Backstory Podcast #11 Unopposed

In this Episode: Gulf Shores Developments North of the Intracostal Waterway (CR6 Boulevard, Pedestrian Bridge across the Intracoastal, Hwy59 additional Southbound Lane, skirting the legal settlement to provide a route around Gulf State Park), Fairhope Klump PUD development at the intersection of Hwy 181 and Fairhope Avenue, Baby Trump balloon, a $6 million increase to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office budget since 2011. Baldwin County MCU. We have a new President of Coastal Alabama Community College. The McSharry lawsuit continues. The state of the Baldwin County Bar. The Senate race in Alabama. Beasley Allen Conference.

Posted by Backstory Podcast on Friday, November 15, 2019

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11 Comments on "BACKSTORY PODCAST #11"

  1. Burell has much to hide.
    Expose him.

  2. Burrell is a good man. Ripp you and that second rate lawyer are so full of crap
    So what has your podcasts accomplish other than showing you are delusional?

  3. HemiWolfGang7 | November 17, 2019 at 6:19 pm |

    Mr. Ripp I admire your efforts. Been watching you for years.
    Understand that the city council members in Fairhope are in involved in multiple land and development deals with catalyst i.e. the city judge investment group.
    Enough deals have already been cut to ruin the quality of life of the eastern shore. If the current council against their better judgement decides to run for re-election a little investigating will reveal their many conflicts…and of course the fact that they are lying, greedy and complicit in destroying one of Alabama’s prettiest places for profit.

    • Wonโ€™t get fooled again | November 18, 2019 at 5:53 am |

      Dear Hemiwolfgang,
      We have only ourselves to blame for electing these predators in office. We believed their lies about being Christian and then elected them again
      This is the legacy of Stacy, once a political pollster who recruited then youngsters Elliot and Haygood. Then they had turn over this monster to Boone. This kabal is filthy
      I do whatever I can to let the people of Baldwin know about what some call โ€œthe Machineโ€ aka Catalyst
      The word is getting out about Catalyst and the politicians up for election better be prepared to answer for them using Catalyst
      Of course Catalyst will run Baldwin Insider-like articles but their fingerprints are too recognizable

      • With all this growth one cannot get on to see a doctor because the doctors are overbooked
        Thomas Hospital is so crowded you might as well as go to a third world country to get medical attention
        I hope the Catalysts get sick and experience what they have done to us
        They should be punished before God sends them to Hell

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