Being a Mayor has challenges that most of us cannot relate to. From the mundane to serious issues, everyday brings something different Fairhope’s Mayor Wilson took office with no transition from the last administration. One day she is a businesswomen the next she is Mayor, now that is a learning curve. Her next experience was that the elected City Council went into obstruction mode and made it perfectly clear they would oppose the Mayor’s every effort. The sad thing is that the Council’s actions has hurt the city and they have the dubious reputation of being the worst council in recent history.

People seize on the opportunity to be critical of some things and are more than willing to look the other way on maybe a much more serious issue. Serious issues have come up about three councilmen who have used their elected office for financial or personal gain.



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One thing no one can take from Mayor Wilson is the excellent hires she has made, they far exceed the previous administrations staff. She has also NOT used her office for personal gain.

Her latest hire set the council and police chief on fire. The council and chief claim they were not contacted about a new police Sargent being hired for public safety. At the same time the police chief and council have not been willing to meet with the Mayor over some issues. Fact is they have been on a campaign to embarrass the Mayor with numerous allegations since her election, nothing has stuck.

Well here we go again, people are willing to overlook the corruption within the council, to complain about a police Sargent. The council and chief have complained that the Mayor did not communicate with them prior to the hire. I guess it is OK for them not to communicate with the Mayor but not vice versa.

The Mayor posted on Facebook the new hire:

Police hirings usually ‘lengthy and arduous,’ Delmore says – Lagniappe Mobile

Police hirings usually ‘lengthy and arduous,’ Delmore says – Lagniappe Mobile

“I met with the mayor and we’re trying to work together as a team because my belief is if we don’t it’s going to destroy the city,” Petties said. “There’s a lot of people getting involved in things, and things are getting to the point to where it’s creating more problems than solving the problems. I’m trying to just solve the problem.”


Let’s hope the Police Chief is successful, at least he is trying to solve the problem while the corrupt council pours salt on the wound.

Here is another post the Mayor shared and it got little or no credit. The driving force behind the Restore Act funds was the Mayor’s office. This has been a priority since she was elected and the council spent little or no time on it and attended few Restore Act Meetings.

This is $17.8 million dollars for four Fairhope projects including 10 million for sewer infrastructure. Two councilman, Boone and Burrell, ignored the sewer infrastructure issues for four years. They voted to spend 10 million on upgrading the sewer plant while spending not a dime on infrastructure to the plant. That 10 million grew to over 13 million by time the plant was completed.

You win some and lose some. Those critical of the police hire should take a breath and realize how significant the Restore Act funds are, it will save taxpayers 17.8 million. What should take center stage? Saving $17.8 million or a new hire for Public Safety? Back seat quarterbacks focus on the negative and never mention the positive.

Thank you Mayor for your hard work on the Restore Act funds awarded Fairhope.

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  1. It ain’t the mayor!!

    • Alvin Tatum | March 15, 2018 at 10:02 pm |

      Time to look at what is REALLY going on at the airport.
      Think MIAMI VICE. The chief knows.

  2. Mayor created an unbudgeted position and filled it with guy from the Ethics Commission who investigated her just weeks after he gave her an OK. She could have gotten him on board if she had been forthright. She is trying to make him public safety director reporting to her. All the police are upset. She needlessly created several issues. All this may blow over but she alone created the problem.

    • Mayor Wilson is getting really bad advice, she is being used by some that failed in their bid for office.

    • Georgia Orwell | March 14, 2018 at 8:42 pm |

      I think that the Mayor feels good about his hire b/c it appears that Fairhope’s police chief is far too close to Burrell, Boone & Brown. In my (admittedly, on the ‘outside’) opinion, Chief Petties is quoted frequently in Burrell’s blog, Gulf Coast News Today, questioning Mayor Wilson’s decisions and backing up any absurd theory presented by the 3 B’s. I don’t believe that the Mayor is always right, but she is not ‘on the take’. I am wondering if Chief Petties is also owned by the B’s and the previous mayor. I hope that I am wrong, but Fairhope has serious issues now and they were NOT caused by Mayor Wilson.
      People are really beginning to finally get a clue about our Council.
      You can scream all day long about this ‘position that she created’ but, if you actually live here, you should be screaming about what our Council has NOT done to repair the antiquated sewer system. They are making noise to distract from their total ineptitude.

      • Georgia. You know that Chief Petties is the Council’s little bitch. Especially Jack Burrell. A lot of things going on that shouldn’t be. Do the right thing Chief!!!! Next time you catch or hear of any of these councilmen doing something illegal, no matter how small, do something about it. I promise you that you will be backed up if you just do the right thing. We think that you are better that this?

        • Georgia Orwell | March 14, 2018 at 9:41 pm |

          He has no idea how many residents/city employees wish him gone b/c of his ‘attachments’. The B’s can’t help him (and won’t care to) soon……they will throw him under the bus in a heartbeat….why did he do this to himself? Fairhope knows what he did!

        • Georgia, even if Petties is close to the others, perhaps that is because the council appoints the police chief. Mayor Wilson would be wise if she got out of the political business and became the leader of Fairhope. She has some really bad advisors.

          • Yea JTS, and the Coincil has done nothing to help her be a leader, much less work with her to be a better Mayor for ALL of us. You must be accusing the sorry ass councilmen and some single tax men as well as some contractors who have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar or with the whole damn jar!

