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Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely

Between 1837 and 1869, he was known as Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet. He is perhaps best known for the remark, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

There will be no Golden Key for Fairhope. Special interests now have total control. Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting did a good job of running what turned out to be a popularity contest, Wilson lost.


Sherry Sullivan is the new Mayor and she will enjoy a honeymoon time before being sworn in. One thing I hope resonates with her is that the three B’s have been running the show and Jack is the king B.

Jack will remain Council President and continue to run the show. He is not going to give up that position. Sherry had better be prepared because the council will have a well laid out plan before her honeymoon is over.

The percentage of voters that decided the elections was 17% of the registered voters, or 58% of the 33% who voted. No matter the winner, Fairhope should be ashamed at such a low turnout. Qualifications meant nothing in the race, it was a popularity contest and those that supported Sherry supported the 3 B’s. Once in office qualifications are necessary because the lack of, will put Sullivan at a disadvantage dealing with a council and city attorney that is used to getting their way.

I do wish Sherry all the luck in the world and would like to suggest that she not become the council’s “Rubber Stamp”.

Sherry will inherit many issues that the council created and many more she is not aware of.


Lawsuits were all but eliminated during Wilson term, except for a couple that the council keep kicking down the road, now the road ends at Sherry’s desk.

Another issue the council has ignored and the city attorney is trying to make disappear is the McSherry case. As the new Mayor, Sherry will need to address the issue or accept the blow back from women of the community.


Sherry’s biggest problem will be the three B’s. They will feel empowered and will consider their past transgressions are no more than water under the bridge. If Sherry ignores the continued corruption of the 3 B’s. It will be her undoing.


Sherry Sullivan is the new Mayor of Fairhope I wish her well and sincerely hope the City Council treats her with respect that a Woman and Mayor deserve. It has been absent the last four years.

The Ripp Report followed the Cant administration for ten years and the Wilson Administration for four. We fully intend to do to cover Fairhope and Baldwin County for years to come. I know that is a disappointment to some and that encourages me to continue exposing corruption in a target rich environment of BALDWIN COUNTY.

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  1. Ripp
    Stay in the loop and keep us informed. We awaited this post
    We know one thing: You never give up

  2. Give it a rest REMF. Your lies have been exposed and you cost Wilson a second term. Everyone you supported lost for a reason …you. Go back to filing your BS lawsuits and settling them for nuisance value.

    • Georgia Orwell | August 28, 2020 at 10:11 pm |

      I supported Mayor Wilson and believe that she has worked her butt off to fix decades of neglect by Mayor Kant. However, she could never have won a second term; she and her husband are not very friendly people. I love Page & Pallette & I adore their sweet daughters, but Karin & her husband both have such chips on their shoulders that they shunned those of us who tried to be supportive. Burrell treated her horribly but that was no reason to shun everyone else in town. However, I am grateful every day that she defeated the previous mayor, Mr. Kant. If Karin Wilson had not won 4 years ago, there may not even be a sewer system! And, don’t forget, Wilson made no money……she hired a professional engineer to run the Utilities division while she made a mere pittance to be CEO of the City. I think that Mayor Wilson earned $30,000 per year and declined the $90,000 that Mayor Kant took as the Director of Utilities (what engineering background did he have). Sherry Sullivan will earn $90,000 as Mayor and has not declared whether she will be the Director of Utilities making that other $90,000. That’s a lot of money for someone that may not be an engineer. My figures may be off……can’t recall if it’s 60 or 90; either way, if Sullivan takes an extra salary as Director of Utilities (or brings in Kant), we will know that she is not for Fairhope.

      • I see Karin and Kiefer all the time and no chip on the shoulder at all. Maybe you are one in many that always told them what they needed to be doing because they both do so much for our community and put themselves out there for us all.

    • Maybe Ripp could sue you

  3. Georgia Orwell | August 28, 2020 at 9:55 pm |

    I hope that Sullivan’s campaign promises were true and that she will not be complicit in the further raping of Fairhope by politicians and developer (and crooked lawyers…..she should get rid of that horrid city attorney first thing; otherwise she will be judged by his ignorance/laziness/corruption. Not many people voted because most people don’t care, but Sullivan could be great if she is not ‘rubber stamp’ to Tim Kant, Corte and the Coin operated council. I don’t know if she has kids, but she should know that every move she makes will come back to bite them. I wish her courage and luck and beg her to please not give away the Triangle property to a trust that will ultimately give it to developers!

    • Sullivan is owned by the Council

    • She won’t. They were all run by Catalyst. They’ll all get along because they all work for big developers. The worse case synerio happened because the only ones who showed up to vote were from old regime.

  4. Every painter, plumber, roofer, carpenter, builder, developer, real estate agent, etc. Voted.
    Everybody else was busy hurricane prepping. Fairhope needs schools. Stat. 50 kids per class.

  5. The people who moved into Fairhope and overpaid for their houses and were too busy working paying their mortgages did not vote
    Because of this, more houses will be built in tile the oversupply of houses, crowded roads and schools, crowded schools, failing utilities, and lower quality of life causes a crash in the values.
    These people deserve what they will get for their apathy

  6. What will Truland and DR Horton do when they overbuild and can no longer get the high prices for their houses? Will they have to come down on their asking prices?

