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Beware of the Baldwin County CATALYST VIRUS. It is a political Virus spread by politicians that support unbridled development, low or no impact fees, no school impact fees, increased traffic and no planning or county sewer regulation. This virus will effect your quality of life, schools and property values.

The virus spreads by CATALYST politicians that are well known for using their appointed or elected office for personal gain. The Virus promotes corruption, if allowed to spread, Baldwin County will be a county of sprawl, mired in traffic.

To prevent the virus do not vote for any CATALYST candidates March 3, TOMORROW

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How can we know if a candidate is Catalyst or not?
I need to know so I can also tell my neighbors and friends.




Hightower is catalyst.
Don’t vote for him.


What is Catalyst? Sounds like some kind of illuminati theory. I can’t find out what or who it is either. Sounds like a wingnut conspiracy theory to me.

Y.Y. zinfidel

Catalyst runs the Fairhope sh#tty council.


If you do not know what Catalyst is then read previous posts but I bet you do know what Catalyst is because Catalysts use the retort of Illuminati theory to defend what they do
You Catalysts are so predictable


Nobody knows what fake illuminati is just like nobody knows about fake catalyst. Smartly, nobody takes the bait and argues the point because it is like having to prove a negative or argue with a flat earther.

Neither exist and it just gives the wingnuts something or someone to blame for their miserable life.

Claude McSherry

Catlist is more deadly than a chemical and turd laced jubilee.
Please don’t vote catlist.


I hope Hightower loses because he is a Catalyst

Cankle Pete

Mister Ripp I heard you made a lot of money when you sued Jack Burrell and the city and won.

Are you really going to use that moolah you won against Jack and his four butties on the council?

Prayers if true. You are a Godsend.


Looks like Carl won the Eastern Shore.

Thanks to you Mister Ripp!

Catalyst is Evil

Hey Catalysts, How is the “Wingnut Illuminati” statement working for you all when you all try to deny your actions and the damage you have done?
If Hightower loses then Catalyst will be a certified losing outfit.


Jack and this lesbian council must be replaced. They are crooked and mean.


Lesbian Council?
Ha ha ha ha
That was a good one
How better to describe these beta males who are afraid to go against Bully Burrell?


I wish Judge Scully had been on yesterday’s ballot. I relish the opportunity to vote against him! He’s as bigoted, self-absorbed, and vicious as they come!

Francis Ripp

Skully and the sheriff may be in deep dodo, see Lagniappe article about the man being evicted and killed. by Gabe Tymes