To the editor:

This could be long — I hope it’s not inflammatory — it’s not meant to be. This is to all of the non-mask wearing and partying people out there.

I am mad. I am worried. And I am scared. And you, who refuse to wear a mask, and congregate with your friends, are the reason!!! You are endangering my family. And my friends. And ME!

When I look at you and see intelligent people who normally use common sense, and are active in philanthropy, and usually show such empathy for others, I am shocked. I KNOW you aren’t the selfish people you seem to have become. Yes, selfish. Because by behaving the way you are, you are basically saying that you are only interested in what is good for YOU at this time, and that the health and welfare of everyone else with whom you come in contact really isn’t your concern. The numbers are SPIKING. And the demographic that is testing positive now is YOU!

But you are also transmitting it to your families. You have parents who are at high risk. You have children at home who, often when they get COVID-19, don’t display the same symptoms, and get much sicker.

Trust me — we ALL want to get out and have fun with our friends. We ALL are sick of cooking every single night. We ALL want to see our children and grandchildren. But we can’t because YOU ARE, and you are spreading this virus.

Those of us in the older generation have worked and saved and done without when you were all growing up so that you could have the wonderful memories of childhood that you have! And so that you could enjoy the wonderful lives you all have today. We also hoped that, upon retirement, we could do the things we gave up to get to this point in our lives. And you are STEALING that from us! We are now spending our Golden Years in the four walls of our homes, unable to go out socially, unable to play with our grandchildren, unable to take those fabulous vacations we had planned for.

I beg you — PLEASE — stop the partying. Stop the congregating. Start wearing masks in public! Don’t let the world blame you for spreading this insidious disease!

Thank you for reading this!

Jani Handwerger

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  1. Boomer Remover

  2. What does cull the herd mean?

    • Did either of you idiots even read the letter. Look at the first two comments and read them and then read the letter. It’s a shame we can’t permanently quarantine all the assholes. Less traffic and more pleasant to go out and about.

      • For Real, chill, dude. You are such an alarmist. Remember – nature once in a while culls the herd

        • New Zealand didn’t “cull their herd”. Now they are re-opening. Now we can’t go to Europe. Even Mexico is shutting us out. That’s going to be great for the economy.

          • Mexico shutting us out? Great. Maybe we won’t have to build that wall after all

          • New Zealand is also an isolated island that nobody wants to go to unless they like sheep and eat Kiwi fruit
            You have given a false equivalence

          • Yeah, Mexico will still smuggle their drugs across the border
            You Trump haters would love to crash the economy if there is a chance it would make him lose election

          • Your feelings towards Mexicans isn’t going to help the huge hit to our economy. the number of deaths due to any cause increased by approximately 122 000 from March 1 to May 30, 2020, which is 28% higher than the reported number of COVID-19 deaths. What’s your evidence? New Zealand has urban centers, it faced the same problem. There are quite a few more countries opening up as well.

          • Then maybe you should move to New Zealand since yuh think it is so great.

          • You said nature culls the heard. I said New Zealand didn’t. We weren’t talking about favorite countries. Nearly all of the European union has dropped to double and single digits for new cases. The US is heading towards 100,000. Adjusted for population size and date of known infections, the US has 159 new infections per million. Canada 8, Switzerland 9, Belgium 7.5, Australia 5.4, Germany 4.36, Denmark 2.61, Netherlands 2.6, Ireland 1.8, South Korea 1.

            This is why their countries are opening and will fare better than us. My thoughts on Trump doesn’t have anything to do with the economic damage done. My point is, nature didn’t have to “cull the herd”.

          • Does anyone know if we can return the wall and get our 11+ billion back?

        • Who can chill with people like you around? Lots of dumb asses seem to be popping up. Geeze

      • For Real is going to get high blood pressure if he doesn’t calm down
        Maybe he would be better off if he turned his anger at fighting g Covid

        • New Zealand with urban centers? Ah ha ha ha ha
          The biggest town is the capital and that is Christchurch and that is not a very big town
          You either are bluffing or you really think that you can sell your opinion with half baked facts
          Wear your mask if you want to. Let others who are not sheeple alone

        • There is no anger here. Putting up with you assholes is just another walk in the park. You post things without even reading the article. You seem to just read the comments and then fire away. Regarding the person who wants to return the wall? I’ll be glad to help out as soon as you are out of the US. No need for for you to hang around. Read the article if you can. Then make a comment.

