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You have damaged the reputation of Catalyst
Once Catalyst was a kingmaker but now you have made it a dirty word.
What will the corrupt politicians do now that they have been outed? What will Boone do for a living?
How will Cox and Corte get there money to buy off the politicians?


Illuminati, flat earth, UFO coverup, catalyst….it’s all real. Run for the hills!


No-it’s not all real- just Catalyst is real
Look at politicians campaign spending reports and you will see in black and white “Catalyst and Associates LLC.”
Look up Alabama corporations and you will see it in black and white

For Real

I love it when catalyst uses Illuminati in attempt to make people think they aren’t real.
Catalyst is as real as the politicians that are owned by Catalyst.
Catalyst is registered as an Alabama Corporation and it’s file number is 316-020. Go look it up.


It was dissolved you idiot


Then it must have changed it’s name. We will find out what Elliot Haygood and Stacey is called now

Catalyst Fact Checker

How has the reputation of Catalyst been damaged by a blog that is read by less than 2000 people in a county over 185,000?

The politicians will not do anything different because Ripp is irrelevant. He raises no money, he backs no candidates, he spreads lies.

No candidates have been outed, because none were scared of this blog.

Cox and Corte give to both sides of all parties and all elections. All candidates accept their money, regardless…


Typical Catalyst comeback
Ripp has over 12,000 visits per week to his website
Yiu say no politicians have been outed? Ha! Tucker Dorsey was a Catalyst kingpin. SO WAS KANT
Catalyst tried to run the Probate Judge until he was outed and D’Olive won
Again I laugh at your claims
Again I say: Catalyst has been outed and they are running like the cockroaches they are

I can be a Catalyst Fact Checker too

Ripp has more readers than catalyst ever had when catalyst was running the Baldwin Insider with Chuckie Cheese writing for catalyst – before he was outed
Thats’s how


Hahaha. So true. It wasn’t just Chuckie Cheese. It was also Sherry Sullivan.

Dillwert Robbins

Sullivan and cant are close. Sammich


Lookey here Paul,
Catalyst has actually got a fact checker on your blog that must mean you are getting them hot and bothered

Catalyst is Evil

Corte is the reason Kant lost the election. Corte had to have his apartments. Corte says he is a farmer. Ha ha.
Corte is a real estate developer who has betrayed his family’s legacy


I know for a fact that Cox and Corte did not give to several candidates because the candidates couldn’t be bought
If you want to know the names of the politicians go look up their financial statements and see for yourself, Mr Fact Checker

Francis Ripp

Fact checker my ass


Here’s a fact:
Jack took a shot at Ripp and lost.
Ripp got paid.


You are wrong. People absolutely read it. Ripp has nothing to gain except the satisfaction of taking down corrupt people. You cannot guess readership by how many likes a page has.

If you were not concerned about readership and you don’t believe what he says, why are you reading it and taking time to comment! Lol.

Chip Wood

I heard hightower was going door to door spreading lies


Jack Burrell is a squirrel.
Take him out Paul.


And that “lesbian” council!

Robin B. Goode

Ripp hasn’t damaged catalysts reputation. It was already bad.

It was just not many knew.

Now they know.

Hightower is their b#tch.

Ripp Fan

As more and more voters become aware of Catalyst then more candidates will avoid using catalyst
Catalyst can cry Illuminati all it wants but they cannot hide from their own doings


Mr. Birrell is beatable. I overheard the other day that even catalyst is concerned about having to polish a stinking turd.


How can a stinking turd polish another stinking turd?


Dear Mr Ripp,
It looks as if you really did not need to post a story this time. With all the comments being posted, this is a post unto itself
I was impressed to see the supporters of Catalyst put in their opinions as well

Running for office

I am running for office this election and I was going to use Boone but I am afraid to be associated with catalyst

Francis Ripp

listen to ya fears

R.T. Bishop

Jay is a lesbian.

El Vira

Catalyst beleives they can get Burrell relected. That’s a longshot. Only one that has a cjance is mayor karin.

Ciuncil is a bunch of theives.

Thelma Blue fh

Shit all catalyst did last time was sit back and wait for kants paw in law to work his election tamping magic.

Now we know they are not political “experts”. They just crooks!

Rid the council five.
Butrells boyz need to go.