Alabama’s Ethics Director Should Resign

In a filing this Tuesday, Attorney General Steve Marshall alleged in a Civil Filing that Alabama Ethics Commission Director Tom Albritton improperly benefited from a Trust where Albritton was a “Trustee”, The Mabel Amos Memorial Scholarship Trust from which Albritton’s children received over $100,000. Mr. Ripp made allegations including an Ethics Complaint against the Ethics Commission, a Bar Complaint against Mr. Albritton regarding the matter, a Writ of Mandamus in Circuit Court of Montgomery County to get a Judge to Order the Ethics Commission to review three of his complaints that Mr. Albritton disposed of without investigation; and the basis of his Writ was that Mr. Albritton was involved in self dealing as a Trustee of these very scholarship funds. That was in 2021. in 2022 Mr. Still ran for Attorney General of the State of Alabama (R-Baldwin) against Mr. Marshall (R-Incumbent) and made numerous stump speeches about the Ethics Commission, the Mabel Amos Trust, and Mr. Albritton’s activities. So why is it that he is still the Director? That is the question we address. Tom Albritton should resign. So say we all, except for Brandon who must maintain his journalistic integrity.

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4 Comments on "Alabama’s Ethics Director Should Resign"

  1. Clovis P. Changetime | March 6, 2023 at 3:05 pm | Reply

    File another complaint. These guys are bass turds.

  2. Ripp can file all the returns he wants. Nothing will happen….

  3. Never Surrender | March 8, 2023 at 10:31 pm | Reply

    Ripp, it is clear that you are neglecting your site it. Look, you have 17k clicks per week. So many people rely on you for news that nobody else covers. Either be more attentive to your site or be like Gulf Coast Media and sell ad space to Shoe Station
    Even the Mobile Press Register has surrendered its position. Are you surrendering your position after you have paid off the American Express card?

    • It use to be Ripp was on top of what was happening. He was feared by the Fairhope City Council and the Catalyst Machine.
      The Machine now knows Ripp is falling asleep at the wheel.


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