        • Wow on the high blood pressure comment. Try reading the article instead of just the comments. You might learn something. Probably not

          • Wait, we can choose what country we live in? Don’t tell Mexico!

          • Let me get this straight. A conservative can’t have a dissenting opinion on 11 billion dollars spent on a wall. A wall that will just be torn down by a liberal president in the future. Sure would have been nice to spend that on some useful infrastructure like roads and fixing bridges. But no, we go on our emotions and can’t think about the future. Like drugs are going to disappear with a wall. Why not 11 billion to go after employers violating the law? Is America about deporting every dissenting view now? Is this a one party country? Or maybe a one infallible person country?

      • You scare me with your angry tone

        • No, its Auckland. 1.65 million. I picked New Zealand because they were the first to reach 0 new cases. There are plenty of other countries re-opening that I state in another comment. If shut downs upset you, you ought to prevent future shutdowns like these countries did.

  3. Herd immunity.
    Back to work! Alabama sez they are playing football.
    Nick Saban is the greatest. RMFT!

    • Quarantine the weak not the strong
      There those that would love to see all of us locked up because of a one half percent chance of getting Covid then Of those a one half percent of dying
      According to the calculations more people will die of heart attacks than Covid yet they aren’t banning pork chops

      • Yea, people have heart attacks. So what’s another 130,000+?

      • We reached 1% of the population having been infected or currently infected. Only 79% to go until herd immunity.

  4. Yes, let’s virtue signal and wear a mask. Let the weak quarantine themselves while the rest keep working and not let the country go to hell
    The Democrats tried to crash this economy using COVID as an excuse. 1 out of 100 people got COVID. The death rate includes anyone who has COVID and falls off a building which overstates the death rate

    • President Trump wore a mask today. Yea Trump, way to virtue signal with the Democrats! Doesn’t that piss you off? Right?

  5. As a millennial I like that term boomer remover

  6. We know the hospitals overstate their Covid cases. If you go in for a stubbed toe they will diagnose you as having Covid because they get more money
    If you get run over by a truck then your cause of death is Covid
    I have seen some medical people overstate Covid cases
    Take your fearmongering and sell it to the sheep people

    • Yes, I too have witnessed hospitals state COVID for anything. This is unethical

      • Seeing a Facebook meme doesn’t count as witnessing. Tell us the story, and tell us where you are receiving the information.

        • I don’t do Fakebook nor do I get my info from memes
          I have asked people i know in hospitals-several of them- and they tell me this
          I have promised I would not reveal their identities

        • Go out a sock in it, you covid scaremonger.
          I am sick of having to have 1 percent of the population shut the place down.
          Quarantine the sick and kick China’s butt for this
          China started this either accidentally by eating bats or by letting one of their bugs out of their labs that they were cooking up to attack their enemies with

          • Fine. Spew whatever you want. Data on excess deaths not attributed to covid shows evidence that it’s not likely. But your anecdote is plenty of evidence for you. This conversation has become more about your emotions than saying anything relevant. Why is it so hard to give me one source of information? For anything? I’m tired of the Republican party running on emotions rather than solutions. I’m a conservative and I’m allowed to criticize my party.

          • That’s not what witnessing means. That’s hearing it from someone else.

        • This is a great example of the problem we face today. Someone says they witness something. For whatever reason, who knows? Likely, these are the same words they use in person. So someone else gets on Facebook and says my friend witnessed it! Next, someone for whatever reason, says their friend witnessed it not even knowing the first person. But if they said the truth, it would look bad. So they don’t know that “friend” personally. Somewhere down the line, someone gets challenged. To save face, they claim their friend is a nurse. Now it’s a “fact”.

    • Why are Florida’s patients up 72% in hospitals? Why are 40 maxed out?

  7. Mike Dudley | July 10, 2020 at 5:44 pm |

    Some imbecile said that Christchurch is the Capital and largest City in New Zealand. Wrong on both counts! The capital is Wellington and the largest city is Auckland.

  8. Francis Ripp | July 11, 2020 at 6:34 am |

    It sure is amazing how smart some people are in Lower Alabama. Smarter than doctors, nurses and health experts. Alabama is last, or next to last, in almost every category, except corruption. Political corruption is organized in Baldwin County. A small minority of loud and very vindictive people in Fairhope, make everything political. The city council wanted to take a chance on the Arts and Crafts show and have spoken out about how they do not believe in masks. If one of these people gets sick and goes to the hospital the first thing they are going to see is those silly masks on the Doctors and Nurses. Not wearing a mask identifies you.

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