Publisher correction: With over 300 single publications, without a single correction, The Ripp Report must admit to an error in the:



Congratulations Fairhope citizens your 2276 signatures on a petition convinced the Fairhope Single Tax to back off the proposed Tuberville subdivision.

Source: rippreport.com/2018/02/16/people-power-2/

The sentence, in the last paragraph, “You see Mr Nix was facing criminal charges and choose the back door instead of court.” We apologize to Mr Nix for any pain and suffering for the statement it was inaccurate.

The Ripp Report is a non profit consumer organization. We assist people with general consumers issues as well as expose public corruption. The Ripp Report is not subsidized by any political faction or any specific individual. We are non partisan in our effort to expose corruption. The Ripp Report began, 2006 as a result of the obvious corruption that existed in Fairhope, that led to the formal organization in 2015. We are self supported and charge no fees for any advice we may render. We do however accept donations that support our core mission and thank those who believe in our efforts. The Ripp Report will continue to work diligently to remove corrupt public officials, and their cronies, from power; as well as representing consumers on issues affecting them and society.


Daphne councilman resigns after DISC rejection – Lagniappe Mobile

Daphne councilman resigns after DISC rejection – Lagniappe Mobile

Daphne City Councilman III resigned on Monday following the City Council’s 4-3 rejection of the pre-zoning and annexation of a parcel of land connected to the proposed Daphne Innovation and Science Complex (DISC). If approved, the vote would have annexed 75 acres of land at the southwest corner of the intersection of Champions …

Source: lagniappemobile.com/daphne-councilman-resigns-disc-rejection/

Candidates for Baldwin County Commission Place Two: CANDIDATE , John Lake, representing the people of Daphne for 24 years as councilman, and NEVER quit, and Democrat Amber Smith.

quit,”gave out”, his words because he could not convince the Daphne City Council to side with his views.

Daphne city councilman resigns: “I’m not about giving up, but I think I gave out”

Daphne city councilman resigns: “I’m not about giving up, but I think I gave out”

A Daphne city councilman has resigned after a project he supported failed in a close vote. has served on Daphne City Council for some two years after he was appointed to fill an empty seat…

Source: www.fox10tv.com/story/30093890/daphne-city-councilman-resigns-im-not-about-giving-up-but-i-think-i-gave-out

The irony is that he will have to quit the same City Council again, if he were to win.



John Lake to run for County Commission District 2

John Lake to run for County Commission District 2

Longtime former Daphne City Councilman John Lake has announced his intent to run for County Commission District 2. Lake, a 43-year Daphne resident, has lived through two dramatic growth eras and …

Source: www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/stories/john-lake-to-run-for-county-commission-district-2,53995

John Lake is a proven public servant and there are not to many of this species around. Twenty Four years on the Daphne City Council, not one ethics complaint, not one allegation of using his position to further himself personally and he never quit on his constituents.

Two reasons to vote for John Lake are 1. He is Not a candidate. 2. He has a proven record of representing his constituents, and has never quit.

Amber Smith is representing the Democrats and we have yet to interview her however she has a Facebook account:





Qualifications for Mid Term elections are over and now it is a race to the primary June 9 2018. QUALIFICATION QUALIFICATION | THE RIPP REPORT / BALDWIN COUNTY LEGAL EAGLE Mid Term Elections are upon…

Source: rippreport.com/2018/03/16/catalyst-candidates/

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Former Grove Hill Resident

I knew of Joe Davis when he was up in Thomasville. He was a quitter there too. He tried to get in with the “In crowd” up there but even the folks up there would not have him. Now he comes down here and will settle to be a stooge for the Catalyst crowd. What a danger…


Scott Boone. Boones son run catalyst.

Into the ground.

Ole Fairhoper

Well I have known Lake since high school. His heart is in Baldwin County and he really does care for his home. Too bad we have others running for office only to put money in their pockets.


Joe Davis wants to get in office so he can go to work for the Good Ole Boys!!!!


Catalyst is running a bunch of losers.


Scott Boone is way smarter than Ripp.

Go Ripp

Probably in your mind

Go Ripp

Ripp is a lot smarter than you think. Ripp has taken on the good ole boys and all they do is badmouth him in their “Baldwin Insider” which they, like cowards, write anonymously (even though we know who it is). By the way Chuckie, we haven’t heard from you since you put your two cents in about the Probate Judge race.
Also Ripp does not hide like a coward like Baldwin Insider.
The only other thing the Good Ole Boys can do is threaten Jim with jail if he tries to speak at council meetings


You don’t get out much do you Jesterfan. You are just another dumbass that we seem to have to put up with time and time again.


Catalyst will go from 100% winning rate to a 100% losing rate because citizens know it’s a dirty political group. Thank you Ripp Report for keeping us informed.


Catalyst has some great leaders in office like Hoss Mack and Bob Wilters, just to name a few.

Ripp has Karin Wilson.

Think I’ll stick with Catalyst.


Another Catskyst comment. You name two out of the many other politicians that Catalyst owns. How about Elliot? How about Haygood? How about Tucker Willis Dorsey? How about the many other politicians who are financed by Cox and the other predatory developers that have moved in and overdeveloped the area only to leave a collapsing infrastructure that we have to pay for after these clowns laugh all day he way to the bank?
Winters and Mack will too have to answer why they have been bought by Catskyst.

Save Baldwin

Guess what Fairhope78? You can bet the next time Mack and Winters run for office you can bet they will be asked why they are affiliated with Catalyst. Since you probably work for that that bunch maybe YOU can answer why they are behind the overbuilding so that outside developers can ransack our county.


Davis wanted to put in the Dosc project so his good ole boys can make money. I wonder how much his cut will be