A Vintage Year

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192,939,490 SARS-COV-2 cases confirmed worldwide with a total of 4,140,700 deaths; with 34,316,321cases in the USA with 610,387 deaths.

The Delta Variant is causing infections to rise to levels not seen in months and Governor Ivey is none too happy with the unvaccinated.

Meanwhile the Trust of Mabel Amos is back in the news. This time Thomas Gallion III is representing the family and we will keep you abreast of those activities and Mr. Ripps Writ of Mandamus that sprang from the revelations that the Trust is administered by Alabama Ethics Commission Director Thomas Albritton, the irony.

Lagniappe Mobile Newspaper had several articles of interest to include the Railroading of the Amos Mable Trust. A Federal Lawsuit was filed by a Plaintiff that Mr. Ripp has assisted/advocated for at The Ripp Report and Mr. Still has represented in Domestic Relations Court; the suit alleges that State Officials have violated her Civil Rights by allowing a District Judge to sit as a Circuit Judge to hear โ€œFamily Courtโ€ cases.

In fact if you file for Divorce you have 2 chances in 3 that you will get either District Court Judge Thomas or District Court Judge Sculley. Judge Bosch is the only Circuit Judge in Baldwin County who regularly hears Domestic Relations cases.

Lance LaCour (EDA Director Katy,TX) former Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance Director was in town last week and peeling legs bare-witness to the Cross-Delta fishing trip we took last Thursday. He was the godfather of the Megasite. Only after his departure did the County Commissioners decide to Purchase the property for $32M and sit on it for a decade.

Now it is in the hands of the Alliance and we were denied access to the Property by Lee Lawson the current Director. Not to be confused with Lance LaFlour, Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management who raised the ire of the Rivers Alliance this week.

Don’t eat any largemouth bass because of mercury, BTW. Shootings and stabbings in Bay Minette, Mayor Bob Wills can fill yall in.

Jim Ziggler has some competition in Rusty Glover, one to watch.

And the trial of the Limestone County Sheriff crawls on with Judge Pam Baschab (ret) of Baldwin County at the helm. Reading the reports from the press association and the halting of the trial over a Stateโ€™s Witness having a sweetheart deal, this thing is snake-bit as hell, you heard it here first.

Our thoughts are with the Jacksonville, Florida dive community who saw the CoastGuard call off the search for Timothy Obi, 37, who did not surface from a decompression stop after spearfishing some 37 mile offshore- with three other experienced divers.

And there is always mayhem in Fairhope. Hope you enjoy and add us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Soundcloud for audio only. Capt Rushin is out after a knee surgery.

He should be in good shape as they used the impenetrable material surrounding his brain instead of cadaver ligaments.

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