Qualifications for Mid Term elections are over and now it is a race to the primary June 9 2018.



Mid Term Elections are upon us, qualification closes 5:00 PM Feb. 9th. Then it is game on for many important positions in Baldwin County. Statewide general information can be found on:…


The official list of 2018 Local and State Candidates was provided by the Elections Coordinator for the Baldwin County Probate Office. The only alteration to this list is the reference to Candidates and the office of Court of Civil Appeals, Michelle , The Queen, that was added by the Ripp Report.

As you can see has candidates seeded in many offices, it would be a monumental mistake to allow control of our county government. Please advise your friends and fellow citizens about this Good Ole Boys plan.



is a political cancer found in Baldwin County. It hand picks political candidates. was formally Stacy Elliott and Haygood, the birth of the cancer, that morphed into when…



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If Hoss Mack is Catalyst, then I support Catalyst 100%.

Go, Sheriff Mack!

Clint Chisom

Toss Hoss. He is a disgrace. He and Trip Pittman rigged the election. Along with the help of a few able deputies.


Clint Chisom, I’m not sure about your comment. But let’s not forget how the Governor trusted Trip Pittman with over a million dollars in BP money for boom work and that he contracted himself (make a note local contractors). Pittman screwed you ALL!!!! against all Ethical and being a terrible human being to award himself over $700,000 worth of the BP money for boom work (Pittman tractor Company screwes all contractors in South Alabama area) and to remove the anchors holding them in place. Was paid to bring in the anchors, only to just to cut the ropes and let the anchors continue to pollute or water ways. We have audio and videos of Trip Pittman saying don’t worry about going through the trouble of bringing in the anchors as well as video being shot on some of the boats that Trip Pittman instructed to just cut the lines and leave the anchors in the bay. Pittman got paid to bring in the anchors that he left to continue to pollute our waterways. This is wrong and is not completely solved we assure you. Also, if we find or believe that Sheriff Hoss Mack did anthing wrong that you said… Read more »

Save Baldwin from Catalyst

It’s a shame Mack has defiled himself with this bunch


Kant IS running for mayor.
God help Fairhope, AL.


I love Kant but if he associates himself with Catalyst I will NOT vote for him.

Gary Finch

I’m not one to get into politics, but there are some on this list that I would give a cup of gasoline to them if they were on fire, I know that sounds mean, but I can assure you that some of them would pour a gallon of gas on top of your head if you were in the same situation. I can assure you that whatever anyone wants to choose to call or think about Sherriff Hoss Mack is fine with me. He’s a grown man and a proven protector and leader. Makes no difference. He has many obligations and the most important one is for him and his deputies and other personnel is to protect all of us citizens in Baldwin County from harm. That, he always has done with great leadership and caring. He might have to put up with work with some of the crazies, but he and his staff make me and my family feel safe, everytime we go out or come home to sleep. Shout out to Major Lowery as well, who as I see it, cares and protects everyone right along with Hoss, just as much as if they were apart of their… Read more »


Hoss Mack was included on the list due to the fact that his campaign signs are identical to all the Catalyst Candidates and he faces no candidates?? Another issue is Trip Pittman pushing legislation that rewrote the qualifications for sheriff that favored Hoss. Baldwin County is the ONLY county in Alabama with such qualifications.The Sheriff also seems to strongly support the present county commission which is Catalyst.I submit that Hoss linked himself to Catalyst. The Ripp Report is a strong supporter of police, municipal, state and county.

Move ON

I think Sheriff Hoss Mack stays pretty neutral. Naturally in his position, he will always be seen as supporting some of the candidates, but let just get this one FACT STRAIGHT! Hoss is staying and thank God, insane and worst politician ever, Trip Pittman Os going. Next SUBJECT please! This is old news now. Hoss stays in and Pittman is out! End of story! Next?


No one said anything about the performance of the sheriff’s office only that the sheriff himself affiliated himself to Catalyst, Why? Most of the time when law enforcement becomes political they don’t last, ask Bill Press.

Old Baldwin County

Lets go further back and ask Buck Benton. Ask Jimmie Johnson. For those of you that are new to Baldwin County, Benton Was the sheriff in the 1970’s and Johnson was the sheriff in the 1980’s. I could go further back to the days of Taylor Wilkins, but most of you were not even born then.
Anyway, my point is all these sheriffs are and were good people. Nothing bad I am saying or implying. I just think they should be APOLITICAL. A good apolitical sheriff will humbly thank any political compliment and then graciously distance himself (or herself, one day) in order to uphold the law. I am reinforcing the previous post.


Anyone see the Sheriff in AL who bought a beach house with inmate lunch money?
I wonder what Sheriff Hoss is doing with “His” inmate lunch money?


