed by these idiots. Evidence is clear It’s completely true the incompetency of Judge Bosch. & Thomason, lack of moral compass & insight. How do they sleep at night?

    Keep up good work!

    ❤️Put the Children first !

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