BACKSTORY PODCAST 15 – The Banquette

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  1. BC looks like a stinking cesspool. Sewerage spills daily and the politicians are in on the biggest money grab for land the area has ever seen.

  2. Uh, Mister Ripp…I understand they are planning to build a statue to Mayor Karin Wilson.This is the kind of government waste you normally point out and discourage. Are you going to allow taxpayer money to go toward deifying a tatt00-wearing, cocktail-swilling con artiste?

    • Hey JB4Fairhope, why donโ€™t you go back to playing your video games and eating your Cheetos. Maybe your parents will let you watch cartoons in the morning. You have to be a punky as well as a very mere child to make comments like that. You are just another little pimple popper that we have to deal with no matter who you support. Wash your hands after eating them Cheetos kid!

  3. Say whaat ?

    • Usually civilized folk wait until a person has deceased before they deify them. fyi fairhope!!!

  4. The Lagniappe is the only real journalism left in this area. As one Lagniappe reader once put it: “The Mobile Press Register comes out of its grave twice a week and tries to come out with an “in depth” articel.”
    Guess what, Mobile Press Register – NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ANYMORE!

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