Catalyst is a political cancer found in Baldwin County. It hand picks political candidates. Catalyst was formally Stacy Elliott and Haygood, the birth of the cancer, that morphed into Catalyst when Mr. Chris Elliott became a county commissioner and Haygood became the Mayor of Daphne. Catalyst represents the old guard or good ole boys. They carefully “select” candidates to represent their interests and place them in as many different races as possible. From probate judge to State Senate and all four Baldwin County commission races.

Catalyst’s plan is simple: Place as many candidates in as many positions as possible. That’s how shady deals like the county Mega-Site are made. At the helm of Catalyst is Mr. Scott Boone, Fairhope Councilman Kevin Boone’s son. That bad apple did not fall far from the tree. Catalyst boldly uses intimidation and bully tactics to discourage viable candidates or elected officials who may not agree with them. Catalyst supports Catalyst and that may why non-Catalyst candidates have seen their campaign signs disappear, in Fairhope.

Just think how dangerous it would be to elect all the people seeded in the up coming primaries and election by Catalyst. They would have total control of the County Commission, Probate Judge, State Senate and District Judge. As a voter and citizen this should shake you to your core.

Look at this recent post on Facebook:

Now compare that list to this one, an invitation from a couple of lobbyists who support Catalyst. Birds of the same feather.

Read them both very carefully, study the names and you will see that these like minded people are all about getting elected and the power it yields.

Joe Davis district two is being supported by Catalyst and Tim Kant. Kant wants the good ole boys back in office and the builders, developers and lobbyist support him. Kant left Fairhope with failing infrastructure and a sewer system that needs tens of millions to repair. Kant also supported the Fly Creek Apartments, he did this while the overwhelming population of Fairhope opposed the project. Just wait and see the traffic nightmare at highway 98 and Parker Road when these apartments are completed, and remember Tim Kant was for the developer not the citizens of the community or the environment. Fly Creek will soon be a drainage ditch that taxpayers will ultimately have to repair, not the developer.

Kant supporting Davis! a loser supporting a quitter.



Publisher correction: With over 300 single publications, without a single correction, The Ripp Report must admit to an error in the: PEOPLE POWER PEOPLE POWER | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL…


Please support John Lake for District two, a proven public servant, not a Catalyst hack.

John Lake to run for County Commission District 2

John Lake to run for County Commission District 2

Longtime former Daphne City Councilman John Lake has announced his intent to run for County Commission District 2. Lake, a 43-year Daphne resident, has lived through two dramatic growth eras and …


CATALYST wants control of Baldwin County only you can stop that from happening.

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Doe Doe Birdz.

Thumbs down.


I took a field trip to the pier.
The stench was awful
Brown logs in chocolate water. Awful.

Ole Fairhoper

Oh my goodness. This is really mind blowing

For the catalysts lol

Don’t believe this stuff. It’s no different than facebook fake news sites.

The Ripp Report

Beginning to push your buttons?


It most certainly IS true about Catalyst candidates!


Then post the facts fact state otherwise otherwise shut up and collect yiur paycheck from Boone

For the catalysts lol

All BS no different than any other facebook fake news.

Violet Chiff

Bonners. Disappointed so.


Not fake. Just facts


No BS….all truth.


this is not BS. If it is then I challenge you to state where Ripp is wrong. Just don’t write it off but state where Ripp is wrong

For the catalysts lol

I challenge to show solid proof on anything he claims. No one has ever been charged much less convicted of any claims he has ever made and thats a fact where are your facts? You don’t have any and never will you are just dumb enough to believe this BS


Jack is gonna pay.


Not fake news this time. What is the rebuttal?


That’s it I don’t know who I will be voting for but now I know who I will not be voting for. These guys make me so angry

For the catalysts lol

Looking forward to the catalysts taking out the Fairhope Mayor and when elected fireing all her overpaid no clue supervisors. Wow just wow how bad things are in Fairhope. All the good employees are looking for other jobs and quitting one by one. That says a lot about the leadership. Really looking forward to Rowdy out there Ripps comments after the municipal elections.

The Ripp Report

You must have Catalyst Cancer


Ok Cliff. Ripp outed you before

Daphne Oracle

Yeah is that why the Daphne utilities director quit and went to work for Fairhope? Haygood is a tyrant backed by the same people

For the catalysts lol

He quit for the money. He will not have a job after the election in 2 years. So he better save some of that huge salary he’s getting.


Fairhope’s mayor ain’t going nowhere punk.

For the catalysts lol

Wait and see punk!Enjoy it while it lasts. The writing is on the wall. She only got elected because everyone thought she could stop the Apartment project behind Publix boy did she pull the wool over. You see how that went ha ha ha

The Ripp Report

She got elected because we had a fair election


First fair election in decades. I wonder if Kant’s father in law will live two more years to right the score?


Baldwin County looks so gullible. Fooled yet again by them fake Christians. Sad!

Sick of Baldwin County!!

