December 2021


Fairhope, aka Fauxhope, last municipal election fell prey to the political cabal, Catalyst, now branded as Scott Boone Consulting. They did a bang up good job for the special interests, developers and political candidates, they…

Backstory Podcast 112

‘Tard and Feathered

The lack of Leadership in Alabama is unimaginable. This is the most ineffective and quite frankly unintelligent bunch of legislators to ever occupy our Statehouse. And the Kung-Flu response should have convinced you that our…

Troubled Waters

From the ill fated Alabama Port Authority “wetlands habitat/spoilage disposal” to allegations of a boat accident coverup by the City of Fairhope Police Department for a prominent Judge, Gambling America’s Amazon (Alabama Power Company’s cap-in-place…

Alabama Ethics


Alabama has earned itโ€™s reputation as the most corrupt state in the United States. What solidifies Alabamaโ€™s position is a perfect puzzle, all tightly fit together with inept, lazy, hypocritical elected officials and oversight agencies….