Tax, tax and re-tax that is the bottom line for Baldwin County. The developers pay no or little impact fee for their projects which ends up costing you, the taxpayer, to make up the difference in the cost of Schools, Streets/Transportation and Education.

As the fastest growing County in the State, Baldwin County School System has been negatively impacted the most due to the lack of long-term planning from the board.

Governor Ivy now wants even more control over a failing education system, by appointing State School Board Members, rather than electing them.

Bill to end election of state school board members

Bill to end election of state school board members

A new bill in the Alabama Legislature would replace elected school board members with appointed ones.


Our politicians are now trying to pass a lottery, that for the last 20 years has been referred to as an education lottery. The proposed lottery has NO money for education! The politicians wish to use the lottery to pay back the State General Fund, as far back as 2013. Alabama politicians are supporting a lottery that would pay back the State’s general Fund for the money politicians have already stolen or misappropriated. A proposed amendment to the bill would give education 25%, a far cry from 100%.



Alabama is going to give the lottery away to the highest bidder, the Poach Creek Indians. You sure cannot blame the Poach Creek Indians for understanding how to manipulate our good Republican…


In Fairhope a special school tax was favored by the City Council over a Mayor’s proposal push for impact fees and making the contribution more equitable. The Council President made it perfectly clear in his statement that “the City Council wants out of any School business.”



Fairhope City Council has been pedaling backwards their whole term. They now have a chance to pedal forward, putting Fairhope on the map, when it comes to the city supporting education.


These are the same micromanaging Christian conservatives who pound their chest every time the word taxes comes up, yet they favor taxing their constituency even when municipal funds, already collected taxes, are available. Welcome to Baldwin County we need your taxes. Doesn’t make sense.

Special School Tax Will Need Council’s Blessing (Updated)

Special School Tax Will Need Council’s Blessing (Updated)

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.


Teachers need to demand that the Baldwin County School Board address the basic needs of schools. Our teachers are suppose to TEACH not fund-raise.

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Ernest Ganes

All Baldwin politicians are liars and fake Christians.


True, but they are not faithful enough that they will be judged by God in the end. This day they not be able to be fake or lie!!!

My true god is money and my church is Catalyst

By the time God judges them it will be too late. Also the politicians don’t care because they don’t believe that Christian crap. The true god to them is money. They just use that Christian front to dupe the voters. What’s more it is working for them

Faihope Citizen

I can tolerate politicians in Church because we all are sinners. I cannot tolerate all those politicians who lie and have sexually harassed Women and also those politicians who have paid for their abortions. This is a crime not to mention the fact they want full control and are screwing us by raising taxes and deceiving us by leaving out Education out of the Lottery. Kay Ivy is a real disappointment to women’s rights. Has she ever gotten pregnant by a rapist? NO politician should even have a vote on a Woman body decision, especially a group made up of mostly White terrible people. This is another act that will cost Alabama tens of millions or more. As far as Jackass Jack Burrell wanting to get out of the school business. Tell him that’s okay, just pay us back all the past Airport money (millions) that the city has paid and discontinue the hundreds of thousands of dollars we pay each year to the Airport and he will change his mind in a New York second! He’s out of here! That’s a promise that will happen in any election he decides to run for my fellow Fairhopians.

Old Baldwin County

The developers are adding houses and stressing the infrastructure. I believe an impact fee would help but the developers fund and pay for the politicians via Catalyst to keep this from happening.
One candidate last election said “Let growth pay for growth and the developers threw money at his rival to make sure impact fees would never happen
Why should we old Baldwin Countians pay for the newly needed infrastructure caused by the developers when we have been paying for it all these years?
It is because impact fees take more money out of the subdivision builders’ pockets and it is far cheaper paying for politicians who will kill any impact fees
I know at least three commissioners are owned by Catalyst and Catalyst is a front for the developers
In essence Catalyst is robbing Baldwin County as the satanic politicians say they are Christian Conservatives


Trailer Park Schools.
Fairhope is not a top 25 school in AL.

Alabama is dead last in education.

The F.


Builder of homes

Who cares about education? I build and sell houses. Let the citizens do schools. It is not the job of homebuilders to supply schools
We build homes- not communities


Fairhope is a huge lie.
School is overrun
More trailers ordered.
Record number of kids registered.

Renee Price

Time for Burrell to be exposed.
Has anyone bothered to read his police report?