            • Real leaders do not let others guide them to do something that could shed them in a bad light. Leaders must remember, 1/3 are totally for them, 1/3 is totally against them, and 1/3 is neutral. The leader must come to understand it is the 1/3 that is neutral are the ones they must convince by showing they are a leader. This is not a man verse woman issue, a leader does not ever do anything that may seem nefarious, that is why they are the leader of the city. The mayor has [A] real bad advisor and must distance herself from that advisor.

        • Nice language, super classy!

      • Alvin Tatum | March 15, 2018 at 9:28 pm |

        Burrell has a blog? Please enlighten the masses.

      • You may be speaking as an outsider, but you are 100% correct.

        • All one has to do is look around to see the actions the mayor has been taking is not her personality, but the personality of an individual that failed in the bid for mayor. The paranoia is in tone with the advisor’s personality, those that know about her advisor will come to understand. If she would shed this advisor, her decision making would be in the line of the citizens. However, if she does shed the individual, given all the issues thus far in her administration, she will have very little support if she were to shutter this person. So, she is in a tough stop.

    • Yaya sistahood | March 15, 2018 at 4:04 am |

      Council is corrupt. Even Mr. Magoo can see.

  3. Locust Grove | March 15, 2018 at 3:17 am |

    There are actually people who want to go back to the days of Tim Kant.

    Fairhope voted 70 percent for Roy Moore.

    The place os not what people think.

  4. People shilling for the Three B’s (Burrell, Boone and Brown) will be singled out in Fairhope. You will be forced to stand and defend your positions. If you are for the Good Ole Boys it will be made known. If you think the three B’s are good for Fairhope it means you are likely:
    1) In business with the B’s
    2) A fake Christian
    3) Both
    4) Ignorant
    5) 3&4

  5. Ole Fairhoper | March 15, 2018 at 5:49 am |

    What else is the Mayor to do? The current Chief, while a nice guy, is not the towering intellect in law enforcement. I have watched him for years here and I think the town has outgrown his abilities. In addition the Chief is in the pocket of the Council.

  6. Hammer Time | March 15, 2018 at 1:22 pm |

    Talk about backseat QB they come no worse than you. No clue about anything going on in the city you just speculate everything with no back up.It really is sad you just always pick a side and no matter what happens disproved or other you stick to your guns. You need to deal with facts and maybe people would show respect for you. 95% of everyone just think you are a troublmaking joker.

    • Clem Felton | March 15, 2018 at 2:58 pm |

      Typical ignorant Fairhopian. Why not sue Paul Ripp? IF he is lying about the council using their positions to make fat cash.

      But he aint. I hope this mean looking law enforcement officer
      Helps nail the three bees!

    • Hey Hammer Time. You want some dates and times and video and pictures. You are pathetic Brown! Have another drink hammered!

  7. Kant is running!
    Cannot wait!

  8. OldFairhope | March 15, 2018 at 4:53 pm |

    Police chief when he was under Kant’s control as flat foot, lied in court over property stolen from me due to personal conflict with Kant. Then he lied about Arbor Gates shooting spree 7/5/17. That was revealed to public 7/15/17 via ticked family member over non reporting of parents apt being shot to pieces and reported by news media. Mayor sent me confirmation email of shooting 7/8. Council chair Burrell ignored. Other council members advised, said nothing when I showed them documentation of shooting and lie. Ok for police chief to lie to public and council to back him up. Doubt his letter in protest of new hire was initiated by him. Not a reflection on our other boys in blue by any means. “Men” in power most corrupt group of “men” front and center ever in Fairhope with exception of past 2 male mayors

    • They are dealing at the airport.
      Chief knows.

    • He has been at the very least complicit in too many cases. The growth and public safety are at stake. If he thinks he works for council then he is bad for Fairhope. No question he has undermined the mayor. It’s evident in almost all his communication.
      Moral in the police Dept being down is because of him. They’re supporting him now because they may think their jobs are at stake. But moral has been poor due to poor leadership in the dept.

  9. Clint Chisom | March 16, 2018 at 6:14 am |

    I moved to Fairhope in 2005. My wife and I retired here from Philadelphia. Had heard so much about Fairhope and how it was a great place to spend our golden years. Thirteen years later I have a story to tell. I watched Tim Kant run the place like his own piggy bank. I saw him help his friends and ignore the people in town. I saw Fairhope grow irresponsibly and change. I too believe that the Mayor has tried to fight Kant’s people on the council, but she can only do so much when she is fighting for the people who elected her and not for her pocketbook like the five people on the council. Notice I don’t call them “men.”

    So after the town has completely changed in population, development and traffic (for the bad) I heard tonight Kant wants to run again and is planning his return. This is chilliatng. If Fairhope goes back to Kant after what he did to the town (with the help of this council) then it will be dead. The sewage and grinder pump problem is proof Kant cares not about the people or the town. I feel sorry for the “fake Christians” who fool the “good dumb Christians” who believe that just because you go to church makes you a “good man.” The people on the council are not good men because they go to church. They are “bad” because they go to church to mask their true selves.

    Fairhope did vote overwhelmingly for Roy Moore. This is a stupidity problem. And I don’t know if that can be fixed in two years. The next election determines Fairhope’s fate. If Kant gets back in it is over for good.

  10. Fairhope needs a City Administrator.

    • The city had one in the past. The mayor wants this too, which means council will not support it. They want her to fail. Why is the question.

    • this was tried and failed as the city administrator got into bed with the police chief and other council members that are not here anymore and the mess was a disaster to say the least. i have lived here for 40 years and have not see a worst mayor than we have now.

      • RIPP REPORT | March 22, 2018 at 2:48 pm |

        You need glasses, we have inherited 30 million in sewer infrastructure repairs that have been neglected for 20 years, plus all the corruption.

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