Gulf Shores Mayor and Council are acting the same way the previous Mayor of Fairhope, Tim Kant, acted involving the controversy of the Fairhope Fly Creek Apartments. The Mayor and his buddy developer ignored the sentiments of the community. It cost the Mayor his job as well as a few councilman. The collateral effect in Fairhope resulted in firings, retirements and resignations of over a dozen employees, who needed to go.

Apartment complex causes controversy

Apartment complex causes controversy

A development in Gulf Shores has caused many residents to complain and protest its passing to the City Council. The proposed development would bring a 206-apartment complex near the downtown area …


The controversy is not about apartments as much as it is about the location, location, location. “The development will increase the population of the City of Gulf Shores by almost 5 percent (based on 512 people or 2.5 residents per unit),” Sims’ remarks said. “The development will add 400 to 500 more cars on an already busy streets in the residential area, not to mention Gulf Shores proper which is almost in a state of gridlock now. If this development is approved, we feel it will not be long before the four-way stop signs in the “Small Town” section of Gulf Shores will be replaced by traffic signals. We were told by the Real Estate Company (Remax Paradise) that the developer planned to build townhomes. We were shocked to find out after the fact that a site plan had been approved by the city Planning Commission for a high-density, four-story apartment complex with absolutely no prior notice to citizens living in the neighborhood; as a result the residents were given no input.”

How much is enough? New apartments rile up one of Alabama’s fast-growing beach cities

How much is enough? New apartments rile up one of Alabama’s fast-growing beach cities

A 209-unit apartment complex on Regency Road in Gulf Shores has residents upset, claiming they were not given proper notification about it. Gulf Shores city officials aren’t expected to vote on the project, which has the residents also upset.


SAVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD STOP REGENCY PLACE APARTMENTS, is the basis for a petition that more than 750 people supported.

Gulf Shores council denies citizens’ appeal on apartment complex proposal

Gulf Shores council denies citizens’ appeal on apartment complex proposal

The Gulf Shores City Council has unanimously denied an appeal against a new 206-unit apartment complex in Gulf Shores.


The City of Gulf Shores current position is to ignore the complaints and threats of lawsuits by citizens. Gulf Shores Mayor and Planning insist all is in order and those complaining have no merit. Shoot the messenger or messengers. This was the mistake Fairhope’s Mayor and developer made.

If it were not for a few messengers, Mr Pete Sims being the most vocal, who have tried to alert the two complexes, The Enclave and Regency Club, of the long term negative effects the apartments, there would be no message, no information. Why are the boards not carrying the banner of protest? They should be the messengers, not the ones shooting the messengers.

Condo associations are notorious for lack of communication, residential geniuses, and boards that are more known for the confusion they cause than the solutions they solve.

Unfortunately The Enclave and The Regency Club are currently pointing fingers at each other, shooting the messenger and falling into an abyss of “NO ACTION”, which is exactly what Gulf Shores counted on .

Fairhope, just like Gulf Shores has Planning and Zoning regulations, and just like Fairhope, under Tim Kant, Gulf Shores violates it’s own regulations more often than anyone else.



Fairhope elected a new Mayor who concentrated on changing the membership of Planning and Zoning, with new appointments. The Mayor also updated Planning regulations and plans further changes as a result of public participation. The Mayor settled, all but one, of the pending lawsuits inherited from the last administration and a Planning Board who favored developers over the citizens.

Citizens of Gulf Shores need to understand that the problem is Planning and Zoning and it’s mindset. The Mayor makes those appointments. You have to change the Mayor to change Planning and Zoning. If you really want change then you also replace the council in the same election. It has taken 2 and half years in Fairhope with only one position left on P&Z, and he soon will be exiting the building.

More Changes Coming To Planning Commission?

More Changes Coming To Planning Commission?

News and information for Fairhope and Baldwin County, Alabama.


Gulf Shores residents’ appeal to halt apartments denied again – Lagniappe Mobile

Gulf Shores residents’ appeal to halt apartments denied again – Lagniappe Mobile

The anti-apartment group in Gulf Shores made one last appeal to the City Council on Oct. 29 in the form of a one-man effort by Enclave resident Pete Sims during a specially called council meeting. Residents of his condo complex, The Ridge and Regency Club, have been fighting tooth and nail since a June site …


The only person that will be left on the Planning and Zoning Board in Fairhope from the last administration is Hollie MacKellar. She was also the only member who sided with the citizens opposing the apartments, she will soon be the senior member.