    • Georgia Orwell | August 31, 2020 at 9:18 pm |

      Of course not. They will move to greener pastures. National homebuilders move in and exploit the land by paying off the powers in control. They they reap the profits of cheap homebuilding and then move on to destroy another city. There is nothing illegal about it. Cities need to have laws in place to prevent the devastation to the infrastructure and schools. Baldwin County just welcomes them because the greedy politicians work with them because they will be well rewarded. I keep hearing that Sherry Sullivan was compensated for having to quit her job in Daphne to run for Mayor. Who compensated her and why? I so hope that there is a reasonable explanation.

      • As a matter of fact, there is a reasonable explanation. Sullivan is what you call a “Revenge candidate.” She ran and was supported by the developers and the politicians that are owned by the developers. Now that she is in office, Cox, Corte, and the rest of the predatory developers are going to go hog wild in destroying the Eastern Shore.
        What can we do to slow the destruction down?

  7. We shall see I guess | August 30, 2020 at 1:58 pm |

    Ought to be interesting. I saw lots of familiar faces in the campaign photos. Fidler, McCrory, Heathcoe, Kants wife to name a few. We’ll see if the IT director, the building maintenance supervisor, the community development and public affairs director, and the utilities director survive the transition to the new mayor. She emphasized having the right employees in place. Maybe I’m reading too much into that.

    • No, you did not read too much into that. It is code for:
      “I am going to get my cronies back in office – BWAAAHHH HAAAA HAAAA (insert evil laugh here).”

  8. I hope not……Jennifer Fidlar was the laziest person ever employed by Kant (and that’s a lot).

    • Just wait: Sullivan is going to bring back all the Kant retreads so much it will look like a Kant Administration
      She might bring back the job of Utilities Superintendent Whoever is dumb enough to take that job will catch all kinds of trouble. The sewer is over burdened, the state shit down the gas, the water is over burdened, and the electricity grid is in the middle of a revamp. The Utilities Superintendent will basically be a fall guy before the city is forced to sell off the utilities to Riviera and Tucker’s BCCS

      • Georgia Orwell | August 31, 2020 at 9:22 pm |

        She apparently told a reporter that she might ‘take on’ the job of Utilities superintendent herself……I had to laugh because we are doomed with her. Frightening to see how greedy she is. She should take a page from Mayor Wilson’s book and do the job because she loves the city (forgot that the sued us and it was reported thatJack Burrell settled hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars on her).

        • Hey Georgia Orwell…..take a break and shut the F%*K up for a moment. You think the Mayor Wilson and her husband had a chip on their shoulder? They are great people and have done so much for Fairhope. Shut the F! Up loser. Good luck Sherry, many of us who put her in office know that she will do right by us and not let the 3 bbb’s run the whole show. Again, Georgia, go start your own blog, write a book but at least start contributing to making Fairhope a better city. Talk is cheap and you are full of crap!

  9. Watch the council.
    Ripp is retiring.
    Jack is licking his greasy chops.
    Fixin to get rich yo.
    Fat stacks ya ?.???

    • Ripp, you can not retire!
      Who would fill your shoes? You seem to be the only one who is fearless against the council and not afraid to state the facts.
      We N E E D you!

      • I am going to follow this council and mayor with a magnifying glass. Watch and see what they do in 4 years. Sherry will wear a rubber stamp around her neck and Jack will show her where to stamp.

    • Spanish Fort Oracle | September 1, 2020 at 9:14 am |

      Rock Creaker,
      What are the folks in Rock Creek going to do when the over-building decreases the values of the homes you all overpaid in that oversized subdivision? I mean Rock Creek go through Rock Creek and you will see big houses on small lots. Now with apartments coming in and the “patio home” phase, it looks like Rock Creek is filling up. The patio homes are really just cheaper houses built beside the bigger houses to extract values from the earlier-built houses at the cost of the existing larger homes.
      These real estate developers are smart. They can work the local governments and their past customers to make a buck.
      Well, actually they don’t need to “work” the council in this town because the council members are either in the business themselves or are funded by the developers.
      Then with a free ride to do what they want to do, these real estate developers build whatever they want in wherever place they want without any checks or balances.
      The local people suffer with paying more taxes, end up with traffic jams, more crime, have the local natural amenities be restricted, and become second class citizens in their own hometown.
      This is what “PREDATORY DEVELOPERS” do.
      Right now, our local government work for these predators. Because the mass voters are too busy working, they donot see what is going on. I guess the voters have only themselves to blame.

      • Yeah, those homes in there carry jumbo mortgages and they have to work two jobs to pay them. They are indentured servants to the banks and the real estate people just so they can say they live in Rock Creek.

  10. schools will not handle the added catalyst load.
    kids suffering but catalyst dont care none.
    ignerance is blissfull.

    • Scott Trestview | September 2, 2020 at 4:50 pm |

      As long as the masses do not care, then the Catalysts will continue to ruin this area.
      Most of the people who have recently moved in do not know and do not care.
      The Catalysts know this. The Catalyst politicians are a clever bunch indeed.

  11. Too late. Rippster tried to tell ya.

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