Vote candidate not party. Straight ticket voting is voting blind and allows corruption to flourish and compromises elected officials. It strengthens the good ole boy network and Catalyst candidates, something all parties should be against.

Baldwin County has been run by old white men, all politically connected to one goal, do what the hell they think is best for them. Well those old white men are disintegrating and groups like Catalyst will soon be history.

FAIRHOPE – CATALYST a Dirty Little Secret


The Fairhope City Council is an “at Large” elected Council. Each of the members of the Council is deeply connected to the machine named for now, Catalyst; some by blood. The present council was…

Source: rippreport.com/2018/09/21/fairhope-catalyst-a-dirty-little-secret/

Mayor KARIN WILSON shattered the glass ceiling by becoming the first female Mayor in Fairhope’s history and she has battled a Catalyst Council that cannot even deliver the budget on time. The council has done everything in their power to obstruct the Mayor. The original plan of making her quit, only solidified her determination of representing Fairhope as a Public Servant.

2018 Nappi Award Winner Hardest Working Elected Official- Eastern Shore
Fairhope Mayor KARIN WILSON.

BILLIE JO UNDERWOOD County Commission District 3 is predicted to win. It should be mentioned her last opponent is a woman as well, HEATHER BROWN. Tucker Dorsey joins Tripp Pittman and Tim Kant, 3 that really needed to go. The Ripp Report is endorsing BILLIE JO UNDERWOOD, she worked harder than anyone in the primary, run-off and now the General election. She is what you call a Public Servant.


County Commission District 2, AMBER SMITH is running against Joe Davis. Davis is as Catalyst as they get. Recruited to run from the Dane Haygood camp, another Catalyst elected official. Joe will get his marching orders from Daphne.



Publisher correction: With over 300 single publications, without a single correction, The Ripp Report must admit to an error in the: PEOPLE POWER PEOPLE POWER | THE RIPP REPORT /

Source: rippreport.com/2018/03/21/i-quit-and-will-quit-again/

AMBER SMITH would be beholding to no one except her constituency. A woman who has answered the calling of Public Service. A vote for AMBER is a vote for change, a vote for Joe is a vote for Catalyst and the good ole boys.


DANIELLE MASHBURN-MYRICK is running for State Representative House District 94 against Joe Davis.

Joe Davis did not deliver on the BP money and sat mute while Sen. Tripp Pittman stuffed his pockets with $750.000.00. Ole Joe is now bragging he was partly responsible for the penny tax approval. You know the tax that cost the Baldwin County Schools 2 million a year. Chris Elliott and Mr Eddie Tyler, Superintendent of Schools headed the “no Vote Tax.” That is the tax THEY decided on, not the voters. Joe is running buddies with Randy Davis, who has just been indicted, what the hell does that tell ya?

Rep. Randy Davis indictment ‘hits closer to home’ for south Alabama

Rep. Randy Davis indictment ‘hits closer to home’ for south Alabama

Rep. Randy Davis faces federal charges of conspiracy and bribery, and his indictment on Wednesday, prompted “surprise” among some Baldwin County officials. Three people are running for the House District 96 seat that Davis occupies, and they all three had varying views about the corruption allegations.

Source: www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2018/07/rep_randy_davis_indictment_hit.html

Joe and Randy represent the old guard and have really never accomplished anything other than to maintain office by straight ticket voting. Neither one knows what Public Services means and both need to join the other good ole boys being shoved out the door.

DANIELLE MASHBURN-MYRICK is over qualified for the job, however she wishes to bring those qualifications to Public Service. That is what Public Service is all about.

Can a Democrat win in Baldwin County? In state House race, one hopeful sees ‘path to victory’

Can a Democrat win in Baldwin County? In state House race, one hopeful sees ‘path to victory’

In Alabama State House District 94, a Democratic challenger is hoping to pull an Election Day upset in defeating longtime Republican incumbent state Rep. Joe Faust.

Source: www.al.com/election/2018/10/can-a-democrat-win-in-baldwin-county-in-state-house-race-one-hopeful-sees-path-to-victory.html

This is a very important vote and State Representative District 94 would finally have a true Representative of the people, Please vote for DANIELLE, another hard working candidate and public servant.


ANDREA LINDSEY is running for the School Board, District 2. ANDREA brings 24 years experience to the table. The School Boards are going to be overwhelmed with the growth of the student population, in all the Schools. Please VOTE for ANDREA Nov. 6th.




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Women of Baldwin vote ?.


Paul, you are so right about growth. It will be all hands on deck. Thank you for your confidence in me. Our students deserve our best efforts.


Ripp, you and everyone else should question the true “Party” of Andrea Lindsey. Facts are she campaigned for Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary. Now she is running as a Republican in order to have a better chance at winning this BOE position. And the real sad part is the Republican Executive Committee of Baldwin County are aware of this, but want to “check the box” off that Republican won.