We will be there Ashley & Britton Bonner!!!!! NOT for Kant NOR Elliott NOR Dorsey NOR Boone NOR Brown NOR Burrell or any of the other Good Ole Boys or arrogant politicians of Baldwin County!!!! The sickness in Baldwin County needs to stop!! Can not wait until Sunday, April 2nd WE WILL Meet & Greet!!!’


Yeah you will be there for Catalyst. Good job Boone. You stick by your friends. Bonnet is a lobbyist and they have been uncovered. So be there to offer backup


Uh it is April26. Nevermind. It is April 2. Oops you missed it

For the catalysts lol

The moderator only posts what he wants. What’s up with that MR Ripp you afraid to post anything that bucks your non factual opinions.

The Ripp Report

So where is your post? we have not blocked anyone, since the Fairhope Jester.

For the catalysts lol

See all my responses


He posted this comment. So much for bias..,,


The Catalysts are freaking out Ripp! Stop doing this!! When you expose them they go into hyperdrive. Next thing you will hear is how you are trying to split the Republican Party. As a Republican I can say the Catalysts think unity is when you back their candidate. Where is it written that they own the party? They don’t and they hate it when the people take back their party

Stanton Pierce

Is boyd in OBA catalyst? Elliott definitely is.


The mayor is doibg well.
Sewer getting fixed.


Karin is doing things that should have been done. WE LOVE YOU KARIN. You see where your supporters are there


This site should be shut down for errors and subversion of the Fairhope Government. You people need to understand that Jack and his two allies on the council control the city. So eat it Ripp.

Ole Fairhoper

No, YOU eat it Jack4more years. My family was part of the founders of this town. To see this guy move on and do what he is to this town is awful. Fairhope was great before ho moved here and Fairhope will be great after him


I guess because your relatives helped others found Fairhope generations ago that makes you special. Some would call you entitled. Your post does not make good sense either.
“ To see this guy move on and do what he is to this town is awful .” I am speculating that you are a very senior citizen unhappy with change….. People who post like you make me want to do the opposite of what they advocate. Some of your apparent adversaries are idiotic also but you seem to be the worse. I don’t like writing negative posts so I won’t say any of this again. This blog needs everyone to be more considerate. You can criticize someone, especially someone who is not an elected official, without being so hateful. And, yes, that goes BOTH ways.

Ole Fairhoper

Entitled to keep this town from being taken over by uncontrolled building? To see jubilees go away because the sewage is being overburdened by houses being built in bulk by mass production builders? I guess you could say I do feel entitled to keep Fairhope from being exploited by others who feel entitled to take it away so they can make money at our expense
This is our home. To others it is just another place to come in and mess up


Amen OFhoper!!!!
Catalysts feel entitled to overbuild, make money, and ruin the place. It is they who feel entitled


All you Catalyst people can do to respond to this is call it @subversion” and “lies.” What part of this post are lies? Is it a fact that these guys are handled by Catskyst? Is it s fact that these candidates take money from outside real estate companies? Is it a fact that Catalyst was founded by people who know hold office?
So what part of this are lies?
By the way the way just because somebody disagrees with you doesn’t make it subversion. “Subversion” is a word dictators use when their power is questioned


I will be voting against all incumbents except Burt. That guy running against him is a clown. He is the dui school cash man.


Your vote and mine will be identical


I heard Jack is honna settle with Ripp. Well the city is. Taxpayer’s will psy off Ripp for Burrell not letting him talk.


Another reason to get Jack out.


2018. Still pumping crap in the bay. Fairhope and Daphne.


And the government wants to build more houses and add to the overstretched sewer syste


This here ripp report has become the mainstream news. We have no coverage anymore. What has happened? Why is everything so secretive with the press? Are they in bed with catalyst too? God forbid.


Of course the press is in bed with them. Ripp proved where Chuckie sold out long ago. He also writes for the Baldwin Insider. I mean he is the Insider. The only newspaper left is the Lagniappe. Notice what Lagniappe publishes and what GCN publishes. Enough said


Ripp you are not even an American! You were born in England! You cannot even sue Burrell and you do not deserve to talk at council meetings. You have enough say here! Sorry Ripp you lose!

Say it to his face

BorninFH, are you scared, frightened or even intimidated by Pau Ripp. You sound like a punk who is a very unhappy person. I actually feel sorry for you that you have to direct so much negativity towards Paul Ripp. What are you scared of. We all have the right to speak up about the problems that are going on in Fairhope. Get the heck out of here. I know what a coward you are. You wouldn’t dare say that to Paul while he he was standing in front of you. You are really pathetic. Bastard child would be my guess.

For the catalysts lol

Oh my really, Paul Ripp is a little girl with no back bone if it wasn’t for the law I imagine many people would be saying things to his face but violence isn’t the answer. But he needs some tightening up for sure. I bet he was slapped around a lot in school. We all know his type.

The Ripp Report

No one has ever slapped me without me slapping back.


At least he is willing to stand up to Burrell. Burrell has to threaten him with the police and say “You’re going to jail.” Now Burrell is using the Fairhope Police as his own personal gestapo.

The Ripp Report

Born in England, my father was an officer in WW2, That gave me duel citizenship, I guess that make me an American twice. I also am a citizen of Belize. As far as suing Burrell, yes I can and he is in Federal court.


