Bill Hightower and Jack Burrell

The last Monday night Fairhope City Council meeting and the work session were unnecessary long. Many people have begun to watch the council meeting in their homes, on Youtube. It is convenient and you can moot the council president, when you wish.

Council President Burrell has occupied his position for 7 plus years, never sharing the gavel with other councilman. He has to have control and he never, ever, ever, shuts up, except when you ask him about his Police Report, then he gets real quiet.



A DOCUMENT FOR CATALYST A police report is a public document, it is not a Ripp Report, it is a police report. The Ripp Report has received several tips involving Mr Jack Burrell and the law.


Monday’s meetings was a classic example of diarrhea mouth in action. Watch the video, if you can. The council meeting was extended by 30 minutes or more with Jack talking about every subject. He spent 10 minutes making excuses about agenda mistakes and saying he was sorry to the folks who showed up for the canceled item.

Burrell showed his true colors when he threw a KISS to Bill Hightower, in the audience, a CATALYST candidate for the First Congressional District. The Fairhope CATALYST council will run as a block vote in 2020 and they only support and promote CATALYST candidates, that is why Bill got a kiss.



In the last Fairhope municipal election the Ripp Report supported most of the City Council, even Jack Burell. The focus of the election was to elect a new mayor. It became perfectly obvious in the…


Bill Hightower has thrown in with the most corrupt good ole boys in Baldwin County, CATALYST. The council is being run like a criminal enterprise and a vote for good ole Bill is a vote for CATALYST.

Folks the last thing Baldwin County needs is a CATALYST Congressman.



Alabama’s first congressional district has 5 Republican candidates running to fill Bradley Bryrne’s seat. Only one is CATALYST. GUESS. The GOP hopefuls vying for the party’s nomination in Alabama’s…


A vote for Bill Hightower is a vote for CATALYST

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RT Baker III

Pole cat list.
Clean sweep 2020.

Jack you’re goin down like a led zepplin.

Hugh T. Gregory IX

Ripp you lie.
Karma will catch you.
Jack is unbeatable.

Truth Hurts

The meeting was actually fairly short. The Mayor campaigned for 15 minutes during her comment period. She lied about current City debt and transfers from Utility. 20 minutes was the boy scouts. The meeting only went a little over an hour. The mayor’s lies and boy scouts took up the bulk of time.

For Real

Hey Truth Hurts, I guess you know how it feels. You seem just to be another bitching citizen that only does that…talk smack, lies and even complain about the Boy Scout’s time….not once but TWICE! What a lonely life you must live to have to complain about our Scouts.


Read TH’s comment again you idiot before you go total Democrat on the person. It does not complain about the time. Merly contradicts the first paragraph of the blog. It states it was a short meeting. It ended at 7:05.

Also the proper word is mute not moot for future blogging purposes.

For Real

You are a very small person who says big things behind a post. I’m sure you are just angry that Jack blew a kiss to Hightower and not you. I get it, you are jealous so I will let you be deal with your own emotions. What are you? 5? Thanks for the laugh. I don’t think Jack is going to apologize to you. Too funny!


Hey Catalyst Flunky,
Karin speaks the truth whenever Bully Burrell can himself shut up


Oh Jack. Nothing to brag about so you make up lies to deflect this fact.
Or is this Robert?

Ole Fairhoper

Is it “Robert Brown who steals from your Hometown?”
I just cringe when I see recently people who moved into Fairhope and think they are so hot becuase they live in Fairhope and think they make the own great. They need to be reminded that this town was great BEFORE they came.

PVC signs are Catalyst

If Burrell says only one word then it is one word too many.
Hightower must be defeated. Notice how his campaign signs are like the other mass produced signs made of PVC. A Catalyst trademark

Fred G. Swinford

How does the council convince all the new people who moved in to vote against themselves and allow cat list to build more?

This is logic defying.

Cat list appears dumber than a box of rocks. Too much traffic. Trailers in schools. No more jubilees. Nobody likes this council. They will build to fill their pockets and talk with marbles in their mouth about being christian.

Fairhope is wise now thanks to Mister Ripp.

God help these council “mice.”


Any news on the airport?
I heard there’s suspicious activity after dark.


The Fairhope Airport a crime scene in the first place!


Criminal enterprise.
They rigged the elections for years.

Miss Barnwell

To Whom It May Concern, The: Bill Sponsored by Rep Joe Faust How many years has he been in office? 16? 20? Anyone ever heard of him writing the language to sponsor a bill? I haven’t! It is my honest opinion that he isn’t capable. What I do think is that he hired that little short bearded newspaper writer fellow to write the language in that bill; this is the same fellow that wrote nasties about everyone but the establishment politicians in his little Gulf Coast newspaper. Well, that little newspaper creature now works for Joe- we taxpayers pay his salary to write up LAWS and PR for politicians! Kay Ivey also appointed the newsboy to serve on some nonsense board. More pay for the short little reporter. Joe probably put the Barnwell landowners in a room with the little newspaper man and mumbled for him to jest fix something up, or draw up some papers to help these folk so that ‘ol Mayor can’t grab their land. He forgot about Burrell. Unfortunately the Barnwell landowners aren’t lawyers either and they are trusting an inept legislator and a vicious little newspaper writer to help them KEEP BARNWELL FREE AND HISTORIC.… Read more »