January 2020


In the last Fairhope municipal election the Ripp Report supported most of the City Council, even Jack Burell. The focus of the election was to elect a new mayor. It became perfectly obvious in the…

Ronin McSherry


The wheels of justice move slow, especially when the good ole boys knock out the spokes. 15 months ago we reported on an incident that should have been resolved in 6 months. BARSTOOL BARSTOOL |…

Bill Hightower Alabama


Alabama’s first congressional district has 5 Republican candidates running to fill Bradley Bryrne’s seat.  Only one is CATALYST. GUESS. GOP candidates differ on I-10 financing GOP candidates differ on I-10 financing The GOP hopefuls vying…

Backstory Alabama Podcast Baldwin County


The Podcast is the court of public opinion. We discuss topics ranging from human interest stories to political corruption. The podcast is not shy about calling out corrupt politicians, Judges or Attorneys. The Ripp Report,…

Jay Robinson Fairhope City Counsel


Fairhope’s City Council started out, day one, as being obstructionist. They have stayed the course for over 3 years and the taxpayers have paid dearly. The three new councilman aligned themselves with Council President Burrell,…

City Council President Burrell Fairhope Alabama


JANUARY 10 2020 BACKSTORY PODCAST TODAY Fairhope’s City Council has no priorities, or if they do it is off the rails. Consider Fairhope just had another sewer spill. This council has slowed down infrastructure projects…

Fairhope Alabama


Highway 98 and Parker Road is Fairhope’s Malfunction Junction, compliments of a Catalyst City Council. Fairhope’s City Council supported the developer, and the developer supported them. A good ole boy deal that will impact every…

Fairhope City Council


WORST ELECTED OFFICIAL IN BALDWIN COUNTY I admit that Baldwin County has it’s share of corrupt and inept elected officials. Two stand out in their field as the worst elected officials with the worst records….