Andrea is a good person. She is the only candidate that has been in the classroom The other candidates know nothing of what Andrea knows


Th upe point is that she stepped

Ben Baldwin

Ben Fed Up In Baldwin Ripp, thank for highlighting the women candidates, all running for important positions in our county. But I think we should not consider any of these candidates for their political affiliation, or gender. I think we should look at it like a job interview. There is one race in particular that needs our attention: FAUST vrs MASHBURN-MYRICK I think Joe Faust is out of touch. He needs to put his retirement package together and move along. I have heard him say he loves people and loves helping people. Well, first of all, good, that is wonderful. But know this, it was and is your job to do help, this job is not a ride on the Christmas Parade float, drifting down the road waving at everyone. Joe is nice, but we don’t need nice, we need someone smart, professional and that can make a plan and act on it. What we need is someone who knows how to determine the problems, find solutions, write and propose legislation to correct those issues. That should have been Joe’s job title for the past 15+- years, and he has not done much of anything that I can see. The… Read more »


Faust is an awful crook. Terrible person and representative. Shady stuff is his m.o.
Vote yes on the new government in Fairhope.

Chris Warner

You’re a fucking idiot. If you want to start bashing people, look at the idiot that vomited this op-ed!

The yes vote is a slap in the face to catalyst. Vote ? for city mgr districts. Be like Vestavia and Mtn Brook.

The Real Truth

So women of Baldwin County should listen to an old white guy on how not to vote for old white men? How about not telling us women what to do. We can and will think for ourselves. Many of the women running for office in Baldwin County are great choices to vote for, but Danielle Mashburn-Myrick is not one of them. She is educated and a nice person, but did you know she has never sat through a legislative session. She has no idea how the House of Representatives work. She talks about better education and health care, but some of the changes she says she is going to fight for, are not at a state level. That means she can’t change them, or fight for them because it is at a federal level. This woman doesn’t want someone who decides to run for office on a whim and hasn’t even done their homework. Don’t know what it takes to get a bill passed, has never been to Montgomery even to checkout what is involved in the job! Joe Faust may be old school, but he is a good man. And has done great things for our county and state.… Read more »


True Truth on Pinocchio Joe

ApparentlyTHE REAL TRUTH, you know absolutely nothing about what value Joe’s experience has brought or lends to OUR district. I do know a lot of truth. Some of it relevant, some not. I know a lot of dirt about him, but I am trying to be polite and not take that route. I am going to set some things straight as I have know him and have known a few of his friends and relatives throughout the years. Nice folks, by the way. I have heard a lot around town about him. I have also been asked not to say anything, or do anything to hurt him or his campaign. I will only say what I know and think everyone has a right to know about his record. How’s that?! Joe does a lot of talking. Joe is easy to influence and control by those who support him, and does exactly what those supporters tell him to do. That can be good for those who contribute to his campaign and bad for those who don’t. Many see it as a sign of weakness. You can hand out peppermint candy and sit on the front row of your church and that… Read more »


Danielle Mashburn-Myrick is running against Joe Faust not Joe Davis! You should not vote someone in office because you think he is a good guy. That is one reason we have a group called “the good ole boys” . They have no clue! But yes they can smile and shake your hand and pat you on the back!!!

Damn that was my mistake Thank You will edit today

The Real Truth

So we should vote someone in because they are a woman?
Sure go ahead and vote for the bored housewives who don’t have a clue.

You cannot even use your real name, that says a lot, Hack

In the Know

You talk about Danielle Madhburn Myrick not having any experience in Montgomery – well when Joe Faust started did he have any experience?? NO – his resume he just picked & choose what he wanted to put in it. He was not an Insurance Broker – he was a Insurance salesman. Also he did not even list all the other many jobs he has had over the years. Why?? Who is he trying to fool? The legislation job is the only job he has been able to keep – just shaking hands & being in politics.


Well said! People just moving in really have no idea!

The Real Truth

I didn’t just move in. This is my hometown. I have more of an idea of what is going on than you apparently.

The Real Truth

Nice assumption, Fairhope is my hometown and I’m more in the know than you apparently. But you do you,and when the whole state ends up with the same BS that is happening in Fairhope because someone was voted in who has no idea what they are doing, let’s see how vocal you are then.

New to Montrose

I have been reading the back and forth remarks about the elderly gentleman, Representative Faust and his quest to be re-elected. I read several of the AL.com articles & have decided that I still have some unanswered questions about Faust and maybe some of your readers can help. I read one article that had an attached summary of facts leading up to Representative Davis’ indictment. It sounded as though Faust was aware that Representative Davis was trying to force Blue Cross and Blue Shield to pay for services for a diabetic clinic that Davis had ownership in. Faust even participated in the treatments so that he could testify before a committee of his fellow representatives in order help Davis and his diabetic treatment clinics by forcing Blue Cross to pay for the treatments at the clinics. It seems to me that Mr. Faust should have used better judgement. Even I don’t think Blue Cross should be forced to pay for treatments that they have not approved. If they had been forced to pay for treatments in Mr. Davis’s clinics, does anyone, including Mr. Faust understand that those costs would trickle down to the consumers? If not, he should have. I… Read more »

The Real Truth

If you have questions then go ask him. He is in his office in Fairhope when he is not in Montgomery. Don’t listen to Ripp if you want the truth. His is mostly half truth and his imagination.