107,883,016 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed worldwide with a total of 2,370,735 deaths; with 27,393,896 in the USA with 475,459 deaths; 477,570 cases in Alabama with 9,021 deaths; 1 M vaccine doses delivered, 550,000 administered.

The Senate concluded arguments in the Impeachment of Former-President Donald John Trump today, for the second time. Brandenburg vs Ohio was the case on point and was mostly ignored- defining a 3 prong test for when speech is not protected. Spoiler Alert: The protagonist is a Klansman.

In short, The Senate should have called witnesses. The Lagniappe Mobile Newspaper takes aim at a number of issues- vaccine eligibility changes, The Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project is back and Fairhope Councilman and Eastern Shore MPO Chairman Jack Burrell โ€œthe Great Negotiatorโ€ is right out front, controversy surrounding a firing range near Foley, Alabama, and and article about Who will run now that Senator Richard Shelby is retiring?

And who will bring home the bacon?

Tubbs? Bay Minette lands $200K for AR-15โ€™s, an IR Drone, a Humvee, and Covert Surveillance Equipment (not a dime for taser shotguns). The Alabama Legislature is back in session without an audience so we tell you about the Bad Bills to watch.

Growth is always a difficult subject but the Golden Triangle project in Baldwin County near Stapleton, actually mostly in Spanish Fort Planning Jurisdiction, is a huge project (4,200 Acres with 12,000 residences and 1.5 Million Sq Ft of commercial space; and we discuss the reason the land was undeveloped until now.

AG Steve Marshall announced a $60M settlement with Terminix. Not one person is going to jail for violation of the Alabama Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

And Larry Flynt, arch nemesis of The Reverend Jerry Falwell, died yesterday.

He was an unlikely Free Speech Icon and the world is a poorer place because of his passing. And for good measure we throw in some Baldwin County History that may blow your little minds.

Read the latest ๐ŸŽ‰ Terrific Tuesday ๐ŸŽ‰!


  1. Tim Kant lover | February 14, 2021 at 1:06 pm |

    Little minds?

  2. Mr Stills,
    Stop being naughty

  3. you fellas take yourselves too seriously. not everyone is a flaming lib

  4. zany site this place
    liberal paradise for wankers

    • I don’t think Ripp is all that liberal. I think he is more of a moderate. I am a conservative myself but when I see how the local so-called conservative politicians act, I winder how they can get away with calling themselves Republicans.
      I believe that they are really opportunists who use the Republican badge to provide cover from the voters. They are really real estate people that worship the dollar and would sell their souls if their souls were worth anything. Catalyst politicians tried to sell their souls to Satan and even Satan did not want them.

  5. Ripp is not a moderate.
    He voted for xiden the ?? man

    • China is going to rule us all. If the Americans cannot come together then we will lose our country.
      Maybe this democracy thing is not viable after all
      The masses cannot rule themselves.

  6. Well since you mentioned the Impeachment in your blog. You know the last thing (of course I wasnโ€™t shocked) that expected to hear from the Democrats during the senate impeachment trial is the word racist or racism. Wow! Can all you f***ing Democrats and liberals, (same thing) do anything at all without bringing up the RACE CARD!! Itโ€™s almost like yโ€™all depend on it as oxygen. Shit!! For the Democrat female who paraded in front of all the senators during the trial actually called the defense out for being, wait for it, RACIST! Since but seems that none of the black politicians including Kamala Harris had to say shitty things and incite violence themselves this demo/liberal black woman has no choice other than to pull out and deal the only card she actually had the intelligence to use, โ€œthe race cardโ€. Damn, I agree that Trump was harnessed to no end and went off the deep end and certainly had a lot to do with the Capitol violence but dammit, the race card, really. I guess that you can tell, any small amount of racism that has been left over in me keeps getting another coat of racism not from people who are racist but the black and white demo/liberals that remind me why maybe I should have tried to live a better life and understand racism more than the racist way that I might have been brought up in….as long as there are Democrats and liberals in this world I promise you there will be racism. They wouldnโ€™t any F***ing thing to do if there if all of a sudden racism was suddenly cured. Yes yโ€™all are correct, Iโ€™ve had my limit of people telling us we are racist not matter what is going on.

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