Letโ€™s top off 2022 by the most audacious local political corruption this year. I say audacious however it could be an example of the mental capacity of our elected officials. You would think that Sundayโ€™s Sermon would be hard to beat:


โ€œInstead they live up to Alabamaโ€™s title of being the most political corrupt state in the United States. I must admit when it comes to corruption in Alabama, all elected officials appear to be on board. This new delegation is going to rent offices in Bay Minette from the Mayor of Bay Minette. YES you read that right. If you think that is bad the rent for the first 5 years is $245,000.00. Thatโ€™s just to start. Mayor โ€œGREEDYโ€ Wills sweetened the deal for himself by adding two 5 year lease extensions. The second 5 years .will cost around $283.00.00 and the third 5 year extension for $339.000.00, that totals $867.000.00 in Mayor Wills family bank account, for a building worth far less. It should be noted greedy Bob has an Ethics complaint and a Bar complaint pending. Those complaints will be filed in the corruption file of both agencies, who are equally corrupt.โ€


โ€œI just simply wanted to have an opportunity to look at what was there,โ€ Underwood said. โ€œThis showed up on the agenda very quickly. And itโ€™s like, OK, weโ€™re going to enter into a five-year lease for something.โ€

Bay Minette has become the epicenter of corruption in Baldwin County. Mayor Wills self dealing to the tune of $867.000.00 plus, for rent on a building he owns to Baldwin County Legislature Delegation, BCLD, is just another page in Wills playbook. The good Mayor, as a lawyer, has pending scrutiny from Alabama State Bar and Ethics complaints for his past โ€œSELF DEALINGโ€.

Mayor Wills is also an equal partner in covering up the O.J. French killing by Bay Minette Police. You see Mayor Wills, State Senator Chris Elliott and Sheriff Hoss Mack are joined at the hip. Anything going down in Bay Minette must have their fingerprints on it to be approved.

Now Baldwin County has a new player in the trifecta of corruption characters surrounding Mayor Wills lease to the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation, BCLD. State Representative Mr Matt Simpson, House seat 96, chairman and spokesman for the newly elected delegation.

Mr Simpson, a lawyer as well, is now entering the hog pen arena of dirty politics, front and center. When confronted about the lease all he kept saying is โ€œItโ€™s Legalโ€, he could not say it was ethical, transparent or that it did not give the perception of corruption to constituents of the BCLD. His argument was juvenile and disingenuous, typical of Baldwin Attorneys.

Mr. Simpson went from a relative unknown position as a lawyer and State Representative to being the fall guy for those responsible.

Ask yourself what could possibly exacerbate this idiotic situation to another level of Christian Conservative hypocrisy? Remember we are in the Most Politically corrupt State in the United States. Baldwin County is the most politically corrupt county in the 3243 counties in the U.S.

Mr. Simpson has just been elevated to Chairman of the Ethics and Finance Committee by the new Alabama Speaker of the house. The speaker was unaware of the BCLD lease to Mayor Wills.


โ€œState Rep. Matt Simpson, R- Daphne, will chair the House Ethics & Campaign Finance Committee. Simpson was elected to the House in 2018. He is a former prosecutor for Baldwin County and also worked with the Mobile County District Attorneyโ€™s office. Simpson is an attorney with the Davis, Davis & Associates law firm, where he specializes in adoptions, mediations, civil litigation, probate law, and business law cases.โ€

How could Mr. Simpson have such a resume and think that the BCLD lease with the Mayor of Bay Minette was anything other than unethical, political and corrupt?

The Ripp Report has filed a complaint with the Attorney General about the lease. We also appealed to members of the County Commission and the delegates elected to the BCLD.

Now Mr. Simpson has raised the stakes and put himself front and center as the fall guy for the corrupt trifecta by being appointed to the Chairmanโ€™s position of Ethics and Finance committee. You cannot make this shit up.

The Ripp Report will amend our complaint to the Attorney General. We have also notified legal council for the Speaker of the House of our concerns. The Ripp Report will also be filing similar complaints in the near future and revealing the connections and conflicts of interest Mr. Simpson has in his suitcase.

So lets see if the County Commission, BCLD, Attorney General, Speaker of the House and the lawyers involved along with the Sheriff, District Attorney, Mayor Wills, Chris Elliott and Matt Simpson all agree that we are blind and ignorant. If so they should release a proclamation to all State Elected Officials that this conduct is legal and ethical and that all elected officials in Alabama may take advantage of there office for personal gain, compliments of BCLD.

EYES ARE ON YOU ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€ ๐Ÿ‘€

You can be the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation or the Dirty Delegation of the most corrupt county in the United States! YOUR choice.


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