A Time for Reflection – Goobers on Notice

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Facebook is sending users a personalized “2016 Year in Review” on their news feeds. It has certainly been a year worth reflecting on. Much has happened in American politics this year. However, like former U.S. Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill said, “All politics are local.” In Baldwin County, nothing could be further from the truth.

And that is always our focus here at BCLE/The Ripp Report. Understand that we are as determined as ever moving into the new year, and that 2017 holds many surprises for you, our reading, voting citizens. Hang on folks. The Good Ole Boys—or “Goobers” like so many in town now call them—are going to be fully exposed. It is truly a new day.

In August Baldwin County politics saw an upset as big as the later national election for president. Prior to 2016, the City of Fairhope had two mayors. Both of them were goober good ole boys kept in place by a dubious system that allowed the Mayor’s father-in-law to control the counting of the casted votes. When the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office sent their top attorney to oversee the election, it was a game changer. Karin Wilson’s upset of #1 Goober Tim Kant is still resonating with Fairhope’s privileged class. It’s a loud wake-up call to “The Goobers” and it signals the beginning of a new, more hopeful time in Fairhope—one that will be typified by transparency.

Transparency is something that every elected official in Fairhope has stressed. Each of them has insisted on it. Mayor Wilson is building her administration on transparency and openness. It is truly a breath of fresh air. Every one of our elected officials will be held accountable. Moving forward, the City will no longer be the laughingstock of public corruption. Instead, with the help of a vigilant, informed citizenry, we will create a better Fairhope, and in turn, a better Baldwin County.

Now is the time to recall the progress we have made. As you slow down over the next few holy days with family and friends, think of all the new young people who have moved to Fairhope. At the recent tree lighting downtown I noticed hundreds of young couples with young children. These families are the future of our city. Will we make it a place where they can expect a fair hope for happiness?
There is still much work to be done. We have come so far—but there is still a long way to go.
After all, corruption has no place in a civilized society. Politicians who steal from us in the form of rigged elections and public contracts are NOT good people.

Semper Fidelis,
Francis Paul Ripp
BCLE/The Ripp Report

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  3. Neither do I but I contributed to getting that jerk defeated.

  4. Jack wasnt defeated.

  5. Hope the tree lights is no indication of how this mayor is going to do her job, half a$$$$. If you cannot do a complete job, Don’t do it at all!! Section St is an embarrassment.

  6. I would think that the lights would have been tested under the previous administration in September or October. So I think you need to bitch about the stupid lights that got his ass wipped by Karin. You lost get over it. Sound like a Hillary supporter

  7. Ripp Trip Pittman is tge next US senator and Kant is taking his place. Nothing you can fo yo stop it. Maybe you should move.

  8. Big Luther has that gig , unless Bentley decides to appoint his girlfriend.

  9. Big Luther’s gf?

  10. I don’t know about change. We still have the same people still in certain offices in county and local offices. There is a certain PAC that funds these politicians. The PAC that I refer to has “Gulf Coast” and “Progress ” in its name. Go look it up by pulling their campaign finance reports and you will see the PAC’s name. See for yourselves.

    • You are right and the number one policy they push is straight ticket voting and controlling the primaries, we need a new slate of people wanting to get in public service not public business.

  11. Jack Burrell claims he will run Karin Wilson out of office in a year. “I’m gonna make her quit” he says to his goober buds.
    And then he will be mayor next time.
    I am not a political insultant, but this makes me laugh.

  12. Paul I think you should move to New Orleans. You love to dig up dirt and corruption. Being born and raised in Fairhope the one thing we true Fairhopians realize is our glass is always full. We wake up everyday looking for the good. It is obvious that you truelly do not belong here. You wake everyday seeking doom and gloom. You glass is always half empty. I am worn out from you negativity. Your New Years Resolution should be let the past go and live for the day in anpositve

  13. In a positive way

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