Many thought that the Trump/Clinton campaign left little choice as two polarizing candidates split the political parties and beliefs. The Independents eroded the voting pool even further.

Well hold your nose, cover your eyes and close your mouth because Alabama Republicans have to make a decision as who to vote for in the Alabamaโ€™s Senate race. You want to know why Alabama is last in almost every category, except football and political corruption? It is our elected officials that WE elect. This election is going to impact the Republicans negatively in the mid-term 2018 elections.

Americaโ€™s 10 worst states to live in 2017

Americaโ€™s 10 worst states to live in 2017

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BIG LUTHER STRANGE is going to Washington to clean up the swamp. He is the epitome of the swamp, exactly what you do not want to see in Washington. As Alabama Attorney General he did little other than let Sen. Trip Pittman off on BP fraud charges and then gave our Luv Gov a pass on all his lies and sordid affair. The Republicans in Alabama have been given their marching orders, and millions of dollars, from Washington, THE SWAMP, and Mitch McConnell.

Strange sold his soul in this race – Lagniappe Mobile

Strange sold his soul in this race – Lagniappe Mobile

With the Republican runoff for the United States Senate less than a week away, it is evident Luther Strange is becoming exponentially more desperate each day. The current placeholder for Jeff Sessionsโ€™ old seat is running behind former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore in all the polls, so the Republican Senate Leadership Fund โ€ฆ



Roy Moore has been thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court, TWICE. Mr. Moore would not have a chance in any other state in the U.S. with such an infamous claim. Many say how they respect his religious beliefs, while they ignore the rule of law and put religion, their religion, ahead of any oath of office or constitutional rights.

Big Luther is busy saying Trump as many times as possible while Moore tryโ€™s to say GOD, twice as much as Luther says Trump. The scary part of this equation is voterโ€™s buy it.

Thatโ€™s why Alabama is last! our elected officials.

We are first in political corruption and football.

Donโ€™t forget: to forget to vote on Tuesday.

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  1. Horrible! I think that I will vote against Strange because of his corruption. Hopefully, Moore will win the primary and then be defeated by the Democratic candidate so that Moore won’t represent us in the Senate. I would rather see anyone win than Strange.

  2. We got rid of Tripp Pittman and now it’s our turn to get rid of Luther Strange. Both are the same. Strange is not running on anything that he has accomplished and is only bashsing Roy Moore. Luther Strange is absolutely the worse candidate though there is little to choose from. I’m sick and tired of our current politicians at all levels lying to our faces each and every day. There is NOT one of them who do not lie. Moore will beat Strange and that’s okay. Time to start thinking about making sure Kay Ivey hits the dang road too. She is absolutely the worse out of all of them. She has destroyed many dreams of Alamaba kids going to college by screwing them out the money she promised to provide to those who even completed all their education pact payments. Alabama is so screwed up. But heck, just look around. We have so many sorry ass people living here that the good ones are stepped on each day. Time to get rid of bad politicians and bad people who support them. Don’t vote bad people in and refuse to do business with bad people and the companies they have. Just ask Pittman how it’s going. It’s easy to do.

  3. Alabama Crook Free | September 24, 2017 at 7:14 pm |

    Don’t forget to vote for MOORE! We got rid of Trip Pittman who was spared being prosecuted because of the swamp Luther Strange. Pittman and Strange should both be prosecuted!!! Drain the swamp. Luther Strange is the swamp. Out with him!!

    • Trip is running for something I heard.

      • We will crush him again. Mr. 7% of the votes of Alabama. That disgusting!!! But true!! Trip Pittman is no more. Get the bad taste out of your mouth. He’s finished!!!

  4. Just saw Luther Strange on Fox News live. Scared to death and can’t say one thing positive he has done. Just continued to romp Roy Moore. Luther Strange….just another liar!!! Now that’s the plain and simple truth!!! Trump will back either one that wins!

  5. Hilarious to see Trip Pittman at the Roy Moore. While supporting Luther Strange for many years. Pittman is now sticking his nose up Moore’s quester. My, My, better keep an eye on Moore and As always Trip Pittman. When I asked why he didn’t carry more than 7% of the votes for the entire state of Alabama, he was embarrassed and walked away without any comment. Loser and a thief at his best. Duck Dynasty Dad was there. I’m sure Pittman didn’t tell him about how he has mistreated, belittled, lied and cheated so many Baldwin County people. Disgraceful and disgusting!!! Thought even Moore knew better. Hell, we are doomed either way. I love Oak Hollow. Hope they open the big doors at each end and air out all the stench.

    • I thought I read last week that Pittman had endorsed Strange. I would certainly hope that, under the circumstances, Moore will remember what Pittman did and will not try to help him get back into politics. Strange & Pittman are two of the sleaziest politicians to ever hold office and I hope they will not do so ever again.

  6. Elbert Dawkins | September 26, 2017 at 3:23 pm |

    I heard Trip and Jack were at church the last three weeks. Shitheads are up to no good i tell you.

  7. Be wary of Roy Moore having Trip Pittman around. If he wants to stump his toe with Pittman. We will get rid of Moore too. It was easy to get him this far. It’s just as easy to get rid of him too.

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