Thank you for your service. Your father was an officer in WW2? I did not know that.


Ripp was not a service member
I was in Desert Storm for 2 years slept in concrete culverts for a year or better
This bullshit about Michelle is crazy
I would like to invite ripp to veterans court and he can see what she has done for our county and country

If ripp doesn’t want the challenge


Waiting on moderation is bullshit


And I know it says Anonymous but my name is JOHN BLACKMON


No reply go figure


Well,I think u need to get your threats straight.

The Ripp Report

Ignorance is Bliss


Yes it is

For the catalysts lol

So many uneducated people on here. Just brainwashed to believe Ripps lies. It’s so funny following this stuff. I actually don’t believe there are really that many folks believing this stuff. Probably many of the same folks using different names.


So what part is not true? Others have asked this same question and still no answer


So what parts are lies?


I haven’t seen him post anything factual. Just flat made up innuendos. No and I mean no factual statements. Just his outrageous opinions.


This article he ran is pretty much on the spot. I looked at past cycles and he called it pretty accurately


No more goobers. No more developers. Stop the unfettered growth. No jubilees.

Luther Strange

So Ripp is no citizen? He is a Marine. Like the judge hearing Jack’s case…$$$$.

Logan Grey

A black woman Marine.
Burrell is in a pinch for sure.


Those people disagreeing with Ripp still cannot answer about the overflowing sewers. The cities of Daphne and Fairhope are still putting in more and more houses and not doing anything about the sewage going into the bay. This is factual. So this is one of many facts that Ripp is addressing and nobody can deny this. Even Mobile Bay Keepers are mad at Daphne about the raw sewage being pumped into Mobile Bay. So to those disagreeing with Ripp, why is there nobody addressing the sewage?
One cannot say that what Ripp publishes is inaccurate. He publishes his claims and imbeds the sources right in his articles.
Oh, and yes, I DO live in Fairhope and have lived here for longer than most of you have been alive. I have seen in just the past eight years how the overcrowding has hurt us here in Baldwin County. The past eight years correlates with the current county administration as well as the Daphne and Fairhope administration.
People are beginning to notice what is happening and are asking questions.

R. Bentley

This is a logical human. Probably didn’t vote for roy moore.

Yaya sistahood

Sewers running into the bay…

Fastest growing city in Alabama?
Doesn’t make sense. Why come?


So the outside builders such as DR Horton and Truland can sell you a home with a pump grinder


Grinder pumps are fine. They work good as long as you are able to clean the excess sh#t out every three to five years…did you know there are grinder pumps up and down 98 and Fairhope ave? Big $ kant and the council made.


When wss the last Jubilee?


Are you kidding? They have them every summer. Our bay us alive and well. Do you have any idea how many thousands of lbs of seafood is harvested annually from our bay.


Do you eat fish from mobile home bay?


If we the citizens citizens citizens have to pay a dime for Burrell denying yo free speech that’s his Mississippi a$$!!!


Send Burrell back to Mississippi

Alvin Tatum

disturbing what is going on down on rock creek on Korte’s property. an envirnomental travesty certainly. another lawsuit in the making.


i pulled up campaign contributions on SOS site. Volkert gives thousands to Catalyst candidates. So does Columbia Southern. Why does a mail order college give so much to candidates?


The Alabama way…pay to play.


Big airport announcement…


Sorry! Off subject. Saw Former Baldwin DA Whetstone on channel 15. Seemed just as Drunk as he always has been, including in the courtroom. It’s a shame that we have not had a decent DA with some Integrity, for sometime now. Mobile hasn’t had one with any integrity for many years as well. So, what’s that day for Mobile and Baldwin Counties? The past 10-15 years we have had nothing but bullcrap for people who are serving in political positions. Serving the public had become a greed position!!! Nothing else!


I want to run for a greed, uh I mean political position. Let’s see… I need to say I am a Christian Conservative and say I am a Republican. What else do I need to do?


Call catalyst. Avoid paul ripp


As you say a drunk, maybe he is but have you u ever had to deal with addiction
Probably not maybe some one needs to worry about our youth that have heroine and fentinol
Addictions and not JUDGE other as you would JUDGE YOURSELF


criminal miscreants run wild in baldwin…because they run baldwin. wake up y’all.


The voters keep putting them in office. Until it hurts enough the voters will just gripe about the pain and either keep voting the same folks in or not vote at all.
We are all to blame

Yaya sistahood

What will Fairhope be like at eighty thousand?


What will Fairhope be like st eighty thousand? Think of of Mobile with crime, overcrowded schools, Airport Blvd, and a big septic tank once known as Mobile Bay.


So Ripp served in Viet Nam War.
Burrell served in Fairhope development war…

For the goobs.


Is it okay to eat fish caught off the pier?
Asking for a friend.

Penelope Price

There is crap in the water but it’s okay…people from Fairhope’s sh*t don’t stink honey!!!


Update the damn page!


Yeah Ripp. We have been waiting for two days. We want MORE RIPP!!!!