A good example of Baldwin County incompetence, political interference, lack of ethics, CATALYST, corruption and judicial failure, is all exposed in one incident, the McSharry assault case.



Baldwin County has had a reputation of judicial malfeasance, trickery and out right corruption. Citizens read about it in Lagniappe or on line however nothing changes. Some Judges and lawyers feel…


The McSharry case is a classic example of Baldwin County justice. Fairhope City prosecutor, Marcus McDowell dropped the ball, or kicked it out of site, when it came to Ronan McSharry. Municipal Judge Snedeker, shares in this miscarriage of justice.

How the hell can you read the facts, such as McSharry’s past convictions, pleading guilty, the incident on video, and accept Judge Stankowski’s ruling?

Stankowsli stated the charging document had a defect. The defect was that the first charging document did not have the wording,”Did cause physical injury to another”.

This document was not amended in the statute allotted time, one year, resulting in the defect.

How did this happen when the City attorney and Municipal Judge both had knowledge of medical evidence that supported the claim of “physical injury” ?

The City Attorney was personally given the medical evidence by an attorney representing Dinardi before her first court appearance.

McSharry has been free to continue his business while his attorneys try to blame everyone for McSharry’s actions. McSharry is not an American citizen, he is a green card holder from Ireland.

A Green Card holder with an extensive police record that has a liquor license. WTH

Here is a legal question, How much money has McSharry transferred from profits of McSharry’s to Ireland since the assault ?


Paula Dinardi went to a restaurant/bar in Fairhope and gets assaulted by a drunk. This happened in November of 2018. An evening of relaxation turned into assault and physical injury. McSharry was arrested and Dinardi went to the hospital.

Just one month before Dinardi was managing the American Legion Tiki Bar on Mobile Bay. In October she had one event that drew 1000 people. Previously the bar was run with little organization and not family friendly. Dinardi had presented a business plan to the American Legion, which they accepted, and the business boomed.

In spite of the success of the Tiki Bar, the American Legion in January 2019, without any reasonable explanation, canceled their agreement with Dinardi. She had received nothing but compliments prior to the cancellation and assault incident. Dinardi was preparing for the 2019 season when the American Legion suddenly canceled their agreement.

The incident with McSharry started a spiraling sequence of events that has left Dinardi without a job. Many people believe politicians used their influence to remove Dinardi from the American Legion, me for one.



Jack Burrell Fairhope Alabama

I have followed four Fairhope city councils and one thing I can tell you is with each new council several things became abundantly clear. The new members of the council are usually influenced by…


Next came 17 months of constant stress with having to deal with a corrupt judicial system, that favored the criminal, not the Victim. Dinardi is now trying to save her home.

The Fairhope Municipal Judge and City Attorneys actions has resulted in the GREEN CARD holder, McSharry, who plead guilty in court, to escape prosecution. The CATALYST City Council appointed both the City Attorney and Municipal Judge.

How can a GREEN CARD holder have such influence?
Maybe his friend Council President Burrell?

The VICTIM, Paula DiNardi, is an AMERICAN CITIZEN and she does not export dollars to another country.


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31 Comments on "AMERICAN CITIZEN"

  1. It’s great to be part of the good ole boy network, eh?

  2. Ripp, you need to kiss McSherry’s butt a bit
    Then maybe he will put the Ripp Roast sandwich on his menu- right next to the Burrell Burger

  3. Baldwin Insider | April 22, 2020 at 9:09 pm |

    Nothing that happens in Baldwin County nor the city of Fairhope will ever surprise me.
    God hates ugly and it will all come to light.

    Knowing firsthand about a similar situation is most disappointing in that the people I had always thought to be decent and good, were not.

    She should seek counsel outside of Baldwin County and even call the FBI.

  4. Don Johnson | April 23, 2020 at 5:47 am |

    Judge Stan.
    “The 8ball#” arbiter.
    Honest graft. Fh style.

  5. Also anon-ing | April 23, 2020 at 5:49 am |

    That failure to timely amend the “did cause” omission in the original charging document is one whale of a technicality. Thanks for getting to the bottom of the dismissal.

    • Silverhill watcher | April 23, 2020 at 8:20 am |

      The judge had to get McSharry off. The political machine ordered him to do it.
      It HAD to be done according to the Good Ole Boy Network who makes up Catalyst.
      So , what would you do if given an order? You find any technicality that would allow you to obey the political machine and say it’s “legal.”
      So, you find the timely amendment and viola!! Job done, boxed check, and you stay in the Good Ole Boy Club.
      What’s so surprising about that?
      I use to live on Fairhope and I moved 6 years ago to get out of that town. It looks clean on the outside but is filthy on the inside. Catalyst is the rat that must be run out of Not just Fairhope but ALL of Baldwin

      • What he did was dubious for any attorney. For the city attorney to do that it creates other problems for the government. These the council’s problems.

