Freaky Friday on Saturday Morning

Freaky Friday on Saturday Morning

June 11, 2016

The Ripp Report/Baldwin County Legal Eagle, Facebook,Β The Ripp Report


I apologize for not posting the recent Freaky Friday, June 10,16, It was a crazy week. The Ripp Report will now be available on our blog siteΒ The Ripp Report.

Originally the Ripp Report was local information about Fairhope politics. The idea came about due to the lack of honest information coming from Fairhope city hall, the mayor in particular. That was over 10 years ago, nothing has changed. Facebook then became our social media site which spawned Baldwin County Legal Eagle. To expand our Gmail connection the blog siteΒ The Ripp Report will be available. All of these forums will work together to maximize exposure.

For the last 10 years I have self funded my efforts to the tune of approximately $15,000 dollars, NO ONE is paying me a dime, or dictating any information to us. The non-profit, Ripp Report, was set up as a consumer group focusing on political and judicial corruption. I am acting as a private citizen, I am Not a political figure or elected official, nor do I want to be. I have no personal or business interest that would benefit me or my family. I AM a private citizen that sees clearly the corruption surrounding our daily lives and I intend to expose those involved.

The Ripp ReportΒ will now have a donate button for those of you with the same goals. All donations go towards social media advertising as well as other media sources. ABSOLUTELY NO salaries are paid every dime you donate will be used to educate the public on issues affecting us all.

Mayor Kant is by far the worst public official in Baldwin County, in the coming weeks we will give you 1000 reasons to retire Mayor Kant and the good ole boys. Many people have no faith in Fairhope elections and suspect the last two election results were tampered with. This election cycle we will make every effort to have an honest election by being particularly vigilant.

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