Last night’s, State of the City of Fairhope, was a success and the employees represented the city proudly. A 35 page report was presented and I encourage citizens of Fairhope to drop by City Hall and get a copy.

Employee moral is higher than previous years and Fairhope’s “City debt was paid in full June 2019” one of many financial accomplishments. These accomplishments are the result of the Mayor, Superintendents and staff, not the CATALYST council.

The CATALYST City Council has been a huge disappointment, their efforts centered on obstructing the Mayor from achieving anything, even if it effected the city as a whole. Just think what Fairhope could have accomplished with a council that put the city first and their personal ambitions last!



Fairhope’s City Council started out, day one, as being obstructionist. They have stayed the course for over 3 years and the taxpayers have paid dearly. The three new councilman aligned themselves with…


While the city was working hard on financial improvements and in the mist of the budget process the council elected, against public outcry, to purchase 2.65 million worth of farmland for recreation. Within weeks of purchase and no money for development of the property, they decided to call it “surplus” and lease it out for farming at 9 thousand dollars a year, which hardly pays the interest.

Good ole Boy deal.

All of Baldwin County enjoys the Pier and Park in Fairhope. Fairhope has announced a “Fairhope Working Waterfront and Green Space Project.”

A total of 6.2 million will be invested. One of the many goals is to promote tourism in the Gulf Coast region, including recreational fishing.

Past administrations of Fairhope have ignored this goal and have never fully utilized the pier and waterfront.

This is your chance to participate in this project by spending just a few minutes to fill out the survey.

Fairhope’s Working Waterfront

Fairhope’s Working Waterfront

Take this survey powered by Create your own surveys for free.


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Bishop Knight

Mayor Karin is doing a wonderful job.
This council Ripp–not so much! Keep your foot on their throats. Burrell and the banker are in kahoots! Sh*t! They’re all in cahoots!

Woke and Told

Hey Jack, How does it feel to know that so many people disapprove of you and see through your FAKE Christian values?
To the rest of the council: From Boone to the banker baby to marble mouth to Brown hometown. We are coming to vote you out
Tell Catalyst that you need honest work then maybe Cox will give you a job.
Ha ha. We are WOKE and you have been TOLD.
No wonder why the council drinks so I much at McSharry’s. I would drink too if I had to carry so much on my conscience. After all you all go to church and hear about morals which you all lack.

Fairhope for Karin

Karin has proven her grit and she is a tough person. I admire her. She has been through HELL and has come through battered yet still true to her principles
Karin. Yiu have proven to be a true leader. Through your trials you have been humbled and stripped to the bone and the only thing you had left was your principles
You have demonstrated that your heart is pure
Because of this you have proven that you, though not perfect, are a true proven leader because you aspire us to what you believe. You inspire us.
Go forth, Karin, and lead us. Your heart is pure

Bilge Pumper

Jack’s ❤ is pure excrement.
Vite him OUT.


If the Catalyst Council could make a buck off selling their own souls they would; Oh wait! They already did!
Watch their campaign revenue reports when they run for re-election. The developers will be their main income and Catalyst (or whatever Boone will call it) will be the expense. This is a money cycle on Baldwin politics.

Georgia Orwell

I agree completely. I don’t always agree with the Mayor’s decisions, but I always believe that her decisions are made from a position of wanting the best for Fairhope. If I were her, I would have been hounded to suicide, but she has stood strong in her beliefs that she is doing the best thing for the City and I am behind her 100%. Some people on the City Council have been shameless in their attempts to destroy both her and the City.


Are they building a new high school?
Fhs can’t handle the unfettered growth this catalyst council has spawned.

30 kids per class will be the norm.

Unite against these council mice!

Georgia Orwell

It will be far more than 30 per class if these guys are able to bring all of their apartment/’multi-use’ projects in. The City Council and the Judge are making bank off of the vote to force Point Clear to pay school taxes for Fairhope.

R.T. Bishop

Jubilees … A thing of the past… Like honest gov’t in Fairhope….gone like a stale fart in the wind.

Cant is running.
God help us.


How can we stop this crooked council when they have so many of the voters hypnotized with their phony Christian conservative hex?


Kant has backers.

Wondering and Wandering

Why does this council get away with so much graft? It is either because maybe they ARE operating within the law, or the connections they have shield them from impunity.
Why is not the Ethics Commission or the Attorney General not doing anything? Maybe the council is in fact acting in a legal way.
Anyone’s thoughts????


License to steal on the Council.
Do how you please. Screw people.
Make 💰.