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Ole Fairhoper

Paul, I watched the podcast and heard your concerns with the “judge” (cough) and his conflict of interest. It disappoints me to see all this going on.
I am remembering all this when I vote next year
In addition so will do many more people who have seen the misbehavior of this council
They have caused much damage to this town
City Council members: take heed


Fairhope is behind Foley and Robertsdale in terms of infrastructure like sewerage and roads. Also, the Fairhope School System is overrun now with all the new families moving in. Disgraceful it is. Kids need good schools not 30 per class.


As long as the city council approves of the new subdivisions, then you will see more than 30 per class
The council is owned by those who build the new houses

Richard Thompson

Yawn .

Why Yawn?

Why do you yawn, Mr. Thompson”