  6. Well…burn the mf down.
    Good day Fairhope. You are now no hope.

  7. It now makes sense! | April 23, 2020 at 3:40 pm |

    So what if McSharry is a foreigner and the lady is an American?
    Fact One:The fact is that McSharry is affiliated with Catalyst and the lady isn’t
    Fact Three: Catalyst uses the fact that there is no more local news coverage except for Ripp and Langiappe to keep people in Baldwin County’s ignorant of what is going on. Any local coverage is about shootings and stupid puff pieces. No more in-depth reporting because it costs too much so JOURNALISM IS DEAD

    Keeping these three facts in mind will make your world make sense of the politics in Baldwin County

  8. In one vote this fall fairhope can rid itself of the pentagon.

    We need a ckean sweep. All five places replenished. Yhe time has come. Fairhope must change or be decimated like the jubilees that made it such a magical place.

    The land deal for farm land for 2.6 million onky to rent it is a scam. A child could see this.

    The soccer fields are not level. We cannot have tournaments in fairhope. I heard robert brown and kevin boone built the soccer fields and the concession stands.

    Why is corruption tolerated in 2020 in Fairhope? Do anybody even care? This corona scarr should make everybody slow down and look good at fairhope. It’s not a pretty thing to look at this point in time.

    Quite frankly I embarrassed.
    I am also worried abiut iur future. It’s gonna get ugly if we don’t change. We aint a littke po di k tiwn of 10000 no more.

    • North Bluff | April 24, 2020 at 3:45 am |

      The more people in this town figure out what this council is doing the more angry they will get. I just hope the people get off their Suggs and get to the polls and vote the current council out and possibly prosecute them for their actions
      I know people from all parts of town who are stirring

  9. Ripp I’m gonna make a. prediction: You will control the Fairhope city council come November.

    • If Ripp does control the council Yiu can bet that there will be BS

    • Francis Ripp | April 25, 2020 at 8:52 am |

      I have no intention or desire to “control” any form of government. What I am hoping for is citizens becoming involved as public servants and running for council. A new council will replace the municipal judge and city attorney, that will change Fairhope, dramatically, for the good. CATALYST, the good ole boys, must go. Fairhope citizens wake up

  10. Lil boone is bragging they will fix (jerry-rig) the election.
    Heads up!!

    • Baby Boone needs to know that i have a relative who works over on Mobile’s FBI office and they are keeping an eye on the elections over here.
      Go ahead and TRY to rig and see the Feds
      Catalyst was stopped last election with just the Secretary of State. We are upping his ante
      Catalyst is so crooked that I would not pit anything past them. There are some things that even a rat would not do which is why rats have a higher ranking than Catalyst

  11. Ms. Dinardi needs new counsel. She should sue the city and file a complaint against judge stan. This place is nutso. I don’t like this one bit. It’s on film.

    • I agree on a new attorney. There are some attorneys, even though very few, that won’t put up with that bullshit. Rowan McSherry, what a small and disgusting person he is. Burrell and McSherry, isn’t it just disgusting to even hear those words. We have a name for these types of boys. Punks

  12. Mister Ripp,
    When will catalyst build a web page?
    Write a bi-weekly newsletter?
    Maintain two Facebook pages and a weekly pod cast.
    What exactly does catalyst do?
    If the rumors are true that Kant is running for his old job
    I would say Mr. Kant is wasting his time.
    Fairhope ain’t going backwards now. No fool is going
    to vote for Kant in 2020. That would be like voting for Biden.

    • Baldwin | April 25, 2020 at 10:00 am |

      PLEASE TELL ME CATALYST’S WEBPAGE! I want to see it. I know the Baldwin Insider is kaput but please tell me where I can go to see their propaganda

    • Triangle Trade | April 25, 2020 at 10:05 am |

      What does Catalyst do? They run campaigns of their puppet politicians
      Catalyst gets money from the real estate developers and have them funnel the money to the politicians in the form of campaign contributions
      The politicians then pay Catalyst to run their campaigns.
      These facts can be seen by sec of state campaign reports
      However you also have to check the timing of the payments. The timing is used to throw off the casual observer
      Kind of like the Triangle Trade during colonial times

    • Jim From Tuscaloosa | April 25, 2020 at 12:30 pm |

      I heard he is going to run for State Legislate seat held by Joe “Biden” Faust. Surely we can find some new blood to lead us.

  13. Mr. Ripp how is it that Mr. Burrell has been president of the council for eight years? Isn’t that wrong or at least out of the council tradition of rotating leadership? Asking for a black friend.

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