The Mayor of Fairhope is cutting the city budget to compensate for the anticipated loss of municipal income due to COVD-19.

The staff, police, fire and other cuts came up to 2.6 million.

Does that figure sound familiar?

It is the same price for the recreation land that councilman Burrell Boone and Burrell, the three B’s, insisted on buying only to lease the same property for 9000. a year.

Another Economic Crisis Looming?

Another Economic Crisis Looming?

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.

Source: thefairhopetimes.blogspot.com/2020/03/another-economic-crisis-looming.html

Absolutely no one wanted the recreation land to be located next to the airport. Burrell Boone and Brown pushed the purchase down the throats of the citizens.

Lost Opportunity, now Fairhope has to cut 2.6 million because the three B’s had a plan of their own.

Sewer projects and capital improvements may also be delayed.

Now we need 2.6 million not 9000 dollars a year for a farming lease.



… the 3 B’s,  Burrell,  Brown and  Boone, approved and purchased, 2.65 million in land for recreation, that did NOT have the approval of National Park Service.

Source: rippreport.com/2019/11/06/catalyst-colors/

This CATALYST council has been the worst Fairhope has ever seen. Please remember Aug 25th is the municipal election and vote the CATALYST council OUT.

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Maybe this downturn will put a halt to the out of control growth
It’s not just Fairhope but the entire county that is run by Catalyst that must be stopped
In this case the cure is better than the disease




Yep, Illuminati. Typical Catalyst rebuttal
You say this for the uninformed people who don’t know hoping to keep attention away from the acts of this group
But some of us watch, see, and know what Catalyst is and see what it does
Can you give a better response to the money flowing from the developers to vetted candidates controlled by the “campaigning group” known as Catalyst?


Keep say Illuminati, Catalyst operative
You are just proving that this organization exists and does its damage

Daphne Oracle

You mean catalyst Illuminati ?
Who put you up to posting this? Boone? Burrell? Brown? Cox, Corte? Ball? Haygood – no not him- Catalyst has disowned him because he has gone off their reservation.


No one wants a downturn. Just a council who will get on board with comprehensive planning. The mayor cannot do it alone.

Catalyst is evil

Ripp you know the purchase of this property was a Catalyst deal and the reasons were for personal and immediate gain rather than for future gain.
Don’t try to apply good reasoning to catalyst greed.




Catalyst Illuminati
Can’t you come up with something better? I mean really Catalyst supporter, please explain why you say Illuminati.



Thelma Blue fh

Light shining on corruption. Fairhope seems backwards.
Looks like green acres on meth.


What is Illuminati?


Your Moma is Illuminati


I heard Mayor Karin will be unopposed. Jack is too scared.


Jack should be scared. I saw him rap the gavel and say a fellow council member was out of order that night when that council member asked if the Mayor could speak. When I saw this I was disappointed in Jack. I mean all these council people were elected and they do not work for Jack. That was a mean move

Abby Goldwyn

Jack has more bigger problems than reflection.

Paul Ripp is one.


Illuminati …

Baldwin Insider

Suck it, You Catalyst filth. You are scum

Sprawl B. Hapnin

Sad that the below average intelligence in Fairhope is allowing graft and malfeasance like this. An FBI forensic examination of the tranzaction would competently reveal their crime.

Fairhope appears doomed.


FBI is with the Illuminati

Abby Goldwyn

Mister Ripp you are like a bad dream to cat list. Jack is like a pole cat and you are gonna skin him and sell his hide. He’s running scared and i cant blame him for it any bit. You have been downright mean to that man.

Can you be a little meaner? He deserves to suffer for that shady land deal.

Francis Ripp

I will do my best


Ripp I hear that you get 12,000 clicks a week to your site. If that is true then I can account for about two per day
Keep doing what you do and we will give you the clicks to make the crooked politicians know we listen to you and tell our friends and families!
Catalyst tried to out speak you with Baldwin Insider and Chuckie Cheese. That failed.

Spanish Fort Oracle

Yep, Ripp, we love you. Like anonymous said we listen to you. Catalysts be on notice

Brent Roper

Opportunity cost.
What you give up.
For having criminal councilmen.