Jack Burrell Fairhope Pier Waterfront Project

Fairhope City Council President and Eastern Shore, MPO, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Chairman Jack Burrell considers himself a genius. He is the only one, because he leaves a trail of poor decisions, confusion, and corruption that affects his own constituents in a negative way.

Jack has been busy. He is the Pied Piper of Baldwin County representing the special interests of Catalyst/Scott Boone Consulting.

The Pied Piper is costing Fairhope millions.

His latest antics contributions are:


“Compliance got triggered in 1992,” he said. “We’re just now tackling it in 2021. We have the ability now with the federal grant funds that we to maybe take a real good look at this because now we’ve got an opportunity we didn’t have before.”


The rocks may be used again in the working waterfront project when it is finalized.

This is the exact location, on the original proposal, where a protected swimming area was to be installed flanked by stone jetty’s.

Mr Burrell has said he did not like the look of the jetty’s. The Grand Hotel installed multiple jetty’s.

The last two hurricanes did minimal damage to the hotel, thanks to the jetty’s. Fairhope is now shoring up the retainer wall again.

The jetty function has a dual function. It provides a swimming area and kayak launch as well as protecting the foot of the pier and bulkhead area that suffers damage with each hurricane.

Mr. Burrell does not like the look. So scrap the whole idea and continue to repair the bulkhead.

That’s Jack’s plan.

P.S. The swimming area had overwhelming citizen support prior to the election.


“Compliance got triggered in 1992,” he said. “We’re just now tackling it in 2021. We have the ability now with the federal grant funds that we to maybe take a real good look at this because now we’ve got an opportunity we didn’t have before.”

Read the article, please. The Pied Piper knew this all along.

What about the $6.2 million Waterfront project?

Tens of thousands wasted in design and changes to the plan that Jack used as a political weapon in the last election against the best interests of the community.

The grant criteria calls for ADA compliance and bluff stabilization. Bluff stabilization does not mean loss of elevation.

The political spin was “they are going to destroy or bulldoze the bluff”.

That was not remotely close to the truth. The “Bluffs” are remnants of the lower level parks.

Fairhope founders dug the bank out for the parks and main entrance to the pier. At one time a railroad connected to the pier and downtown.

Jack’s second Fairhope folly is his support for putting an electric sub station in a single family residential subdivision. I am sure that there is a good ole boy connection in this deal. Fairhope City planners and politicians deserve an onion award for this decision.

The single family home is to be bulldozed. The lot is absolutely beautiful and full of trees.

Go look for yourself.

8300 Morphy Ave

“This is a great lot one of the last of its kind in this area, a unique opportunity to own acreage in Fairhope. This 2 plus acre parcel is adorned with 100 year old pecan and oak trees. This is a deep lot with plenty of room to build the home of your dreams.”


For years the site, established by a previous, qualified utility engineer, was behind the ABC store. Now, all of a sudden, the Mayor and Jack, who thinks he is Mayor, have decided different.

Follow the money.

Who owned the house and lot at 8300 Morphy that the city bought prior to any notice to the subdivision or any application to change the zoning?

Tim Kant taught Sherry and Jack everything they know.


Let’s not forget the Airport and millions it has sucked out of Fairhope for a select few.


Council President Burrell has a police record that he forgot to mention in previous elections.


Then there is Jack’s hat trick of slipping in Jay Robinson to replace the quitter, jester, Robert Brown — all the while lying to the community.

Jack get Jay’s vote and Jay gets full family insurance and salary, estimated at around $100,000, and Brown, without any public explanation, disappears.


The council denies they knew anything about Robert Brown purchasing his ”family” property July 21 2020.

Once it was made public and on the record, Council President Burrell got all tongue tied trying to defend his railroad nomination process. He contradicts himself numerous times and ends up with one of his episodes of gibberish.

BEWARE Baldwin County citizens Jack Burrell is now going to make decisions for YOU.

First, Jack says absolutely No Tolls on the proposed Bayway Bridge. Then plan two, on a napkin, went down in flames.

The new plan is for a “Truckers toll bridge”. Jack now says that you may use the truckers bridge if you wish, but that their will be a toll, so it is your decision to pay the toll. What BS.


Fairhope City Council President Jack Burrell, chairman of the Eastern Shore MPO, said the phased approach would work, but still leaves questions.

Jack has said he is opposed to federal assistance, however, if it was offered he would take the money.

Has any plan or application, for the Bay Way Bridge, or bridges, been formally presented for consideration to the Federal Infrastructure Bill?

This was suggested by the king of pork Senator Richard Shelby. Jack is against Federal Funding. He thinks it is excessive spending.

If you think the driving force behind the bridge project is traffic, then you deserve to pay a “perpetuity” toll.

The driving force is DEVELOPMENT.

Follow the Pied Piper at your own peril.

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39 Comments on "PIED PIPER"

  1. Long Live Rush | June 4, 2021 at 4:26 pm | Reply

    Burrell is the head of the MPO? LOL! The germ of the eastern whore.

    • Yep, follow the money. Somewhere underneath that phony Christian Conservative façade is a demon greedy for money with no regards to how Fairhope and the rest of the Eastern Shore will end up after they sell us all out.

  2. Clarinette?
    Skin Flute?
    Damn Ripp you are vicious.

  3. This site is bs. Jack goes to my church and he is a good man

  4. Mr. Ripp I sat in my garage every Sunday for a year. I didn’t become a car, or a Christian.

    True story.

  5. Patriot 🇺🇸 | June 5, 2021 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    Ripp preaches godlessness and xiden. The CCP operative occupying the White House after stealing the election aided by a chinese virus made in ablab with 🇺🇸 taxpayer 💰.

  6. Is that a blunt? You don’t know Jack!!!!

  7. Fed Court Blues | June 6, 2021 at 12:10 pm | Reply

    This site is a waste of time. God damned disgrace! Find another hobby! Fairhope is the fastest-growing city in Alabama for a reason!

    • I’m sorry to hear that you have Fed Court Blues, Jack. Fairhope is not the fastest growing city in Alabama.

    • Fairhope is fast growing because a bunch of predatory developers came and molested a small town by buying their political puppets and unleashed a cancerous growth
      This town is not rapidly growing because the developers are adding value to the place, they are merely exploiting the place
      That makes THEM the “disgrace.”
      Once again, you Catalyst lackie, you just got owned, AGAIN!

  8. Molesters.
    Jack has a police report.

    Involving a minor.

    • To be fair, we do NOT know that for a fact. I may not agree with Jack’s politics but to accuse him or anybody with something that is not a known fact is wrong. I know I sure would not like to be accused of something that is just hearsay.
      There are rules of decency even in political fights.

  9. Employee fh | June 7, 2021 at 7:30 am | Reply

    His police report says minor involved.

    • It could have been anything. He could have been speeding g with a minor in the car. What are you insinuating ?

  10. Catalyst Converted | June 8, 2021 at 6:24 am | Reply

    and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle

    • Well guys, please tell me the specific allegations and not allegations that you know for a fact about Jack
      It is not right to accuse without facts

  11. For Fairhope | June 9, 2021 at 10:22 am | Reply

    Any idea if Jack is working with the school board to come up with land to build a new high school? Jack has land deal experience from what I’ve heard.
    I’m gonna hang up and listen, Paul.

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