Georgia Orwell

Gotta love it…….he has done nothing illegal, which is the most horrifying thing about it. How far up and down the food chain does this rampant theft from taxpayers of all levels reach? Alabama legislators, through decades of elections, have known about this and have still done nothing about it. It makes me wonder how much of the ‘food money’ the legislators steal back from the sheriffs that stole from the taxpayers!
I love that the New York Post, Wash Post and other national/international media have picked up this story and are giving Alabama a lot of media attention. Let’s see who among our ‘political leaders’ makes a bid to end this exceedingly dishonest and immoral law.
Seriously, $750,000 in three years????? This story finally has legs!


If Hoss used Slippery Trip Pittman to rig the election then you better bet your bibby he is stealing. But you see, this is not stealing according to LAW in AL.

Sad STATE. When is Mayor Karin going to expose her enemies on the council for getting money for the soccer fields that suck? I heard the city clerk has the check stubs.


Thank you for publishing the Catalyst List. This will make choosing much easier this election.


Catalyst is out to make money in politics. Thank you for exposing this. I hope they don’t rig it. They have before.


I heard there is a sewage discharge display at the farts and crap festival. Replete with soggy toilet paper, hypo needles and lincoln logs. It’s called the Tim Kant-Jack Burrell sludge exhibit. End of the pier. Look down.

Capt Oneal

I’m voting for Ball because Frank Burt is at least 100 years old. Also voting for Joe Davis because I met John and Charles Lake when I ran for council and they are seriously insane. Voting for Hoss, too. Undecided on the rest of them.

General ONeal

Typical Catalyst comment. Burt has served Baldwin County too long for yiu to badmouth him. As for Lake, he too served Daphne without making his office a place to personally enrich himself. Which is MORE than you can say for your bosses at Catalyst.


Well said


Baldwin County is growing so fast with no real planning other than more development to rape the place of every last dollar they can make for their fatcat backward Christian-toting selves. Fairhope is becoming a shithole, no pun intended. Anybody looking forward to the jubilee? No! It used to not be like this folks. The area has over 40k people almost I heard. Sad. No sound infrastructure. Terrible. Do your jobs and fix this obvious health concern. Thanks. Sorry for rant. Love Fairhope. Want it to be more progressive.

Save Baldwin

The developers are not real Christians – they just say that they are to get votes. The Catalyst machine tells the politicians that work for Catalyst to SAY they are.
The health problems will NOT be fixed until the Catalyst machine is flushed out of Baldwin County. They even bring in outsiders to run for office so that they can destroy OUR Baldwin County. Look in the backgrounds of the candidates. They are MANCHURIAN Candidates.

Georgia Orwell

I have no evidence to support this supposition, but recent comments have made me wonder. I have yet to understand why more people don’t vocally lodge complaints against the Council (primarily Burrell (and to a lesser extent, Boone & Brown).
I am wondering if the relationship between the Council (3 B’s) and the Police Dept (Chief Petties and everyone who must report only to him) is the reason. Do residents of Fairhope fear for their well being if they complain? I have no idea and have had no interaction with the Police Department other than a traffic ticket warning, but people appear awkward about even discussing the Council situation. Most people with whom I discuss the ‘daily news’ abhor Boone, Brown & Burrell, but they appear frightened to ‘upset the applecart’.
This is really scary. We need to find great candidates that can be elected so that residents no longer need to fear repercussions from supposedly the “next Mayor Kant”…….does he miss his alleged PPB? Or does Kant need to return to turn the Bluff property into another ‘luxury apartment complex’?

Ole Fairhoper

Because if they complain they will go to jail. Just ask Paul Ripp. Burrell threatened him st a council meeting

Bernice Smith

There are a bunch of beta cuck males in Fairhope. Anyone scared of Jack Burrell must be a pansy.


Say what ?


Sorry, I had to look up beta chuck male. Learn something new every day if you try. The boys are not gonna like you talking like that. But I guess you feel they’ll keep their tails between their legs and STFU. Hmm. I’m not going to be the one to tell Hoss
you wrote that. Now you gotta wonder if I’m a cuck too or just hate to see a grown man (Hoss) cry. Please post some more.


There is starting to be a slight divide in the Council. 3-2 on some issues. Right now that changes nothing. Listen to them at last meeting. I wish there were term limits ,8 or 12 years and you move on.

Constance H.

I think we should keep voting for the goobs and banging our heads against the wall. Really about that jubilee. No more of em!!! Your’ a sick man Jack!!!


Say what ? You are saying 3 different things honey. Sounds like you
might have had an extra vodka and tonic.


John Lake is a bullying idiot who called a prominent young man who has a great future in Baldwin County politics, “Justin Timberlake’s love child.” Yeah, this definitely the type of leadership we need on the county commission.


You sound like that “love child”. Only you would speak so highly of yourself and basically lie about the importance of yourself in the political world. i dont believe a blog where everyone here hates catalyst is a good place to whine and complain about an accurate statement. Im gonna be straight with you dog you do look like “Justin Timberlake’s love child.”. Now Isaiah, go be a good boy and do the bidding of whatever politician gives you false hope of importance.