Gulf Shores you may not stop the apartments! Upon completion of the apartments, and residents moving in, two thing will happen. First your property will depreciate, second, your property will be less desirable, next to apartments, for a purchaser to even consider. No one wants to live next to apartments, that is why the location of apartments should be zoned to eliminate the impact on those who have already invested in real estate in the area.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach will continue to represent sprawl, not Planning or Zoning, and not the citizens. Want change ? then follow Fairhope’s lead.


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10 Comments on "Gulf Shores – SHOOT THE MESSENGER"

  1. Aunt Pitypat | February 21, 2019 at 7:35 am |

    What has happened to Gulf Shores, Fairhope and anywhere else in Baldwin County has occurred because we as residents have elected Bozos to run our cities and County then we looked the other way for too long. This area was a developer’s dream and the Bozos crawled in bed with the developers. Those of us that have lived here forever know that we cannot go back to the way it was years ago but we could preserve what we have and not be everything to everyone. Strengthen our infrastructure and replace and repair what we have. The only plan that the Bozos have had was ..No Plan At All Just Cash In While You Have Some Control … one thing really unique to Baldwin County was open spaces. Now it is build on every inch that you can get your hands on. I just read in The Courier where Bozo Brown thinks the Triangle May need to be a Mountain Bike Trail and Bozo Burrell thinks $9,730.00 of your money is ok To spend doing a STUDY for that use.
    Lee Turner is another bag of worms!!!! OF COURSE HE HAS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST BEING PRESIDENT OF FSTC!!! I think Lee Turner has his eyes on being Mayor of Fairhope!!
    We as citizens can show up in numbers to Council and Commission Meetings and demand that their priorities be to take care of what we have and now make sure our infrastructure is suitable for handling the mess they have helped create…overload of buildings, people, traffic, trash, pollution, sewer overflows, ETC!!

    • Georgia Orwell | February 21, 2019 at 8:31 pm |

      You are so correct. I used to go to almost every Council meeting and have attended some of the more controversial Board of Adjustments meetings, but I have pretty much given up. These “Bozo’s” don’t care at all about what effect their actions have on Fairhope taxpayers/residents. When they ignore us and cast votes to destroy the City and its beauty, they may not be taking cash kickbacks, but I’d bet my dog that ‘something nice has come their way’. I hope that they can live with themselves after ignoring masses showing up at meetings to protest their actions.

  2. Baldwin Native | February 21, 2019 at 9:30 am |

    As long as the developers contribute gobs of payments to certain elected officials in forms of campaign contributions, expect more of the same.
    As more and more developers start dumping apartments in neighborhoods only then will the residents of those neighborhoods start fighting back. But by then it will be too late. The people only have themselves to blame for allowing this. This overbuilding is happening right under our noses and NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE RAISING ENOUGH HELL ABOUT IT.
    The only mistake the developers did was build those Fly Creek Apartments too close to Rock Creek and the Woodlands – kind of like being too close to a nerve.
    Well, now we know the organized destruction – it is called Catalyst. This outfit is made of developers who pay elected officials’ campaign money to get in office to approve the overbuilding. What are we going to do about it?

  3. Vladimir Cutin | February 21, 2019 at 6:46 pm |

    If you have high end or valuable real estate you should sell by 2021 according to my expert friend, a millionaire in real estate.
    Says the values will start dropping after because if traffic. One beach road means gridlock.

  4. Craft is behind the building.
    Karin is not.

  5. Clark Strong | June 24, 2019 at 11:56 am |

    I grew up in the area and this should have been stopped years ago. I work heavy construction and travel around the country. When I tell people where I’m from they “We used to go there all the time, before it got so crowded”. GS and OB have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. People of GS need to get ride of this mayor and council. Or just appoint Meyers and Kaiser. Another bad move is the city schools you got rail roaded into. Wait two years and then look at your taxes.

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